Tarotscope for the month of March
Mar 3, 2022

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Tarotscope for the month of March


Let your energy soar high above anything that may bring your vibration down. Fly high above any drama or negative vibes by removing yourself from the drama you will experience a sense of freedom within your life. Your wings will allow you to fly in the direction that you want to as your soar above any influences that make you feel that you should be doing something or going somewhere different. If you experience any challenges this month rise above them and look at them from a distance to get a new and different perspective of the situation. As you distance yourself from the challenge it will recede in size diminishing the stress felt around the situation. Stepping away, flying above, challenges this month will help you see the answers you seek.


Bring balance in to your work life this month by slowing down and listening. This may mean you have to listen to co workers or others as their opinions or advice maybe valid or maybe they need to be heard to feel validated within the work place and this will aid everyone to productively work together as a team. Listen to your body and its needs - are you stopping to eat lunch? Drinking plenty of water? Making time for yourself within your schedule? Delegating? If you are feeling under pressure - Pause and listen. Within this pause you may find it’s your intuition that’s trying to be heard to communicate a solution or something that you need to hear to guide you.


Focus on what you do have and celebrate the magic that is around you. Fulfilment can be found within your everyday life by acknowledging and being grateful for the small daily miracles that we all experience. Love is all around and by focusing on what you already have you will feel a great sense of fulfilment and with this focus you will find steps to improve or adjust the good things in your life you already have and any negative situations or energy that you ignore will fade away over powered by the light of love and gratitude.


Declare freedom! Don’t allow your own thoughts or perceptions to keep you prisoner to a life that you don’t want. Give yourself the gift of freedom allowing yourself to life the life you dream of and the freedom to choose exactly how you want to be. You are in charge of your life and can change how you live it at any time – it’s never too late. It’s up to you change!! People may not like it but you are in charge of your life - dare to wear those clothes you have always wanted to, change your hair, treat yourself to something you have wanted for ages, go for that interview, set up your own business, say NO when you mean it - be free !!! Step into your power and be in charge or your own world, placing those boundaries around you to block off people and situations that drain your energy. Be the queen and rule your world shaping it as you wish - embrace your power!!!

Cards used

The Witches Wisdom Tarot by Phyllis Curott
The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot by Selena Lovett
Witches Wisdom Oracle by Barbara Meiklejohn
Alice in Wonderland by Lucy Cavendish

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