5 Signs that You will have Good Marriage
Aug 16, 2022

Everyone wants to have a good marriage. Actually, it involves many factors to have a good marriage. One method to know whether we will have good marriage is looking at your hands. Let us check our hands according to the following points to see whether we will have good marriage or not.

  1. Protruded Venus Mount
    Protruded Venus mount signifies that you have a vigorous energy and strong physical strength. You are physically fit. You require certain level of sexual life. If the Venus mount is elastic, it represents that you are good at using the language and use it to please others. You sexual life will be good.

  2. Long and Forceful Thumb
    Long and forceful thumb signifies that you have your own opinion in your life. You are confident and serious with the love affairs. You are expressive and will take the initiative to please your lover. As you are physically fit, your sexual life will be good and can have good marriage.

  3. Neat and Clear Life Line
    If you have a neat and clear life line, it represents that you have your own opinion in your life. You have clear mind. You can adapt to the environment. In the aspect of love affairs, you are good at communicating and negotiating with your partner. As you have good conduct and good health, your sexual life is good. You will have good marriage.

  4. Moon Appears in Your Nail
    If you nail have a moon that is bluish-white part in your nail, it signifies that you are physically fit. You have good blood circulation. You require certain level of sexual life. You will not be sexually cold. For woman, if their nail of little finger has the moon sign, it signifies that their sexual needs are great. They may some special skill in sexual life. Therefore, they have good sexual relationships.

  5. Clear Bracelets
    If you have clear bracelets, you will have good health and good conduct. Your sexual drive is high. You can take a normal look in the love affairs. You will respect and appreciate the opposite sex. In your sexual life, you will have some technique make another happy. You will be confident.

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