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Welcome Cure is among the largest online treatment platforms that provide end-to-end Homeopathy treatment solutions which includes doctor consultations, doorstep medicine delivery, digital storage of health records, and personalized diet & lifestyle advisory.
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About Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd

Welcome Cure is among the largest online treatment platforms that provide end-to-end Homeopathy treatment solutions which includes doctor consultations, doorstep medicine delivery, digital storage of health records, and personalized diet & lifestyle advisory.

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Special needs children: Tips for managing better

Children with Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Neurological disorders, Sensory impairment, Learning disabilities and Cerebral Palsy need extra attention; care and therapies which help them become independent and responsible adults.

Many such children are very talented and have excelled in life. Initially, it can be very challenging for parents, but with little communications, trust and understanding the bond between parents and child with special needs grow stronger. Parents are most close to their kids and they understand their kids best. We are sharing some tips in this blog to handle the situation better.

Communicate with respect- It is important to make conversation & interaction with a special needs child politely and tactfully. Asking innumerable questions by strangers should be avoided at first. Make suitable eye contact to the kid and introduce yourself to the child if, you are a stranger to him. If, child is not able to comprehend answers in sentences, just observe them, pay attention to body languages closely. If, the child shows hesitancy in answering towards certain topics, they must not be pushed. A child should be treated respectfully in same manner as we treat adults.

Communication may be non- verbal too. Tactile sensation (like touch on shoulder or hand), auditory sensations like (using special sounds), Visual cues (like pictures, photos, colours) can also be used depending on each case.

Adjust to child’s needs- All kids need undue amount of patience from adults while growing up. This becomes more when it comes to special kids. They need to be handled with great composure, patient and self-control. Be flexible and adjust things according to their needs. This becomes even crucial when you are training them for new activities or skills. Let them learn at their own pace. Sometimes while learning new skills, kids get anxious and want parents with them. Let parents stay at their vicinity if, it makes kids feel less vulnerable and unsafe. Let them feel secure first and slowly things can be adjusted as they get more and more comfortable with their instructors.

Do not let them feel different- Allow kids with special needs equal opportunities. Make it clear to them that there are rules for them as well and they need to follow them. Provide extra support whenever and wherever they need them. Remind the child of the rules gently again and again till, they are used to it.

Take help from professionals- People with meticulous training and track record of nurturing kids with special needs are a blessings for special needs kids. Never shy away in lending a professional hand whenever you feel roadblock.

Be positive with the child always- Children easily pick on adult’s fears, desperations, negative thoughts and disappointments. It does no good to them and they feel like failures and letdowns to their parents. Always be positive in front of kids and be happy. Complement the child and praise them for their efforts.

Value their abilities: Each child is unique and has different abilities. Do not rush your kid if, she or he is uncomfortable with something. Try to make things interesting from their view point, which will attract their attention for longer time. In kids with ADHD, thinking out of box to engage the child is important. Have lots of fun with your kid while teaching him simple things like wearing clothes by himself, packing a simple lunch, reading a book, etc.

Set correct mindset in kid from the start only- Teach them to ignore negative comments of society and how to block negative people from life. Teach them about challenges, to face them and learn from the mistakes. Make them understand that trying again and again is very important and they should not shy away from them. Reward them for their trying. Rewards need not be in terms of money. They can be simple suprises or a visit to park or zoo. Praise them whenever they try with or without success. Use positive and encouraging words always. Always set realistic goals as per their conditions. Let them know they are loved unconditionally.

If, child wants to be more and independent, let them be. Do not do everything for them. Let them grow as responsible adults. Be careful in presence of any dangerous situations or limitations which can be back setting for them. Let them have some sense of control over the things to feel confident.

Seek financial assistance if, required- Special programs and therapies need skilled trainers with specially equipped centers which unfortunately are not cheap or plenty. Hence, along with program cost, travelling costs also adds up. If, you need any financial help, there are many NGOs and institutions for lending a helping hand. Also know your rights. If your government is giving some schemes for special needs children, avail them.

Stay informed- Read books and articles on the child’s condition. Talk to the doctors about what to expect and how to help. Being prepared makes you less anxious and better focused.

Look out for yourself too- Any parenting is demanding, but, parenting a kid with special needs can be further taxing. You need to take breaks, when you feel the heat. We tend to say or do the things when extremely exhausted, which we regret later. In this pandemic time, with many therapy centers closed or going virtual; this can be more troublesome for parents.

If, you feel overwhelmed just take a deep breath and a short break. Take small walks in nearest parks. Engage in some hobbies. Chat with friends. Be a member of social groups of same parent circle; who are sailing in the same boat. It helps in better dealing with stress, negativity and generates new ideas. Take care of your body too. Eat and rest well. Engage in meditation and relaxation techniques.

With love, care and patience; parenting and growing up can be fun and life enriching experience for both parents and special need kids.

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd
The Second Wave:COVID 19- Everything we need to know about it and protect ourselves

There was a small but significant respite from coronavirus, with steady decline in cases in the last few months of 2020. But the sudden spike of Cornovirus cases with rapid mutations of virus has again put us on our toes. Life has again come to a standstill with expeditious number of cases, challenged medical facilities, fresh lockdowns and vaccination hesitancy. Novel strain of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is again back with loud bang forcing us to again loom in fear and uncertainty.

What serious is the current condition?

With a very high number of daily new cases since end of March, April 5 registered around 96,982 cases. Few states are witnessing massive surge and contribute about 70-80% of these numbers. This has put huge load on healthcare with increased threat to non-availability of beds, ventilators, medical care and oxygen. This worsened outbreak has again put us in scary conditions of health scare, loss of lives and livelihood.

Who is at greater risk?

Similar to first wave this time also our elders above 60 are more exposed to life threatening conditions caused by coronavirus. All people with co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, heart or lung diseases and autoimmune conditions are at tremendous risk.

Has the virus changed, should I be bothered?

