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Broken Glass

Jan 2, 2022
Anjy Dunlap
Core Spirit member since Nov 26, 2021
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Broken Glass

Broken glass shattered into millions of tiny pieces.
Something no one would think of put back together.
You look at it and think sweep it up and throw it way.
So many people sweep up broken glass and discard it like its nothing.
Broken glass has too many pieces to try and glue back together.
It’s too broken.
Too shattered.
Where would you start?
Could you even find the beginning?
What glue would work best?
So many questions and no right answers to guide you.
Only a guessing a game for anyone that would even dare to play such a daring game with broken glass.
But what if there was that guide?
Or that special glue that fixed shattered glass?
Would you give up so easy on broken glass?
Would you fight for it a little longer?
Take the chance to maybe get hurt?
Stream like ribbons of blood and shattered glass dance across the floor.
Eyes lose focus with emotion.
Never let go of broken glass.
Never give up on broken glass.
Try that new glue.
Give all effort.
Give everything because you believe in that broken glass.
Fight for that broken glass.
Because you can see that shattered glass as a full length mirror as it should be.
Broken glass becomes a whole mirror once again.
It wasn’t easy.
It never will be easy.
But its worth it in the end.

Do you understand now?
Look into that now mended shattered mirror.
And Believe.

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