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Selena joy Lovett

My focus is to help people on their journey and to help heal and move any blocked energy that hinders their path. If you feel like you’re in need of guidance, I am here to let you know you don’t have to face your difficulties alone. Contact me today and begin healing. m
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About Selena joy Lovett

My focus is to help people on their journey and to help heal and move any blocked energy that hinders their path.
If you feel like you’re in need of guidance, I am here to let you know you don’t have to face your difficulties alone.
Contact me today and begin healing. m

On Core Spirit since June 2020
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Tarot Reading
Selena joy Lovett
Learn Tarot with Me!!! Beginner to Pro

Book Now for June or september 2021
Maximum 10 in class to ensure everyone receives attention to their individual needs and questions
Thank you so much for your interest in the 10-week online

Certified Tarot Course and developing your psychic abilities.

Receive a psychic attunement to help open your 3rd eye, meet your

Psychic Spirit Guide and receive a psychic prompt so you can

easily switch on and off your ability.

A fabulous course to help heal yourself and provide deep insight into anything that
blocks your path to success, fulfilment and self-awareness.

This Tarot is a perfect tool to add to a current esoteric/holistic/counselling practice
or for you to start a new and successful online and in-person business.

We also discuss working for the Psychic Hotlines pros and cons

I opened up my Tarot business and have always been blessed enough to have an array of worldwide clients and it has been so rewarding being able to offer insight and guidance that has empowered my clients.

There is a place and a need for you to shine your light for others to follow.

Learn how to read tarot with insight to give empowering guidance to yourself and your clients.

At the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge needed to set up your new business working professionally as a Tarot reader.

I will teach you all that I have learnt and all that my experience has taught me about reading and advising clients as well as explaining the steps I took to set up a successful business.

I have been using and loving Tarot for about 30 years, reading professionally for about 5years, however, I used Tarot in my healing practice of massage, healing and acupuncture for many years learning to get o the root of the physical issue.

I have written a Tarot Guide Book 'and have a deck called The Journey To Enlightenment' that are available on Amazon and the ebook The Journey to Enlightenment (Amazon)

The weekly classes will be via Zoom - you can join me Live or receive the recording after the lesson

The classes are approx 2 hours long

10 classes so that we cover everything in-depth and have time to practice.

I can help you choose and connect to your cards,

Learn Rituales to help you ground and centre

Exercises to develop psychic awareness

we will look in-depth at all the cards so that you understand them

I will help you bring to life the Major Arcanas, the 4 suits, and the Court cards so that they talk to you and give you the insight needed.

As well as learning all about the cards and their meanings you will learn how to tell a story with the cards linking them together, how to ask questions, the role of reversals

create a Ritual for your readings and energy,

how to find blocks,



read birth cards and soul purpose,

how to make and use spreads,

write tarotscopes,

reading with intuition,,

using the cards to identify shadows,

how to take the next step into reading professionally, setting up social media working for agencies or hotlines etc…

There is access to a FREE advanced video tarot course

and anything else that comes up that needs to be covered!!!!

There is a certificate issued by me and I am available to answer any questions.

Basically, you learn ALL you need to learn to start reading cards professionally and accurately

There is a Facebook Group so you can practice reading for others or going live and where you can ask any course work-related questions (so don't worry if you miss the Live)

Spirit Guides
Selena joy Lovett
Psychic Reading for insight and guidance

There Is No Other Tool On Earth That Can Provide Insight, Knowledge and Guidance Like a Psychic Reading.

A personal reading can help you gain clarity in your current situation, when faced with decisions for your future or when you want to get a better understanding of the big picture and what your Spirit Guides are trying to communicate.

An accurate and insightful psychic reading can help you discover what is holding you back from the happiness and fulfillment that you deserve in your life.

When you have a reading the cards and spirit are picking up a message in this moment in time that in the course of the future can be changed by your actions and attitude. Spirit tells about things that you are experiencing or that are unknown but it is our attitude or that of others that will determine our destiny. A reading helps pin point the area of your life that you need to be aware of – this helps you see the truth of the situation and take back the power you always have to make the life, career, love that you want.

Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, your love life, or your holiday destinations, I can help you choose the best route. Take a look around, explore my site, and see what I can do for you.

SPECIAL OFFER - Private Video/Phone Reading Live or Recorded

Do you need answers and insight? Are you feeling confused? Unsure of the next step to take? A psychic reading can help you gain clarity in your current situation, when faced with decisions for your future or when you want to get a better understanding of the big picture.

