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5 Signs in Your Palm that You will be Cheated by Your Lover

Aug 14, 2022
Janet Li
Core Spirit member since Jan 23, 2021
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  1. Heart Line Likes Ladder
    If you have the heart line that likes the ladder, it means that as you lack your own opinion in your love affairs and do not know how to choose your own partner, you will easily meet the one who cheats you. In addition, you are not independent. You easily believe other’s fake conversation. You will easily be shaded by the fake conversation and lose the truth.

  2. Bended Thumb
    If you have the bended thumb, this means that you have a soft knot and your finger can bend forward and backward. It signifies that you are moody. You pay much attention on love affairs. You hope your partner will care and take care of you. As you are compassionate, you are easily cheated by others. You will be hurt.

  3. Extremely Short Headline
    If you have an extremely short headline, this signifies that you are impulsive. You will not consider too much about your daily life. As such, problems will arise. You are naïve in the love affairs. You do not know how to guard against others. Therefore, you are easily cheated by your partner. You will not know what your partner does privately. When you discover the truth, it is too late.

  4. Parallel Heart Line
    Parallel heart line means that you are concerned very much about the love affairs. You will not love to press others. You will accept others’ request. You are too good to be a human. You are lack of judgment. Although you know the truth, you will be compassionate about it. You will forgive other’s mistakes. As such, you will be hurt.

  5. Soft and Forceless Little Finger
    Soft and forceless little finger signifies that your luck in love affair is not good. You will always meet the ungrateful person. You will be hurt by your experience. However, you will not learn from the mistakes. You cannot guard against others’ lure. You will be fallen into the trap of others’ fondness. You will be obsessed with obscurity. You will lose yourself and money.

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