Yes, because the virus has mutated and according to the recent reports and studies, virus has become more dangerous and capable of spreading at greater speed. At the same time it is also causing severe illness and complications. The viral load is higher in patients as compared to the first wave. This could be attributed to various mutations virus underwent over the course of time like Brazilian variant, South African variant, Kent variant, double mutant Indian variant, Brazilian variant. These mutations can also reduce the efficacy of the vaccines; but as of now, there is no such confirmation.

Also, unlike previous wave of pandemic, this times virus is affecting young people too, causing severe complications in some cases. However, still most cases remain asymptomatic or mild. But it has potential to cause severe bilateral pneumonia, organ damage and unforeseen complications in long term.

Corona virus second wave precaution

Why are we experiencing second wave?

There may be many factors responsible for this spike.

Human carelessness: With sloppy attitude among people regarding mask, sanitation, hygiene and social distancing virus has again carved its way among us. Coronavirus was never gone completely but, it could not infect so many people as before; because we all were very careful in breaking human chain. But then due to pandemic fatigue and negligent hygienic measures people were less bothered about it, as cases declined. However, situation has reversed now with rapid upsurge of fresh cases.

Mutation in virus with increased ability to cause infection is also responsible for increased number of cases.

Reopening of various activities and relaxation of lockdown along with lax attitude of people in overcrowded areas is culpable.

Are the symptoms experienced same or different?

There are many new set of symptoms reported this time with this new wave of infection. These symptoms are:

Gastrointestinal symptoms like- nausea, vomiting, loose motion, abdominal pain

1. Cold

2. Pain in joints, headache, weakness, appetite loss

3. Fever and cough

4. Breathlessness

Should one be scared?

No, getting scared does not help but taking adequate precautions can.

What are we supposed to do when we are in between second surge of infection?

Mask, Hand hygiene, Sanitation and Social Distancing still remains our most important weapons in the battle against Coronavirus pandemic.

Vaccine is most important in developing antibodies against the virus. Covishield and Covaxin are currently administered in India above 45 years of age population. The effectiveness of these vaccines against all these variants is still not known; yet they are our most important tool against coronavirus. Get yourself vaccinated when your turn comes and protect yourself.

Even if, you are vaccinated take all precautions. Antibodies take at least 15 days post 2nd dose of vaccine to get fully developed. No vaccine is hundred percent, hence it is very crucial to take all covid precautions even after getting fully vaccinated.

Take both doses of vaccinations; otherwise you may be left vulnerable.

Go for vaccination even if, were infected with COVID earlier. Since, antibodies can wane with time, it is important to take vaccine.

Follow all guidelines as instructed by the government which are designed by the health experts for benefit of our lives. Each life matters and our joint efforts can save us and our families.

Get yourself checked for RT-PCR test if, you have any symptom or you came in contact with the positive patients.

Isolate yourself completely, if, found positive.

Follow doctor’s guideline and local authority’s instructions.

Avoid public places or overcrowded areas. If, not necessary, do not go out.

Eat healthy and fresh foods to boost immunity.

Keep your rooms ventilated and clean.

Keep your shopping/ meeting time short. Follow physical distancing.

If, you are suffering from any other disease, do take medical treatment. Timely treatment of grave diseases is important too.

Avoid falling prey to fake news. Do not get anxious and confirm from official sources.

Practice meditation and yoga. Staying physically fit and mentally healthy is paramount.

Let technology be your friend to stay connected with friends and family. COVID induced isolation can be damaging.

With around 818.80 lakhs people, received their vaccine till date in India; we need to increase our numbers further. Go for it, when you are provided opportunity to take it. This time pandemic has greater spreading potential and we need to act fast. According to government, next four weeks are going to be critical and we cannot keep our guard down. With lots of stress regarding health, life, economy; we have only option to follow all preventive measures against coronavirus to protect our lives.

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd

About 60% of human body is made up of water. Our blood is 90% water. Water is life and it is true in every sense. Water helps in maintaining body temperature, drains out toxins and also helps in proper organ functioning.

We get our water from consuming simple water, flavored water drinks, beverages like tea, coffee, milk, and also from food (in small quantities). Babies less than six months get their water from breast milk and do not need additional water. We adults need about 6-8 cups of water a day, out of which around 20% comes from food. However, required amount also depends from person to person with their physical activity, environment and temperature they live in and health conditions. In certain diseases, person is advised to drink less water.

1. Drink enough water and be more physically active :

It is not any hidden fact that staying hydrated is very optimal for daily functioning of human beings. Since blood is 90% water, water is also indirectly helping in oxygenation of full body. We need water for proper cell functioning and temperature regulation by sweating. Sweating keeps body cool and prevents overheating. At the same time, sweating excessively causes water loss and should be replenished with adequate water intake. Water increases our strength, stamina and tolerance for physical and mental activities.

2. Prevents dehydration :

Dehydration can be a serious consequence of losing only 2% of total body water. Dehydration can lead to:

 Kidney malfunctioning and failure

 Hypotension (low blood pressure)

 Brain damage: Poor cognitive skills, mood changes, memory loss, brain swelling (oedema), seizures

 Fatigue

 Hormonal imbalance

 Electrolyte imbalance

3. Water forms crucial part of body fluids:

Water is main composition of many body fluids like saliva, urine. Saliva keeps mouth germ free and helps in chewing food. We lose water through every bodily activity like perspiration, breathing, exercise, urine, defecation and need to replace that with adequate water consumption.

4. Water removes toxins out:

Through sweating, urine, stools water flushes out all the toxins from body and maintains health.

5. Water is your partner for exercise schedule:

Optimum water intake prevents dehydration due to lose of water from fierce workouts. Enough water levels enhance your physical performance as well.

6. Water for joints:

Water also helps in preventing joint complications and diseases by adequately lubricating joints.

7. Water for brain health:

Enough water consumption may prevent brain functions disturbances. Many studies have showed that even minor dehydration is capable to alter brain functioning and cause brain damage. If, you are not adequately hydrated, you may fall prey to headaches, mood disturbances, anxiety , migraines etc. Being adequately hydrated prevents fatigue, memory loss and mood changes and improve cognitive skills.