Whatever your issue, romance, career, soul purpose - we can organise a convenient time to connect online and talk about what you need, guidance through tarot will be able to help understand what you are going through and what we can do to improve your situation. Call last approx 35minutes - however if we are in the middle of something I will not end the conversation so the time is approx.

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for the month of March

Tarotscope for the month of March


Let your energy soar high above anything that may bring your vibration down. Fly high above any drama or negative vibes by removing yourself from the drama you will experience a sense of freedom within your life. Your wings will allow you to fly in the direction that you want to as your soar above any influences that make you feel that you should be doing something or going somewhere different. If you experience any challenges this month rise above them and look at them from a distance to get a new and different perspective of the situation. As you distance yourself from the challenge it will recede in size diminishing the stress felt around the situation. Stepping away, flying above, challenges this month will help you see the answers you seek.


Bring balance in to your work life this month by slowing down and listening. This may mean you have to listen to co workers or others as their opinions or advice maybe valid or maybe they need to be heard to feel validated within the work place and this will aid everyone to productively work together as a team. Listen to your body and its needs - are you stopping to eat lunch? Drinking plenty of water? Making time for yourself within your schedule? Delegating? If you are feeling under pressure - Pause and listen. Within this pause you may find it’s your intuition that’s trying to be heard to communicate a solution or something that you need to hear to guide you.


Focus on what you do have and celebrate the magic that is around you. Fulfilment can be found within your everyday life by acknowledging and being grateful for the small daily miracles that we all experience. Love is all around and by focusing on what you already have you will feel a great sense of fulfilment and with this focus you will find steps to improve or adjust the good things in your life you already have and any negative situations or energy that you ignore will fade away over powered by the light of love and gratitude.


Declare freedom! Don’t allow your own thoughts or perceptions to keep you prisoner to a life that you don’t want. Give yourself the gift of freedom allowing yourself to life the life you dream of and the freedom to choose exactly how you want to be. You are in charge of your life and can change how you live it at any time – it’s never too late. It’s up to you change!! People may not like it but you are in charge of your life - dare to wear those clothes you have always wanted to, change your hair, treat yourself to something you have wanted for ages, go for that interview, set up your own business, say NO when you mean it - be free !!! Step into your power and be in charge or your own world, placing those boundaries around you to block off people and situations that drain your energy. Be the queen and rule your world shaping it as you wish - embrace your power!!!

Cards used

The Witches Wisdom Tarot by Phyllis Curott
The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot by Selena Lovett
Witches Wisdom Oracle by Barbara Meiklejohn
Alice in Wonderland by Lucy Cavendish

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for February


It is the right time to set your plans into motion.
Sometimes we have to wait due to outside circumstances and divine timing but sometimes it our own thoughts and insecurities that hold us back. Right now everything is coming together for you and you will feel that urge to start moving in the direction of your dreams. When you do the universe will synchronise events to unfold and make things easier for you.
This month it is important to believe in yourself!! It is the month to do what you want to and know that you can do this. This is your time and you are ready to gather up your knowledge, your confidence and start setting the wheels in motion to start your plans for this new chapter in your life.
Don’t be afraid you’ve got this and the universe has your back!!!
Work with the energies of the New Moon on the 1st of February harnessing the innovating energy of Aquarius to make your dreams a reality.

