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Book Now for June or september 2021 Maximum 10 in class to ensure everyone receives attention to their individual needs and questions Thank you so much for your interest in the 10-week online Certified Tarot Course and developing your psychic abilities. Receive a psychic attunement to help open your 3rd eye, meet your Psychic Spirit Guide and receive a psychic prompt so you can easily switch on and off your ability. A fabulous course to help heal yourself and provide deep insight into anything that blocks your path to success, fulfilment and self-awareness. ​ This Tarot is a perfect tool to add to a current esoteric/holistic/counselling practice or for you to start a new and successful online and in-person business. We also discuss working for the Psychic Hotlines pros and cons I opened up my Tarot business and have always been blessed enough to have an array of worldwide clients and it has been so rewarding being able to offer insight and guidance that has empowered my clients. There is a place and a need for you to shine your light for others to follow. Learn how to read tarot with insight to give empowering guidance to yourself and your clients. At the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge needed to set up your new business working professionally as a Tarot reader. I will teach you all that I have learnt and all that my experience has taught me about reading and advising clients as well as explaining the steps I took to set up a successful business. I have been using and loving Tarot for about 30 years, reading professionally for about 5years, however, I used Tarot in my healing practice of massage, healing and acupuncture for many years learning to get o the root of the physical issue. I have written a Tarot Guide Book 'and have a deck called The Journey To Enlightenment' that are available on Amazon and the ebook The Journey to Enlightenment (Amazon) The weekly classes will be via Zoom - you can join me Live or receive the recording after the lesson ​ The classes are approx 2 hours long 10 classes so that we cover everything in-depth and have time to practice. I can help you choose and connect to your cards, Learn Rituales to help you ground and centre Exercises to develop psychic awareness we will look in-depth at all the cards so that you understand them I will help you bring to life the Major Arcanas, the 4 suits, and the Court cards so that they talk to you and give you the insight needed. ​ As well as learning all about the cards and their meanings you will learn how to tell a story with the cards linking them together, how to ask questions, the role of reversals create a Ritual for your readings and energy, how to find blocks, timing reversals read birth cards and soul purpose, how to make and use spreads, write tarotscopes, reading with intuition,, using the cards to identify shadows, how to take the next step into reading professionally, setting up social media working for agencies or hotlines etc… There is access to a FREE advanced video tarot course and anything else that comes up that needs to be covered!!!! There is a certificate issued by me and I am available to answer any questions. Basically, you learn ALL you need to learn to start reading cards professionally and accurately There is a Facebook Group so you can practice reading for others or going live and where you can ask any course work-related questions (so don't worry if you miss the Live)

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My focus is to help people on their journey and to help heal and move any blocked energy that hinders their path. If you feel like you’re in need of guidance, I am here to let you know you don’t have to face your difficulties alone. Contact me today and begin healing. m

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Michelle Collins
May 21, 2021

Hello! This is very exciting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. How many sessions are needed to start noticing the results? Thx in advance :)