8. Water for smooth gut functioning and nutrients absorption and distribution:

We all are aware how; low water intake can cause stools to dry up leading to constipation. Low water consumption is frequent reason, seen in all age groups behind decreased bowel movements and hard stools. Not only for constipation but water is very vital for digestion and absorption of all essential nutrients from the food we consume and their transportation to various body parts. Water prevents reflux disorders and ulceration of stomach mucosa.

9. Water for healthy kidneys:

Drinking less water may cause concentrated urine which is associated with increased risk of kidney stone formation. There is mineral crystallization due to concentrated urine. Low water intake is also associated with increased risk of recurrence of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

10. Water for healthy skin

Water helps to keep skin hydrated, toned and healthy. It promotes skin repairing and reduces damages. Also adequate water delays premature ageing of skin and wrinkling.

11. Water to combat hangover:

Since alcohol is a known diuretic, it can result in quick water loss; it may cause dehydration. Dehydration may result in headaches and hangovers. Make sure to stay well hydrated to prevent hangover after having a drink party.

12. Water for healthy weight:

Water helps improving metabolism. If, you are on weight loss spree drink enough water to boost your metabolism. Also if, you have a glass of water before meals, it can give you a sense of fullness and you are less likely to fill yourself with too much food. This results in weight loss with time.

With a hectic lifestyle and highly busy schedule we often forget to drink enough water. Certain tips may help you:

 Always understand your body cues and never ignore them. If, you feel thirsty, pause your work and drink water first. Never overlook your body needs and prioritize work over health.

 Carry water with you. If, you have a handy water bottle, it is less likely that you will ignore your thirst.

 In extreme hot weather over summers keep trail of your urine color and output. If, you feel urine is darker or less, just drink some water.

 If still not able to keep track of water intake, take help of digital era. There are many apps which reminds you to drink water regularly and keep track of water intake.

 You get daily water requirement not only from plain water but also from juices, soups, beverages, salads, fruits, vegetables etc. However, avoid soda, sweetened carbonated drinks which give no nutrition but only empty calories.

 Avoid alcohol and too much of caffeine which are diuretics.

In nutshell, adequate water intake is vital for life functioning and prevention of many health complications. Water is the best option to prevent dehydration and maintain health.

Water is the cheapest, easily available and humble health tonic. Every drop of water ensures health!

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd

We had just celebrated and embraced the glory of every woman in this International women’s day on March 8. Input of women in political, social, economical, cultural, educational, domestic, financial, spiritual fields are globally recognized and celebrated on this day, which took place first time in 1911.

However, the contributions and achievement of women is definitely not restricted to a single day. But every day is a woman day who selflessly contributes a great deal in every aspect of society. With limited opportunities, biasness, differentiation, household and children responsibilities, social restrictions, increased crime rate against women it is a difficult journey for women still she has achieved success in every field.

Every woman educated or uneducated, empowered or dependent, rich or poor, famous or homeless has devoted a lot in welfare of family and society. She is complete in herself and does not need harsh judgments, opinions or criticisms in the name of patriarchal society. Today, in this blog we talk about independence and self belief in women. With some tips to women who still feels the pressure of society judgment and do not dare to challenge them, let’s see how we can unstoppably grow against the biased people.

• Judgment on the basis of complexion and bodily appearance is nothing new. Physical attributes does not define you but it is painfully true that our society judges women on her color, body weight and appearance etc. It is not easy to change the mindset of people. However, we can certainly change our reaction and train our brain to react less. Since early age let every girl know and believe that she is perfect, beautiful and needs no approval from anyone to feel beautiful and love her own body. Take a firm stand for yourself and make your points and views clear. Gender equality is very important and one should always demand that.

• Girl child usually builds a shell around herself when they are made to feel inferior. Hence, if every mother builds self confidence and instills strong self –worth in her daughters, it helps to raise a confident woman. Teach your daughter that she is no less than boys even if anybody tells her so.

• Teach your daughters to say NO, if required. Just being a girl does not mean she has to agree everything she is imposed to. Let her know since childhood that she has got equal rights to have dreams and capability to carve her way to achieve that.

• Do not suppress or oversight your feelings. Avoid negative feelings, constantly remind yourself you are what matters and remember you are phenomenal.

• Surround yourself with positive feeling and avoid people who tend to bring negative in everybody.

• Self care is very important, pamper yourself. Be proactive in keeping your body and mind fit. Go for routine tests, take balanced diet and try to indulge in hobbies you have. Give yourself the importance you deserve.

• Whenever you feel low, share your feelings with loved ones. Take professional help if need arises, do not ever suffocate under your emotions.

• Read motivational books.

• Take breaks if, you feel tired.

• Be financial independent and ensure every female child receives good education for sustainability in career. Role of women in global workforce is increasing. Great amount of contribution of females are also seen as skilled or semi-skilled labors. So many women are now becoming entrepreneurs and are successful economic leaders.

• Be authentic, be who you are, you need not pretend your life as other’s wish.

• Raise your voice whenever you feel you are being wrongly targeted. Tolerating silently empowers other person to behave more irrationally.

• Never ever compromise in any personal or professional abusive relationships or domestic violence. Know your legal rights also. Knowledge entitles you with power.

• Be an inspiration to other women who still are not that privileged enough to understand their rights.

• Take pride in being a female, women have succeed in various fields including business, homemaking, politics, corporate etc; while facing so much hardships. Sheer determination, courage, strength and self motivation can help a lot.

• You are absolutely free to choose your decisions and views regarding life, career, relations, health, marriage, future.

Though, easy to say, living freely for women is yet challenging specially in many strata of societies. Let’s help each other and be a support system. You can be a role model to younger girls.

At last, do not let any person define you, rather gear up and win over the world. It’s your world and you are here to live your life at your terms! Be passionate, be your own person!

Do not anyone break your will power and spirit!