You have the skills and talents needed. Take time this month to ground yourself, enabling you to step into your power to manifest the rewards that you want within your work.
The King of Wands is the master of Manifesting so set your intentions this New Moon to manifest the work, promotion, or to set up your own business and then throughout the month help this to manifest by taking steps in the direction of your goals. If it’s a promotion or new job you want, help this wish along by applying for jobs, speaking to your boss, spreading the word about your intentions. Get noticed at work and take credit for what you do. If you want to start up your own business - set up your social media to advertise, create a website, print flyers - take some small steps to help your projects take shape. Embrace the full moon in Leo on the 16th to take action.
You have overcome many personal challenges and have had your feelings tested of late but it’s now time to learn from these emotions and use the experience to help you form your future and leave the energy of these challenges behind.
Within the relationship that you have with yourself and that you have with others, it is now time to ask yourself; where are you going? And where do you want to go?
Sometimes we get into relationships and just take others for granted or are taken for granted and learn to settle and accept things for what they are and maybe ignore aspects of the relationship that aren’t positive. This is a card for reflection regarding your happiness within relationships to take some time out to reassess and make any necessary changes. It maybe also within the love and relationship you have with yourself, it may be time to leave old self destructive habits behind, old thought patterns or behaviour that no longer serves you on your journey. This month is about loving yourself enough to allow time to free yourself from any outdated energy and trust in you, your instincts, your heart and your journey. Please join the Full Moon Circle to help release and heal theses energies.
You are going through a transformation at the moment, which will usher in more peace to your life. However right now as you go through this time you may feel a bit unsure of what is going on especially within your energy. The Panther comes in to lead you through this change, giving you the power that you need to help you conquer any challenges and to achieve your goals.
The influence of the Panther reminds you of the natural forces of nature and how strong you have been and are. The changes that are you experiencing are part of your spiritual journey and will bring in growth and abundance of all that you need in your life as emotional and energetic blocks are removed.
Take time this month to prioritise self care and to create a spiritual routine that helps you take care of your energy through meditation or mindfulness, grounding and healing. If you feel any anxiety about the changes that are happening this month around you, have faith that you are on the right path and peace and balance will soon replace any feelings of uncertainty.

Cards used
The Light Seers Tarot - Chris Anne
The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot - Selena Lovett
The Witches Wisdom Tarot - Phyllis Curott
Earth Warriors Oracle - Alana Fairchild

Selena joy Lovett
It’s your time to heal, transform and trust in your intuition


This New Year brings in movement and direction. You may well feel propelled forward in the direction of your dreams. Work with this positive and powerful energy to help make things happen by taking charge of your emotions and bringing them into balance. Replace fear with excitement for the future; replace uncertainty with gratitude and sadness with love. You are in the driving seat of your life, you command it and can make things happen. Get a plan of what you want to happen and then start taking steps towards your goals. The universe will help guide you forward and you will be able to go charging ahead feeling passionate about your challenges and goals and supported as you head towards your dreams. Nothing is going to stop you now.
The sun shines down his positive and healing rays of light bringing hope and vitality into your business or workplace. 2021 has taught you a lot and now you are putting this knowledge into growth. Birthing projects and creating new exciting ideas. Creating and discovering new ways to solve problems and challenges. There is a sense of freedom within the way you feel about your job that gives you room for your inspiration to flourish and bloom. Lessons of the past become stepping stones to future financial and business plans. Remember to keep balance in your life as self care is important for you to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing and you can’t do that from a tired soul. Keep your energy high by resting, switching off social media and electronic devices at night so you give yourself a break, make time to meditate and connect with nature and breathe some fresh air. Balance is the key. This will keep you feeling positive towards your projects and this vibration will attract more good things to happen and so it will flow.

To be fully loved and present in your relationship, with yourself or in the attraction of a new love it is important to heal any pain that has been caused. Self acceptance, forgiveness and love are the important factors here. It’s hard to love another equally unless you first love and accept and take pleasure in being you. You may have hurt yourself and others in the past but it’s time to forgive this situation – this doesn’t mean that everything was ok it just means that you are willing to accept the lessons learnt and forgive, even if someone has caused you pain it’s now time to cut those emotions free even if this means howling at the moon in pain for this pent up emotion to be released but it must go. Acknowledge your feelings to yourself or towards others and see what you are still feeling, journal and join our full moon rituals to release these emotions - to free up space to attract and welcome love into your life or to enjoy the love that is around you fully and from a space of trust.

Aiyana appears to tell you that she will be guiding you towards your passion and purpose helping you become aware of your soul path. You may feel her push you lovingly towards speaking your truth and becoming bolder with your honesty as its time to acknowledge you - you are not your past, the events that have happened have helped to educate you but they do not define you, you are strong enough now to be true to yourself - your feelings and your desires, you can move powerfully in the direction that you wish to. Please yourself and not others that influence you or place conditions on you. It’s your time to heal, transform and trust in your intuition

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for December


It’s a time for you to ground yourself secure in the knowledge that mother earth supports you and loves your beautiful soul just how you are. Never lose that faith. Whatever is going on around you if you stay grounded and connected to your source energy you will thrive. Let your thoughts rise above any distractions and use your intuition and wisdom to guide you. Nourish your body with products from the earth, seasonal vegetables and fruits, nourish your mind with positive things that help bring calm and peace to you, meditation, a good book, compatible company and music that raises your vibration, nourish your energy by earthing yourself, if you can’t go outside to connect with nature / hug a tree or walk barefoot then try a grounding meditation to root your energy to mother earth. By remaining grounded and nurtured, you will be open to welcome this new surge of positive and fertile energy making this month a time for growth, inspirational ideas, new business or work opportunities and financial growth, a time for abundance in general.


