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Afterlife connection journey

Sep 18, 2022
Core Spirit member since Dec 9, 2021
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Afterlife is an interesting word. The meaning is reflective of the thoughts of the person using it. First of all, in this journey there is no right or wrong way. Just self development thru understanding, which is the intuitive trigger thru the awareness of the individual seeker.

In a previous article, I briefly touched upon the term, Death experience. There is no one single definition that applies to all. Intad it is an umbrella term used to contain the many interpretations of cultures and religious dogmas.

I mentioned loss in reference to transitions. The human collective, is at a point of awareness, that a great deal of information is available to those that seek answers. Thus do we really lose them? As confirmed by the comforting expression “sorry for your loss”. Maybe in the physical reality sense, but energetically, with that strong heart chakra bond, they still exist with us. Our sight and senses are being cleared so that we can experience a deeper connection with them, as they are still part of our past, future and in the NOW. Guiding us in support in the continued journey of our Soul experience. Energy is never lost or destroyed but transformed into different expressions.

Mediums are souls who have a soul purpose as connecting points of light between the physical and afterlife expressions. By the connection, the healing thru understanding begins and the development of self awarenection and connection begins when the seeker is ready.

As you become aware and heal, Be the light for others. We are one heart.

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