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd
Tips to Improve Your Child’s Learning Skills

A lot of curious parents or parents with kids who face troubles in school often want to know- ‘Is there a way to make the kid learn faster?’ or ‘Is there something that we can do to boost their IQ?’

So,in today’s blog we will explain certain things that scientifically boost your child’s ability to learn. But before I go any further, understand that science still believes that there is not much that one can do to change the existing IQ or Intelligence Quotient in a person.

However, there are researches which suggest that some brain training activities, exercises can improve the grasping ability and thus enhance memory as well as learning skills. Thus, we will be talking of things to improve learning skills and not the IQ of a kid.

Exercise or physical activity:-

It might take you by surprise, regular exercise stimulates brain growth to enhance your child’s ability to learn. Exercise also helps children in improving attention in school. Send your child out to play daily or have some form of physical activity for a minimum of one hour daily.

Play time:-

Playful behaviour in kids has a positive effect on kids and their ability to learn. Free play or imaginative play improves the functioning of cerebral cortex- the part of your child’s brain that plays an important role in attention, perception, awareness, memory, consciousness and language skills.

There are toys or games that are made to enhance learning skills in children. For example, blocks or Lego helps in enhancing spatial learning, math and problem-solving skills as well as verbal skills.

Which is why the next time you go out to buy something for your child, instead of splurging on a video game or an electronic item, buy a puzzle or a game that will help them learn new skills.


What kids eat matters the most when it comes to brain growth.

Breast feeding your child exclusively for the first six months of life has shown incredible difference in the learning as well as memory of kids who have not been breast fed.

In kids who are older, adding healthy dietary fats enhances brain function- so add a lot of omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fish oils or sea food, nuts and seeds i.e. flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts etc., plant oils like soybean oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil etc.


Believe it or not, sleep too has a very important effect on your child’s memory, intelligence and learning skills.

According to a research conducted in Canadian kids between the ages of 2.5-6 years, researchers concluded that children who had chronic sleep deprivation or in simple words did not get enough sleep according to their age had a poor performance in neurodevelopmental tests (tests that are done to assess the activity of mind)

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your child is getting enough sleep in an age appropriate manner.

Here is how much sleep your child needs:

 Newborn: 18 hours

 1-2 years of age: 14 hours

 3-5 years of age: 10-13 hours

 6-12 years of age: 9-12 hours

Parental Sensitivity and attachment:

Last but not the least, you as a parent play a crucial role in determining your child’s learning and brain development.

Responsive parenting i.e. parents who have constant interactions with their children, who understand their emotional as well as physical needs and respond accordingly has a great impact on your child’s brain development.

Sensitive or responsive parents are in tune with their children and understand their needs better.

Thus, one needs to be prompt, contingent, display warm and accepting behaviours to your child.

Neglecting the child due to familial or financial responsibilities, constantly nagging the child to do better, or even a mindset for failure (believing that if your child failed once- will always do so/ or they cannot improve) leads to children with low emotional intelligence, difficulty in learning and even poor memory.

Sadly, there is no secret mantra or a magic wand that can be handed over to parents to improve their child’s memory and learning skills. It takes time and effort to develop- so as long as you are constantly trying and encouraging your child to do so too; you are in the right direction.

Also, if your child is suffering from a learning disability or medical condition- it is best to consult an expert in the field and adapt appropriate techniques to improve their skills.

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10 Ways to Keep your Heart healthy

Do you know Cardio vascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths in world? This silent yet lethal disease has surpassed all types of cancers in killing people. Each year almost 18 million lives are lost to heart diseases; which is 31% of total deaths in world.

Previously heart diseases were linked with old ages but now heart diseases are increasing at alarming rate in young people too. News of people in mid 20s and 30s with heart attacks are so common now. It’s high time we start taking care of our hearts before it gets too late!

Keep risk factors at bay. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, high levels of blood cholesterol, obesity, sedentary lifestyle are few risk factors of heart diseases. An overall healthy lifestyle with balanced diet can minimize all the risk factors.

In this blog, lets prioritize our health and take a sneak peek to ways making our heart healthy and young. With some efforts we can ensure better heart health-

1. Put restriction to sugar and salt

Both sugar and salt are essential to inject taste to food, but excess of any of these can be threatening to our health. Consider healthy substitutes like jaggery, honey whenever possible.

2. Cut down on saturated fat

Fats are essential for body’s functioning, but we need to be cautious of what type of fat we are eating. Saturated and trans-fats (LDL-low density lipoproteins) are bad for our heart; while good fats (HDL- high density lipoproteins) protects our heart from arteriosclerosis. HDL reduces LDL and further protects heart from damage.

• Avoid refined grains like refined flour, white sugar, white rice, deep fried foods, chips, margarine etc

• Include fatty fishes, nuts, whole grains dark chocolate, eggs to boost HDL

3. Include more heart friendly foods in daily diet

• Vegetables, whole grains, fruits, fish, nuts are good for heart. Fishes have omega 3 fatty acids which protects heart and many other organs. Include fishes, walnuts, flax seeds, oats, avacados in diet.

• Cut on red meat and processed foods.

• Use less oil for cooking, choose better options like steaming, grilling, boiling.

• Use cooking oil with more mono-saturated fats and less trans-fat. Always read labels of food products before purchasing.

4. Stop smoking

Smoking is associated with increased risk of clogging in arteries and lower HDL (High density lipoproteins i.e. good cholesterol). HDL protects heart. There are additional risk of high blood pressure and development of blood clots with smoking.

Quitting smoking reduces risk of heart attack to half within a year. Avoid both smoking and passive smoking.

5. Reduce alcohol intake

Some studies show that very small amount of alcohol is good for heart, but the disadvantages of alcohol are must bigger threat. Alcohol damages liver in long run and causes weight gain, which is certainly not good for our heart.

6. Reduce stress levels

Stress is a very potent reason of high blood pressure and heart diseases.