The New Moon on the 4th of December also brings an incredible solar eclipse, which for us will signify the start of a new chapter, new beginnings and unexpected possibilities. Harness this energy by setting your intentions for success, join me on the new moon live ritual or watch the recording to harness this magical energy so you can start to manifest dreams, new desires and new positive energy into your life.
Work is taken in a positive direction; help this vibration by revising your thoughts and ways of dealing with situations and by letting go of outdated methods to allow inspiration flow taking you nearer your goals.
Remember to achieve your goals and have your wishes met you have to have a dream for it to come true so use this time to dream and visualise what success means to you.


To improve the vibration around relationships is there something you need to change in your life or within you, maybe some ways of thinking of behaving?
There are changes within relationships: this doesn’t have to mean with a partner it may mean with the relationship that you have with yourself. The 8 of cups is all about walking away from things that no longer serve you, to free you to be able to move on, closer to your mission, your happiness and alignment.
As we come to the end of this year it is a good time to assess your feelings towards others and yourself and look at what you need to let go of to move in the direction that you want to go. Sometimes it’s best to walk away from something that not working, leave a stagnant argument or situation. So take those steps forward and release feelings and thoughts that hold you back from having the relationship or life that you want.


You need never lose faith in the power of good or in how much you can accomplish as an inspired individual in this world. You need never believe that you are alone or without divine protection. You never need to fear evil.
Call for divine support whenever you need it and know that it is there for you.
Use this gift, this power that you can connect into if ever you feel negative so that with the help of the divine you don’t spiral down but you allow your faith to lift you up and keep your vibration and thoughts positive. You are never alone.

Cards used
Wisdom Witches Tarot - Phyllis Curott
The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot – Selena Lovett
The Light Seers Tarot – Chris Anne
Earth Warriors Oracle – Alana Fairchild
All available from the Infinite Soul Circle Store

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for the month of October

Focus on all the blessing that you have in your life
General 10 wands
You are doing really well but don’t you think you have taken too much on?
Or maybe you have too much going on in that mind of yours (time to press the pause button) Maybe it’s time to have a look at your load and delegate a little. You have nothing to prove and you really don’t have to do it all yourself sometime we are taught that we have to work really hard to get results or that we feel that we always have to be on the go and be productive to be a success or valued as a person – so it’s time to have a little look at yourself and see how much you are doing.
Ask you self - Can you be a bit easier on yourself? Off load some of your responsibilities or some of the things you feel are your responsibilities that perhaps aren’t yours fully and can be shared.
Ask for help, delegate and free up some of your time so that you can rest, chill out and reassess.

Work - 4 of cups
You may be feeling a little unmotivated right now, worn out from over thinking and perhaps being overwhelmed which may have caused you to be a little withdrawn from work, routine or your co workers. Maybe even feeling a little sorry for yourself – that’s ok for a while, take a bit of extra care of yourself but don’t stay in this vibe for too long. If you were to look up and around you, you would see that there is more going on that meets the eye and there are lots of choices around you. To change the way you feel you just have to reach out and take one – taking action instead of being withdrawn will change the direction of your focus and will really help your situation. If you are feeling overwhelmed – delegate and make a to do list to take the thoughts out of your mind and make a plan on paper.
Start with baby steps just doing a bit more each day and setting some reachable goals to motivate you. It’s time to get back into the game instead of watching from the sideline

Love 6 of Swords
It may have been a bit of a rough time but you are the other side of it so be kind to yourself and give yourself some time to heal and relax, to ponder over the lessons learnt and reflect over what has been going on in your life. With these past changes you will notice a change in the dynamics of relationships around you that reflect the new vibration that you are emitting. Focus on the positive parts of relationships to nourish and grow them and don’t dwell on the past, on things that have been said and done – the words and actions have changed things and certain aspects of the relationships but change is good as it leaves room for the positive new changes to take place

Spirit 10 of Pentacles
Focus on all the blessing that you have in your life
The 10 of Pentacles reassures you that everything is coming together and that you are building up your wealth and prosperity – your abundance - not just in material things but also in those things that really matter!!!!
You are successfully building a future.
You will feel a change in how you feel towards yourself, your self love and self worth starts to bloom.

