Tarotscope for the month of October
Sep 30, 2021

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Focus on all the blessing that you have in your life
General 10 wands
You are doing really well but don’t you think you have taken too much on?
Or maybe you have too much going on in that mind of yours (time to press the pause button) Maybe it’s time to have a look at your load and delegate a little. You have nothing to prove and you really don’t have to do it all yourself sometime we are taught that we have to work really hard to get results or that we feel that we always have to be on the go and be productive to be a success or valued as a person – so it’s time to have a little look at yourself and see how much you are doing.
Ask you self - Can you be a bit easier on yourself? Off load some of your responsibilities or some of the things you feel are your responsibilities that perhaps aren’t yours fully and can be shared.
Ask for help, delegate and free up some of your time so that you can rest, chill out and reassess.

Work - 4 of cups
You may be feeling a little unmotivated right now, worn out from over thinking and perhaps being overwhelmed which may have caused you to be a little withdrawn from work, routine or your co workers. Maybe even feeling a little sorry for yourself – that’s ok for a while, take a bit of extra care of yourself but don’t stay in this vibe for too long. If you were to look up and around you, you would see that there is more going on that meets the eye and there are lots of choices around you. To change the way you feel you just have to reach out and take one – taking action instead of being withdrawn will change the direction of your focus and will really help your situation. If you are feeling overwhelmed – delegate and make a to do list to take the thoughts out of your mind and make a plan on paper.
Start with baby steps just doing a bit more each day and setting some reachable goals to motivate you. It’s time to get back into the game instead of watching from the sideline

Love 6 of Swords
It may have been a bit of a rough time but you are the other side of it so be kind to yourself and give yourself some time to heal and relax, to ponder over the lessons learnt and reflect over what has been going on in your life. With these past changes you will notice a change in the dynamics of relationships around you that reflect the new vibration that you are emitting. Focus on the positive parts of relationships to nourish and grow them and don’t dwell on the past, on things that have been said and done – the words and actions have changed things and certain aspects of the relationships but change is good as it leaves room for the positive new changes to take place

Spirit 10 of Pentacles
Focus on all the blessing that you have in your life
The 10 of Pentacles reassures you that everything is coming together and that you are building up your wealth and prosperity – your abundance - not just in material things but also in those things that really matter!!!!
You are successfully building a future.
You will feel a change in how you feel towards yourself, your self love and self worth starts to bloom.

Allow yourself to be happy in your life – firstly by looking and focusing on what you already have got instead of what you haven’t – you will bring more of what you want in but it’s also a time to really reassess what is important and make sure you are focusing your energy on what you want to bring into your life as where energy goes it grows!!
Help yourself to do this by anchoring your thoughts when you find yourself feeling down or thinking negative thoughts have a look at them, contemplate the truth of them as a lot of what we feel negative about isn’t actually real or hasn’t even happened and then journal or release them by talking about them and then take steps to make a plan to change what you want to in your life.
By being present in the moment you will see the riches you have around you

Cards – The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot
Selena Joy Lovett

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Spirit Guides
$100 USD
Plant Spirit Guide

I am a shamanic plant practitioner working through my family lineage of Slavic traditional witches, a certified herbalist, permaculture designer and work intimately with Plant Spirits. Everyone has a special Plant Spirit that they are attuned to and intuitively work with, whether they are aware of it or not. At times in our lives certain plants will reach out to us, they have knowledge to share, messages from our ancestral lineages, or wish to share their medicines with us. You might feel drawn to a certain tree or plant and then find out that you have a health condition that plant has the power to help heal. The world of plants is intimately connected to the world of humans.

I will shamanic journey to the Otherworld and see which Plant Spirits are around you that are resonating with your energy at this time and wish to come through with their medicine and messages.

Please provide me with a recent photo of yourself and if you have any plants, or trees that you have been attracted to recently, and wish to understand more of what they are trying to communicate, you are encouraged to share that as well. As part of my intuitive reading,included as well is pertinent facts and details of the plants in question; their medicinal values, how to work with them, ecology, folklore and perhaps even past life connections they have to you and your family line.

I will provide you with your main Plant Spirit guide that comes through in my journey as well as any others that may be as well. I will share some rituals, meditations, herbalist teachings or anything else that might help you in connecting and gaining a deeper understanding of your Plant Spirit Guide at this time.

I look forward to facilitating this step into the enchanted realms with you!

Xyla Grey
Spirit Guides
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Nature Connection Guide

Do you feel that Nature is trying to communicate with you? Do you have a connection to certain, trees, plants, or animals and wondering what that means for you? The Natural world is full of Otherworldly messengers, from the Elemental Beings, Nature Spirits, Animal Spirits, Fae and others who are constantly in communication with us through the veils between our world and theirs. In this 1 hour session, I intuitively help guide you with the help of your Spirit Guides, to help you understand what the beings of Nature are wishing to communicate with you and how you can create a deeper bond of connection to them. I would also be happy to guide you to rituals, meditations, protections (if need be) and the use of herbs and plant spirit allies that would be of assistance to you.

I look forward to assisting you on your enchanted journey with the Spirits of Nature!

Xyla Grey
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What's the meaning of life? Why can life feel so challenging? Why is it hard to find true fulfilment?
If you're asking yourself these questions, it's a wonderful sign, it means you are ready to embark the most fascinating journey as a human being, you are ready to cross the bridge to the deepest human experiences :)

My name is Anthony, I was born and raised in the south of France. I have always been fascinated by the human condition. I have spent many years studying different teachings and learning more about the universal laws, which are counter-intuitive and mostly unknown in our society.

I would be very happy to provide guidance and to support you on this path. We can talk about any area of life (work, love, health, psychology, etc), from a spiritual perspective with elevated consciousness.

Looking forward to it!


Anthony Cohen
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Angelic Intuitive Guidance

Synchronicity and Divine Signs.

Yes or No 🔮

Malyk Yeshua Jason Muqaddar

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