• Practice breathing exercises

• Yoga and meditation may help reducing high blood pressure

• Enjoy family time and indulge in hobbies and relaxing activities

• Take regular vacations and rejuvenate yourself

• Enjoy a good self- motivation book to keep negative energies at bay

• Always focus on keeping positive attitude towards life

7. Exercise daily and keep your weight in check

Exercise is not only a blessing for heart health but is beneficial for your general well- being. Exercise prevents many lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, PCOD, etc.

• Regular brisk walking or jogging is very good for heart health

• If, you are not a fan of hard-core gym, do whatever exercise you like. Swimming, dancing, aerobics also are very good form of exercise.

• Exercising in open air boosts metabolism and keeps weight in check

8. Refreshing and adequate sleep

Refreshing sleep decreases the risk of both heart attack and brain stroke. People with sleeping issues have high level of cortisol which is linked with heart diseases

• Limit your screen time, put off all social media at least 30 minutes before sleep. This ensures calm mind and drifting to sleep quickly.

• Take minimum of 8 hours sleep

• Listening to slow songs before sleep in dark and cool room helps in falling asleep fast

9. Dental care

One might wonder how dental care is linked with heart health; well periodontal diseases are linked with heart diseases. Bacteria from mouth can infect heart too.

• Brush your teeth twice daily

• Floss your mouth regularly

• Consider visit to dentist at least once a year even if you have no dental problems. Prevention is better than cure.

10. Regular health check ups

Regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels may diagnose many heart problems in initial stages and may prevent damage to heart.

If, you have any family history of heart disease be more vigilant with your heart health. Having any first degree relative with heart diseases put you at very high risk.

But with adequate measures you can beat the disadvantage of genetic predisposition of heart disease.

Be proactive and start your heart care today!

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Do not let negative thoughts pull you down!

Research shows that an average human being has around 70000 thoughts each day, many of which are repetitions. Well so much work by our brain hence no wonder it needs 20% of body’s oxygen and energy while weighing only 1500 grams.

Dwelling on negative thoughts is so common we often forget they are just thoughts; rather they appear like a dark monster that will eat us alive. Gradually they become toxic, but we hardly notice them till they start to affect our daily functioning.

It all starts with failures or setbacks in life, when these negative thoughts start to creep in our mind.

Now, what are the common negative thoughts we are likely to experience?

 I am a looser. I am to be blamed for all misery

 I am good for nothing, no one cares about me

 What if I cannot do it?

 I think I will always be remained doomed

 I am full of bad luck

 I am not worthy of anything, I am a disgrace to my family

 Something bad will happen

 I will do everything wrong……………………………..and the list goes on

Negative thoughts, if not stopped timely can push you deeper in black somber hole where depression, anxieties and other psychiatric disorders start to overwhelm you. We need to stop these negative thoughts fast and in effective manner. Let’s explore some experts’ tips for abolishing negative thoughts-

Train your mind to divert negative thoughts

Mind is very powerful, but it can be manipulated for inducing only positive thoughts for greater good with training.

• Make a habit to recognize your negative thoughts immediately and question them. Ask yourself what good will become on dwelling such thoughts?

• Will these thoughts solve my problems or will make my situation better?

• Live in the moment. Do not plan so much ahead in life that it over shadows your present.

• Be kind and caring to others. Try volunteering your time and skills with people less privileged than you.

• Be grateful for what you have.

• Plan your day ahead. Keep yourself busy with enough recreations. Experts believed that average time we can concentrate is 90 minutes after that our mind starts wandering. So, take frequent breaks. During breaks do not sit idle but look out of window. Focus on minuscule details on window view and you will not have time for negative thoughts!

Do not dwell on negative thoughts

 Whenever such thoughts come up, just make yourself focus on present, get busy with some hobby or talk to someone about happy things.

 Some people find even simple house hold chores or painting very calming. Try different things and find your rescue.

 Focus on sound, lights, shadows, smells, environment around you. Notice their minute details and your negative thoughts will be vanished!

 Avoid dwelling on past mistakes and focus on future

Practice meditation and breathing exercises

Focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out and focus on the air coming in and out. Meditation and yoga are known to be very peaceful for mind.

Bid toxic people or relationships good-bye

• Negativity can be an outcome of any people’s comment, who wants to bring you down. Whether it is people or social media; probe deep, if negativity is creeping into your life from them; it’s time to put it to an end.

• Stop paying attention to ‘what other people will say’. It might be difficult in beginning but gradually with little effort it will help.

• Keep positive people surrounding you both in real and virtual world& you will be overflowed with optimism.

Self- love

• One of the major reasons of negative thoughts is self-contempt. Thinking you are good for nothing generates self-hatred and negative thoughts.

• Do what makes you happy. Live the life the way you want to.

• Do not depend on other people for staying happy. Pamper yourself once a while. Read good motivational books.

• Care for your body and soul. Do regular exercise and take regular outdoor walks. Observing the nature helps us understand that ‘change is the rule of nature’. We must remember whatever bad situations we are in now, will also pass and time will change.

• Exhaustion and hunger make your will power weak, hence eat healthy and rest well.

Seek help

Sharing your feelings with loved ones help a great deal. Your brain feels less clouded with thoughts and you have a clear vision and perspective. Sometimes talking about your thoughts helps you understand where these thoughts are generating from and what can you do about it.

If this does not help, never hesitate to take professional help.

So, now re-boot your life with new ray of positivity.

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Common Health Issues bothering Infants with Home Remedies

Parents are extremely worried when their little one’s gets sick. Apprehension is manifold higher if you are a first-time parent. But, if you are aware of some common diseases babies get and what you can do to soothe them, won’t it make your life easy? So, let’s delve into some common ailments in infants with their home remedies.


Colic usually is common in babies less than 4 months old. Babies suffering from colic are usually healthy but cry for roughly for three hours and the frequency is roughly more than thrice a week.