Allow yourself to be happy in your life – firstly by looking and focusing on what you already have got instead of what you haven’t – you will bring more of what you want in but it’s also a time to really reassess what is important and make sure you are focusing your energy on what you want to bring into your life as where energy goes it grows!!
Help yourself to do this by anchoring your thoughts when you find yourself feeling down or thinking negative thoughts have a look at them, contemplate the truth of them as a lot of what we feel negative about isn’t actually real or hasn’t even happened and then journal or release them by talking about them and then take steps to make a plan to change what you want to in your life.
By being present in the moment you will see the riches you have around you

Cards – The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot
Selena Joy Lovett

Selena joy Lovett
TarotScope for June

Tarotscope for June

If you let go of control, the need to lead the way and just ease up on yourself, this no-action will allow the next stages of your future flow. You may be surprised as to what happens. The wheel of fortune comes in to show us that if we let go - the wheel will rotate and bring a positive turn of events in to your life. This may mean you have to move on which maybe a bit painful or difficult but life is always changing and you can make it easier for yourself by letting these changes happen – by stepping back and surrendering without fear to the future, the universe will bring in what's right for you on the next stage of your journey. When we want to control our future and have our mindset so ridged on something – we can manifest this, however it may not be what is destined to be in our lives, so it will be moved out of our path. So just let things move and then the wheel of fortune will synchronise opportunities and events that are right for you.

Have you been working alone for too long? or feeling unsupported at work? Then now is the time to either reach out to co workers and suggest a informal social gathering, or if you are feeling unsupported let others know that you could be more productive if you had a bit of support. People may not know how you feel so it’s time to express this. You may find when you meet up that they too have been feeling alone, cut off or unsupported but were too scared to open up and talk about it. There is positive energy around so work should be more fun and carefree this month; it may even bring you something to celebrate

Time to call in your friends - If you are without work then this is a networking card suggesting that you get out there and let friends, family and ex co workers know that you are looking for a job or have a new venture to launch. Sharing your intentions will bring in a higher vibes around creating celebrations.


A time to treat yourself and indulge in some full on self love – treating yourself to something that perhaps you feel is extravagant. This doesn't have to mean something you buy this can just mean having some rest, me time, putting yourself first and finding out what your needs are and fulfil them.

Within a relationship then it’s time to focus on making some quality time together, maybe a night away – if you can’t go away - throw some petals on the bed, bubbles in the bath, put the champagne on ice and pretend you're at a 5 star.

You have something special a pearl of wisdom that you should bring out and share with the world but you can’t do if you are hiding in the shadows’. It’s time to let go of your security blanket and let the universe lead the way.
Stop clinging so tightly to what you know and breathe deeply; become centred and ready to launch yourself forward. Listen to some self confidence building Hypnosis, meditate, use a vision boards or make sure you are with people that encourage you rather than feed your fear.
Trust in the universe, trust that she has your back and will move you in the right direction. Be Brave and have faith!!!
If you hear yourself feeding the fear stop and replace the negative words with words of hope, vision, intention and encouragement.

Have an amazing month.

Many blessings

Selena Joy

Cards used

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot by Selena Joy Lovett and Daniela Forster

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for October


Welcome to October!! A month where there are opportunities around for growth and expansion but it doesn’t come without working at it and maybe being flexible with how you look at things, maybe even inventive…..looking at situations from a new angle to take advantage of the best options available. I feel like saying that the more you put into it the more that you will get out of it - so this isn’t to say that things don’t come easy - they do but you need to put some effort and focus into the things that you want to bring into your life.

Persistence and mindset -then you will be able to fly!! Be led by your strong intuition this month and trust in yourself and your feelings, don’t allow yourself to be dissuaded or miss guided by others that you have previously been influenced by

The page brings with him exciting challenges (that you are ready for), new creative projects, and plans. The knight is passionate so don’t be surprised if you receive a hot love note!


The Lovers card speaks of passion coming into your life - rekindled passion or new. There is a sense of healing light around this card, meaning that perhaps you have healed and are now ready to accept love into your life, or there is healing in your current relationship. Remember it is all about where you lay your focus if there are issues in the relationship and you focus on the negative things or events that have happened it’s going to be hard to move forward, have a good think of where you want this relationship to go and then focus on the healing and forgiving or let it go. The choice is yours.


