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TarotScope for the month of September

Aug 31, 2020
Selena joy Lovett
Core Spirit member since Jun 10, 2020
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Tarotscope for the month of September

The universe is guiding you – trust and have faith


There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you think!! Do you feel like you are a bit stuck

or not quite sure what to do? Look out for the signs!!! The universe is offering opportunities to you

but you are not noticing. You have had some time to reflect and rest so maybe now is the time to

start thinking about your next step – start putting your dreams into action and once you do you will

notice that the universe will help you by lining up events and circumstances that will help you along.

So stand up and start taking steps forward towards achieving your dreams and goals! Believe it, feel

it and live it!!!


Divine timing is at play within your love life – so if you are waiting for something to happen within

your relationship try to be patience and know that it is but a matter of time before things work out

the way you want them to. Meanwhile, spend some time doing things that feed your soul and make

you feel good and fulfilled. If you are waiting for your soul mate to appear, trust in divine timing, the

universe is working behind the scenes to bring this to you and you may slow things down if you are

putting out the worry vibe or believing that it’s never going to happen vibe to the universe so

instead listen and follow your intuition as this is how the universe will guide you towards your soul

mate. Follow your intuition and trust in divine timing


It’s time to take a stand and reach out and grab what you want – if you have been waiting around

not knowing what to do this card is all about getting fired up and making that decision – listen to

your intuition about the options you have, maybe write down the pros and cons of these choices

around to help you come to a decision or get some advise but it’s make your mind up time.

Stand your ground and be firm about what you want and the direction that you want to go in. If you

don’t believe that there are any options or opportunities around then it maybe because you are not

looking or not looking in the right place. Be mindful and listen to what going on around you. Prepare

to step forward as the gateway is open for you it’s time to reawakened the power within you and

focus on the route that you want to take once you make the decision and step forward the universe

will unfold new possibilities in your way to help you achieve your goals.


You will have a series of coincidences in which you stumble upon information that reveals what the

best action to take is, whom you can trust and where best to invest your time and energy. There are

signs that you are being guided – try to stay in the moment so that you can see them, if you are

always looking down at your phone, being distracted by people or lost within your own mind you

may not be aware or this sign. It may come in the form of an advert, a street sign, something a

friend or stranger says, things you read may hold a clue for your future. If you aren’t listening or

connecting to others you may miss it. Be open to receive messages in whatever form that they

appear, trust and follow your intuition.

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Selena joy Lovett
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