Overfeeding can cause discomfort to your baby. Babies sometimes swallow too much air while taking feed resulting in abdominal gas and distension, causing colic.Feeding bottles with big hole in nipple can also allow much air to pass in baby’s stomach. Keeping baby upright while feeding also restricts air swallowing.

Home remedies:

Swaddle baby in blanket according to weather and lay them down in quiet and dark room. Try pacifier to soothe them. Gently rub their back area.

Some babies find comfort in warm bath or gentle messaging.

Try taking a stroll with baby or a gentle car ride may drift them to nap.

Smooth humming noises or lullabies also soothe colicky babies.


Hiccups are generally non-threatening, and babies are not much bothered with it. If, they are experiencing hiccups while alert, it means they are full. Do not feed them anymore. Excess swallowing of air can also cause hiccup.

Home remedies: Burp your baby after feed. Hiccups usually go on their own, if they are very persisting, talk to your pediatrician.


Sometimes small babies gulp milk suddenly which results in sputtering and initiation of cough reflex. This problem will solve when they learn to drink milk.

Home remedies: Always burp the baby after feed. For burping you should sit straight, holding baby in our arms such as baby’s head is on your shoulder. Pat their back very lightly till they burp. Sometimes, they may not burp but try for a few minutes before putting them down. Burping helps release some air, babies suck while feeding. While feeding, keep baby’s head upright.


Constipation is common after babies are weaned off and new foods are introduced in their diet.Breast fed babies are less constipated than formula fed. Hard stools are very discomforting to the baby.

Home remedies:

Give baby leg message and gentle abdominal message. Leg exercises while laying baby on their back are helpful to stimulate bowel movements.

Give them warm bath.

For babies on solid food, introduce fibrous foods like whole grains (oats, whole wheat), apples without peel, broccoli, papaya, peaches, plums, pears etc.

Keep baby well hydrated.

Note: If constipation persists, baby loss appetite or there is blood in stool, see your doctor.


Three or more loose or watery stools in babies is called diarrhea. Stool may contain mucus, blood and baby may have pain, cramps and vomiting too.

Home remedies:

Keep baby well hydrated with breast feeding, formula and water.

For breast fed babies, mothers should keep a tab on her diet.

Give bland starchy foods like rice, pasta, cracker, bananas (if baby takes solid)

Note: If diarrhea is not subsiding and baby is having fever, looks lethargic, refuses feed, has dry lips and mouth, little or no urine, no tears while crying see doctor fast.


Umbilical cord infections are not very common. They are result of bacterial infections in umbilical stumps. In most babies, umbilical cord stump falls after drying in first few weeks’ time without complications. However, redness, swelling, tenderness (pain on touching), foul smell of surrounding areas of cord are signs of infections.

Home remedies:

Keep the stump dry and surrounding area clean. As cord gets dry, color change is noticed from yellow to gray and then it falls off.

Sponge baths are more helpful till cord falls off

Avoid diaper contact with the area.

Note: Umbilical cord infections or Omphalitis is a serious condition and needs immediate medical attention.


Teething may start at 6 months for most babies. Symptoms like irritability, disturbed sleep, swollen gums, drooling, decreased appetite, putting everything in mouth, mild fever, loose stools are common at this time.

Home remedies:

Rub baby’s gum with very clean finger or give them sterilized teething rings.

You can give boiled carrots, cucumbers thin strips which are slightly cooled to soothe pain.


Fevers are very worrying for parents, but they are very common in babies. Fever is the sign that baby’s body is fighting with harmful germs. Fever is also common post vaccination.

Home remedies

Keep your baby well hydrated.

Rest and light foods are good to support healing.

Give tepid sponging to baby.

Do not over cover your baby.


Red patches on skin at bottom or diaper area of baby are referred as Diaper Rashes.

Home remedies:

Keep diaper area dry. Give enough air time

Apply virgin non scented coconut oil to area.


Many newborn babies have yellowish skin after birth which is known as jaundice. Bilirubin built up is responsible for this yellowish tinge. Bilirubin is effectively removed from body by liver which is still immature in newborns, hence the levels built up in blood.

Home remedies:– Expose your baby to the early morning sun for 15 minutes. Mild jaundice subsides on its own however, if bilirubin level is high it needs immediate treatment.

Earache:Babies may suffer from ear pain resulting from middle ear or inner ear infection or foreign objects put in ear.

Home remedies:Warm compress on ear and surrounding area will ease the pain. Sometimes milk may also go in ear while feeding lying down. Always feed baby keeping head upright.

Cold, cough, respiratory distress: Difficulty in breathing in babies needs further assessment. Mostly it can be due to nose blockage. If you notice warning signs like nose flaring, chest retractions, grunting, bluish discoloration of skin or fast breaths consult doctor immediately.

Home remedies: You can put simple saline nasal drops, after consulting with pediatrician. Give lukewarm liquids to soothe sore throat. Carrom seeds roasted and tied in cloth when placed at baby’s pillow side may help them breathe easily.

Homeopathy has very good medicines for childhood illness and they are safe for your babies too. Happy parenting!

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often have we heard mothers or doctor’s advice their kids or patients to eat iron rich food? Often, we wonder, why a mineral is so necessary for our body and how we will ensure its enough supply. Today in this blog, we will discuss everything important pertaining to IRON.

Body needs good supply of IRON for blood production. Our red blood cells contain seventy percent of body’s total iron level. Red blood cells (RBC) contains Hemoglobin (Hb) which carries oxygen from our lungs to tissues.

Do you know; one fourth of iron is reserved as ferritin which is stored in cells and circulates in blood? In males, usually 1 gram iron is stored and in females about 300 mg. For males, this quantity is enough reserve for 3 years while in females it lasts about 6 months only.

Why we need iron?

Iron is used to make Hemoglobin

Hemoglobin carries oxygen from lungs to tissues and is vital for life

Iron is also a requirement for manufacturing some hormones

Iron is also very important for our growth and development

What are the sources of Iron?

Daily requirements depend on many factors like age and sex. Women require more iron than men, because of loss of blood during menstruation.