The Magician comes in to remind you that you have the magic touch and all that you need to accomplish what you want. Use your magic, imagination and your talents for your success. Take time to focus and prepare, brush up on your studies and skills, and don’t be afraid to show them off. This month is about being calm and focused, within this space of peace you will be inspired to see what you need to do and how best to work with your energies/talents to achieve the required outcome. You have all the tools necessary; use your knowledge and determination. This card is a good omen for being able to start manifesting and harnessing your powers - use it wisely to get what you want.


Spirit brings forth greater balance into your life - and reminds you that a strong destiny relies on a solid foundation of personal and emotional serenity. So if you have been feeling out of sync, you will find that things seem to fall in to place and bring some balance into your life. This energy can be enhanced by upping your personal care, making sure you make time for yourself and to look after your mind, body, and soul by nurturing yourself, treating and caring for yourself, noticing what you are eating/drinking and spending most of your time doing - if you are spending too much time watching tv/social media try to balance this energy by spending some time in nature.

Try to become more self-aware this month - following and working with your flow and rhythm of energy, when you feel tired - rest.

Listen to your body as it whispers when it needs attention - to avoid it having to shout out in pain for you to listen to it!!!

Take care of it you only have one - nurture and love you. You’ll find having the downtime and time invested in yourself will help you be more productive. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed try doing some heart-centered meditations.

Have a wonderful month – Many blessings Selena Joy

Selena joy Lovett
TarotScope for the month of September

Tarotscope for the month of September

The universe is guiding you – trust and have faith


There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you think!! Do you feel like you are a bit stuck

or not quite sure what to do? Look out for the signs!!! The universe is offering opportunities to you

but you are not noticing. You have had some time to reflect and rest so maybe now is the time to

start thinking about your next step – start putting your dreams into action and once you do you will

notice that the universe will help you by lining up events and circumstances that will help you along.

So stand up and start taking steps forward towards achieving your dreams and goals! Believe it, feel

it and live it!!!


Divine timing is at play within your love life – so if you are waiting for something to happen within

your relationship try to be patience and know that it is but a matter of time before things work out

the way you want them to. Meanwhile, spend some time doing things that feed your soul and make

you feel good and fulfilled. If you are waiting for your soul mate to appear, trust in divine timing, the

universe is working behind the scenes to bring this to you and you may slow things down if you are

putting out the worry vibe or believing that it’s never going to happen vibe to the universe so

instead listen and follow your intuition as this is how the universe will guide you towards your soul

mate. Follow your intuition and trust in divine timing


It’s time to take a stand and reach out and grab what you want – if you have been waiting around

not knowing what to do this card is all about getting fired up and making that decision – listen to

your intuition about the options you have, maybe write down the pros and cons of these choices

around to help you come to a decision or get some advise but it’s make your mind up time.

Stand your ground and be firm about what you want and the direction that you want to go in. If you

don’t believe that there are any options or opportunities around then it maybe because you are not

looking or not looking in the right place. Be mindful and listen to what going on around you. Prepare

to step forward as the gateway is open for you it’s time to reawakened the power within you and

focus on the route that you want to take once you make the decision and step forward the universe

will unfold new possibilities in your way to help you achieve your goals.


You will have a series of coincidences in which you stumble upon information that reveals what the

best action to take is, whom you can trust and where best to invest your time and energy. There are

signs that you are being guided – try to stay in the moment so that you can see them, if you are

always looking down at your phone, being distracted by people or lost within your own mind you

may not be aware or this sign. It may come in the form of an advert, a street sign, something a

friend or stranger says, things you read may hold a clue for your future. If you aren’t listening or

connecting to others you may miss it. Be open to receive messages in whatever form that they

appear, trust and follow your intuition.

