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It’s your time to heal, transform and trust in your intuition

Dec 27, 2021
Selena joy Lovett
Core Spirit member since Jun 10, 2020
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This New Year brings in movement and direction. You may well feel propelled forward in the direction of your dreams. Work with this positive and powerful energy to help make things happen by taking charge of your emotions and bringing them into balance. Replace fear with excitement for the future; replace uncertainty with gratitude and sadness with love. You are in the driving seat of your life, you command it and can make things happen. Get a plan of what you want to happen and then start taking steps towards your goals. The universe will help guide you forward and you will be able to go charging ahead feeling passionate about your challenges and goals and supported as you head towards your dreams. Nothing is going to stop you now.
The sun shines down his positive and healing rays of light bringing hope and vitality into your business or workplace. 2021 has taught you a lot and now you are putting this knowledge into growth. Birthing projects and creating new exciting ideas. Creating and discovering new ways to solve problems and challenges. There is a sense of freedom within the way you feel about your job that gives you room for your inspiration to flourish and bloom. Lessons of the past become stepping stones to future financial and business plans. Remember to keep balance in your life as self care is important for you to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing and you can’t do that from a tired soul. Keep your energy high by resting, switching off social media and electronic devices at night so you give yourself a break, make time to meditate and connect with nature and breathe some fresh air. Balance is the key. This will keep you feeling positive towards your projects and this vibration will attract more good things to happen and so it will flow.

To be fully loved and present in your relationship, with yourself or in the attraction of a new love it is important to heal any pain that has been caused. Self acceptance, forgiveness and love are the important factors here. It’s hard to love another equally unless you first love and accept and take pleasure in being you. You may have hurt yourself and others in the past but it’s time to forgive this situation – this doesn’t mean that everything was ok it just means that you are willing to accept the lessons learnt and forgive, even if someone has caused you pain it’s now time to cut those emotions free even if this means howling at the moon in pain for this pent up emotion to be released but it must go. Acknowledge your feelings to yourself or towards others and see what you are still feeling, journal and join our full moon rituals to release these emotions - to free up space to attract and welcome love into your life or to enjoy the love that is around you fully and from a space of trust.

Aiyana appears to tell you that she will be guiding you towards your passion and purpose helping you become aware of your soul path. You may feel her push you lovingly towards speaking your truth and becoming bolder with your honesty as its time to acknowledge you - you are not your past, the events that have happened have helped to educate you but they do not define you, you are strong enough now to be true to yourself - your feelings and your desires, you can move powerfully in the direction that you wish to. Please yourself and not others that influence you or place conditions on you. It’s your time to heal, transform and trust in your intuition

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