Non-Vegetarian sources: Meat, Seafood, Poultry

Vegetarian Sources: Beans, Lentils, Peas, Kidney beans, Dark green leafy vegetables like Kale, Spinach, Tofu, Brussel sprouts, Bean sprouts, Beets, Cabbage, corn, Nuts dries fruits, raisins

Fortified foods: Various breakfast cereals and flours, and baby formulas come with fortification of Iron

Iron supplements

Source of iron.

How much Iron is required daily?

Babies months 0.27 mg

Infants< 1 year 11 mg

Kids years 7 mg

Kids 4-8 years 10 mg

Kids 9-13 years 8 mg

Boys 14-18 years 11 mg

Girls 14- 18 years 15 mg

Adult men 8 mg

Adult female 18 mg

Pregnancy 27 mg

Lactation 9 mg

What happens when our iron levels are low?

Main disease resulting from Iron deficiency is IRON DEFICIENCY ANAEMIA.

During pregnancy, if enough iron is not available it can result in low birth weight, premature delivery and growth restriction to baby’s brain growth.

In kids, anemia can be a cause of psychological development delay, attention deficit, social withdrawal.

Who are at high risk of Iron deficiency?

Blood loss is major reason of iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency can affect anybody, but girls and women are at high risk especially during pregnancy and breast feeding, where iron demands of body increases. Females with excessive menstrual flow are also at high risk.Premature new-borns and people who donate blood very frequently can also get iron deficiency.

What can interfere with body’s iron absorption?

Certain chronic diseases and cancer can hamper iron absorption. Calcium can also reduce iron absorption in body. Vitamin C helps in iron absorption.

How will I know if my iron levels are low?

Deficiency of Iron causes iron deficiency anemia, where oxygen carrying Red Blood Cells are less in body. This is due to lack of iron. This makes you feel exhausted and breathless.

Excess deficiency of iron may also cause skin pallor, weakness, pain in chest with increased heartbeat, cold clammy extremities, sore tongue, brittle nails. Further loss of appetite or appetite for unusual things like ice, dirt may also be seen.

What to do if you suspect Iron deficiency?

Ensure enough quantities of iron rich foods for prevention of Iron deficiency in your daily diet.

Take medical opinion, few blood tests along with clinical examination will diagnose the problem. Only taking iron supplements may not help, treating the underlying cause is also important. Iron overdose can be very harmful hence self-medication must be avoided.

Homeopathy has also very good biochemical medicines which works as iron supplements without side effects. Also,Homeopathic medicines can treat the underlying disease (if any) behind iron deficiency anemia from its roots.

According to 2008 World health organization data, Anemia affects almost 25% of population. Small kids and women are at higher risk. Hence eat enough iron and secure good health for you and your family!

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5 Healthy resolutions to kick start your new year!

2021: A new year with new hope and aspirations. With every coming new year, we except so much from ourselves and make resolutions; but we hardly keep all of them till year end. Last year we were hit by pandemic which affected every life in some or other way.We had encountered many things which we never expected like worldwide lockdown, health care crisis, great loss to economy & race to develop vaccines.

One most important thing that 2020 taught us, is need of better healthcare. And message was clear-health comes first, hence let’s pledge to make ourselves healthier this coming new year. Without much hardcore resolutions, let us make simple and effective resolutions which we can commit to stick.


Food is the fuel of the body and for a healthy body what we eat is most important to build immunity.

Eat balanced diet and chemical free food. Eat lots of fresh and seasonal fruits & vegetables.

Occasionally treating yourself with favourite foods is more likely to control cravings but eat healthy the rest of time.

Rather than focusing on fancy diets, eat healthy foods and in moderation.

Work towards achieving healthy weight.


Corona virus is dangerous, but we all know that people hit by lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc are even more in numbers. Also, COVID infections are more dangerous in people with these diseases.

Exercise daily, practice yoga or do whatever exercise you prefer but stay active. Sit less walk more.

Reduce screen time, spend time outdoors, enjoy the peaceful nature.

Quit smoking and drinking.

Take stairs whenever possible. Walk to short distance rather than using vehicle.


Laugh more: Laughing releases healthy hormones in body. So sometimes like a child laugh without any reason & you will feel happy. Try it!

Think positive and try to worry less: Train your mind to think positive first, block negative thoughts and worry; gradually this will become a habit and brain will automatically trigger positive thoughts first.

Family time: Spend quality time with family, friends and your kids. Stay in touch with your loved ones. This time will be the best memories for you & for them. Good time spend makes you stress free and prevents many lifestyle diseases.


Pamper yourself occasionally: Give yourself a relaxing day or enjoy activity you love without worrying for anything. Visit places you love, enjoy a good head or body massage or simply sit at balcony with hot tea every morning for 10 minutes to rejuvenates your inner self.

Give and take: Volunteer some help or your skill to the less privileged and take immense self-satisfaction and happiness. The content from helping others relieves your stress too.

Spend time at parks: Sometimes be a child and play with small kids at parks. Be childish, play silly games; this makes you stress free and healthier.

Forgiveness: This new year try to forgive people who hurt you and focus on healthier and happier tomorrow.

Stay away from too much social media: Cut back on your phone time. Spend time with real people.

Sleep at least 8 hours.

Travel at least once a year to a destination of your choice.


And most importantly, we all know prevention is better than cure. A timely check-up can save you so many complications. Choose health and get a complete body check-up once a year.

With these simple 5 resolutions you not only prevent yourself from physical diseases but ensure mental health too. If anytime you slip on the resolutions, no problem, do not get demotivate, get up and start again tomorrow. Failures are part of life, everyone experiences it, but the goal should be to learn from it & rise again. Do not let failures become setback.

Corona virus is mutating rapidly with news of new strain from many countries. Hence this new year to stay healthy, lets follow rules of social distance, mask and sanitizing as new normal.


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Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Well let’s start this blog with good wishes for Christmas and the New Year! May this holiday season bringhappiness and prosperity.

