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Mar 11, 2021

We had just celebrated and embraced the glory of every woman in this International women’s day on March 8. Input of women in political, social, economical, cultural, educational, domestic, financial, spiritual fields are globally recognized and celebrated on this day, which took place first time in 1911.

However, the contributions and achievement of women is definitely not restricted to a single day. But every day is a woman day who selflessly contributes a great deal in every aspect of society. With limited opportunities, biasness, differentiation, household and children responsibilities, social restrictions, increased crime rate against women it is a difficult journey for women still she has achieved success in every field.

Every woman educated or uneducated, empowered or dependent, rich or poor, famous or homeless has devoted a lot in welfare of family and society. She is complete in herself and does not need harsh judgments, opinions or criticisms in the name of patriarchal society. Today, in this blog we talk about independence and self belief in women. With some tips to women who still feels the pressure of society judgment and do not dare to challenge them, let’s see how we can unstoppably grow against the biased people.

• Judgment on the basis of complexion and bodily appearance is nothing new. Physical attributes does not define you but it is painfully true that our society judges women on her color, body weight and appearance etc. It is not easy to change the mindset of people. However, we can certainly change our reaction and train our brain to react less. Since early age let every girl know and believe that she is perfect, beautiful and needs no approval from anyone to feel beautiful and love her own body. Take a firm stand for yourself and make your points and views clear. Gender equality is very important and one should always demand that.

• Girl child usually builds a shell around herself when they are made to feel inferior. Hence, if every mother builds self confidence and instills strong self –worth in her daughters, it helps to raise a confident woman. Teach your daughter that she is no less than boys even if anybody tells her so.

• Teach your daughters to say NO, if required. Just being a girl does not mean she has to agree everything she is imposed to. Let her know since childhood that she has got equal rights to have dreams and capability to carve her way to achieve that.

• Do not suppress or oversight your feelings. Avoid negative feelings, constantly remind yourself you are what matters and remember you are phenomenal.

• Surround yourself with positive feeling and avoid people who tend to bring negative in everybody.

• Self care is very important, pamper yourself. Be proactive in keeping your body and mind fit. Go for routine tests, take balanced diet and try to indulge in hobbies you have. Give yourself the importance you deserve.

• Whenever you feel low, share your feelings with loved ones. Take professional help if need arises, do not ever suffocate under your emotions.

• Read motivational books.

• Take breaks if, you feel tired.

• Be financial independent and ensure every female child receives good education for sustainability in career. Role of women in global workforce is increasing. Great amount of contribution of females are also seen as skilled or semi-skilled labors. So many women are now becoming entrepreneurs and are successful economic leaders.

• Be authentic, be who you are, you need not pretend your life as other’s wish.

• Raise your voice whenever you feel you are being wrongly targeted. Tolerating silently empowers other person to behave more irrationally.

• Never ever compromise in any personal or professional abusive relationships or domestic violence. Know your legal rights also. Knowledge entitles you with power.

• Be an inspiration to other women who still are not that privileged enough to understand their rights.

• Take pride in being a female, women have succeed in various fields including business, homemaking, politics, corporate etc; while facing so much hardships. Sheer determination, courage, strength and self motivation can help a lot.

• You are absolutely free to choose your decisions and views regarding life, career, relations, health, marriage, future.

Though, easy to say, living freely for women is yet challenging specially in many strata of societies. Let’s help each other and be a support system. You can be a role model to younger girls.

At last, do not let any person define you, rather gear up and win over the world. It’s your world and you are here to live your life at your terms! Be passionate, be your own person!

Do not anyone break your will power and spirit!

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