Light seers tarot

Wild wood tarot

Romance angels

Oracle of the Shapeshifters

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for the month of August

Compassion and love for others and yourself


This month calls for compassion – towards you and to others. We are living in times where there is a lot of judgement and criticism going on – everyone has an opinion and its fashionable and acceptable to point fingers on reality shows in magazines/papers openly criticising someone’s looks, size, mannerisms – when we are subjected to this type of behaviour if we are not careful then we can start taking on this way of being and end up following along and find that we are just as bad; putting people down and then that behaviours turns on ourselves as we end up fault-finding what we look like, wear and everything that comes out of our mouths – suffering from loss of confidence as we presume everyone is criticising us as that’s what we become to think is normal behaviour – well it isn’t!!! Together we can change this – be the ripple in the river – it starts with de-toxing what we watch and who we follow on social media – clean it out so you have positive role models and people who are uplifting to others. This month is a time for self-love forgiveness, self-care, compassion and helping others rise up. This month start of a new habit, every time you go to say something negative about yourself or others, replace it with something kind or don’t say anything at all!! Replacing these negative thoughts/words will leave room for clear energy to come through cleansing yourself from negative cords from the past and awakening new love for life. Live this month with love.


It’s time to cherish the love you have in your life, maybe you have been too busy or distracted to notice or nourish your relationships. Now’s the time to focus on spending time and energy on building up, bonding and connecting relationships with loved ones.

The moon shines her light down to uncover any mysteries that may be hidden in the darkness – have you been hiding your true thoughts and feelings – is there honesty within the relationship? maybe it’s time to share and spend some quality time together talking and connecting without distractions focusing on each other and allowing each other the freedom to be true.


If things have felt that they are swaying all over the place then this feels like a time where old fashion morals and traditions will work for you. Time to get your head down and work it may feel monotonous but this is the way towards success and building something that will last. It may mean studying some more to update your skills or learning from people that have been where you are and may have some advice to share. If you need help don’t be afraid to reach out as you will find if you ask you will be lifted up, workload will be lifted or you will be put into a positive position in a new job but something that fits well that you almost feel you’ve been there before. Money and luck are around so start practicing the law of attraction and focus on the positive – what you have and what you are aiming for and not the lack.


When Kali appears in a reading allow her to help you let go of all that’s no longer needed and allow the changes to take place. With her powerful swords, she will cut away the cords from past attachments that may be draining your energy releasing you and allowing you to move forward with a renewed passion for life and love. Allow changes to happen – open your arms wide and embrace the new.

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for the Month of July


It feels like opportunity is right in front of you – awards maybe won, deals signed and dreams are within reach. It’s been quite a ride to get this far but all determination has paid off – it feels like you are on top of things and entering into an abundant time – so don’t stop what you are doing as its working and the rewards are right there in front of you.

Maybe through the ‘corona’ experience you have become more appreciative of nature, being in the moment, recycling, caring for mother earth and the environment you are in – so you may find yourself making your home, room, office a more beautiful, sacred space where the energy flows more freely. This cleansing may extend to a clear out of your social media feed, friends you felt no longer matched your vibration, clothes and possessions that have out grown their use - bringing new fresh energy in, brightening your energy in and out. Re-newing motivation. Out with the old and in with the new.


Whatever situation you find yourself in – this card asks that you shift your focus back to love. Ask is it really worth arguing about? Bring peace in to your life by letting go of replaying certain situations and step into a place of acceptance, forgive or forget but don’t stay stuck, try looking for the positive in people instead of judging or criticising The only thing that matters is love - this can be self love – love yourself enough to walk away from things that aren’t good for you or love yourself enough to be open to receive and be loved.

Believe in love again and once you open your heart the universe will match this vibration and you will feel uplifted – peace and harmony. If you find this hard – try some grounding exercises and learn to feel mother earths energy around you and trust that all that you need is within. Everything is ok when you choose love. This card is about finding balance within life so that the hard times are not so challenging - yes there can be sadness and grief but by focusing on love the rest will fade.


Keep charging ahead towards triumph – you are winning!!

Keep up the focus and determination. You have the strength to achieve all that you have set out to. Challenging times have been met and are over now. Visualise successful results as if they were happening right now – be proud of your achievements however small as the more you believe in yourself and your success the more easily you will reach your goals and beat other challenges. If you need guidance don’t hesitate to reach out and listen to others for advice/help, you don’t have to achieve everything by yourself – be balanced and confident enough in your own abilities that you accept help from others if necessary.

Spiritual guidance from Kuan Yin

You may be wondering if everything is ever going to come together for you and the answer is - Yes!!! It may even happen quicker than excepted. Divine timing is always at play – so maybe it’s time to let go of control and let things happen. You have set your intentions – put your plan into action now wait for it to play out.

You are being encouraged to trust in divine timing and know that all will be well in your world your dreams and desires are manifesting now, whether it’s obvious or not, be at peace, all is well in the divine plan that is unfolding.

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