Holiday season means gatherings, fun, family and food. Good laugh and nice food with family is the essence of holidays. Lots of food and bonding over food is the motto!

However, amidst the fun, we forget to look after what we are eating. This affects our metabolism, leads to weight gain and many more issues. How about we devour delicious foods without regret? Here are some pro tips for healthy eating this holiday season:

Choose healthy:

 While planning food menus include healthy foods as starters and add salads. They will fill your tummy so,you will be less likely to eat junk.

 If you are hosting parties, choose option of baking over deep frying.

 Use natural sugars like jaggery, honey instead of white sugar in desserts. Use whole wheat grains instead of refined carbohydrates wherever possible.

 Modify recipes to make them heart healthy. Your family will love this thoughtfulness. For example use yogurt replacing mayonnaise or cheese; use fruits for natural sweetness and decorations instead of sauces.

 Avoid keeping chips, nuggets as starters; rather use roasted dry fruits, fox nut, grilled veggie cutlets as options.

 Keep lots of games, dancing, and other fun activities to engage and use the calories.

Shopping before parties:

 Use ingredients labels as guide while shopping for groceries before parties. Avoid trans fats, hidden sugar and fried items as far as possible. Choose healthier variants.

 Avoid going shopping on empty stomach. People tend to buy unnecessary while hungry.

Attending parties:

 Focus on fun & socialization and not on food.

 Avoid standing or sitting near food counters.

 Do not over stack your plate. Take small portions and properly chew food. Take your time to eat, be mindful and conscious of every bite you are taking. Eating slowly gives more sense of fullness.

 Avoid skipping meals while anticipating feasts, this will do more harm. Eat some nuts or healthy snacks before going to parties.

 Drink more water; avoid sugary drinks and too much alcohol.

 Never consume alcohol on empty stomach.

 Eat your favourite food first. Let your body enjoy your craving but the key is to eat and savour slowly, to avoid overeating. Eating healthy foods first, leaves small space for unhealthy foods.

 Do not eat very late, try to maintain your dinner schedule.

 Eat early and take a walk after eating.

 Avoid very high fat food, sugary foods; if you really need to, then watch your portion and cut back on other carbohydrates. Key is the balance.

 Listen to your body cues, when you feel full, it’s time to stop.

The next week:

 It is easy to read tips but very difficult to resist your favourites during holidays. If you cannot control your indulgence this holiday season, make sure you balance calories next week.

 Add a little more workout to your regular exercise.

 Eat very healthy for the next week. Avoid all trans fat foods and junks. Avoid alcohol

 Eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables more.

Bottom line,use balance and moderation as the tool to relish this festive season healthily and enjoy festival with friends and family. Leave all stress behind but keep mask, sanitizer and social distance in mind.

Welcome cure team wishes all the best to you and your family this festive time.

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Tips to improve your metabolism

“I just don’t understand, why it always happens to me Mama, I eat less yet gain so much weight; while look at Jenny, she eats a ton, never exercises, still she never pops up on weighing scale. I am so frustrated and disheartened”, complained Ruby to her mother.

This is something many of us wonder, but why this happens? Well, weight gain can be due to many reasons, but metabolism is a crucial determining consideration. Now what is this Metabolism and why is it so relevant?

Metabolism in simple worlds, can be explained as a complex bodily chemical process which is fundamental for all activities we perform like walking, running, breathing, food digestion, circulation etc. In a nutshell; this process keeps us alive and functional.

If you have high metabolism, you are inclined to burn more calories, therefore gaining less weight even while consuming more food.

Our metabolic rate is controlled by many aspects including gender, age, physical activity level and body type & size. BMR or basal metabolic rate is our metabolism or calories spend while at rest. Today we are sharing some pro tips to upsurge your metabolic rate:

Exercise is the mantra: It is no secret that good physical activity on daily level can improve your metabolism. Most people think exercise means running or heavy workout, but metabolism can also be enhanced with yoga, cycling, dancing, swimming, playing favourite outdoor sports too. Then why not choose what you love and give your metabolism a quick acceleration.

Change in food habits:

• Eat small quantities of food every two hours

• Have your breakfast within an hour of waking in morning

• Drink plenty of water

• Green tea, coffee, spicy foods, apple cider vinegar ginger, dark chocolates also helps in increasing metabolic rate

• Avoid sugar laden energy drinks and junk food items

• Include more proteins in your daily diet since proteins digestion is time consuming for body which gives you feeling of fullness. Add proteins like pulses, lean meat, eggs, whole grains (like brown rice), soya, sprouts

• Cut down on trans fats. Include limited amount of healthy fats like nuts

Spend time outdoors:Fresh air provides more oxygen to body and improves metabolism however in pandemic situation keep mask and social distance in mind.

Avoid prolong sitting: Pandemic has imposed work from home culture where we are inclined to spend more hours sitting at desk or on sofa. But standing helps in improving metabolism. Take regular break from work and move around.

Refreshing sleep: Eight hours of undisturbed sleep not only revitalize your body but also helps in escalating metabolism.

Stay happy and positive: If you are happy you are more likely to be active and productive, which boosts metabolism. Meditation and time spend with loved ones helps improving mood and removes stress which improves metabolism.

A good metabolic rate provides you with ample energy, better health and helps in shedding some weight too.

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5 Things That the Year 2020 Has Taught Us

The year 2020, sigh! What a year has it been? Did anyone of us, even in our wildest dream even think about it? We are sure no! Well the year 2020 has literally changed everything! There is not a single person who can say that he or he has not been affected by it in some way or the other.

For some this year has been mundane, slow and boring while for some it has been life-changing- we are talking about those who have witnessed a severe and life-threatening form of COVID-19 or those who have lost a loved one to this monstrous pandemic.

The lockdown itself has changed our perspective over ‘n’ number of things in life and has been a teacher of basic survival instincts of millions of us. And for the little more privileged class, the lockdown still has been a change from their modern, luxurious, and lavish lifestyle- giving (some of them at least) a whole new perspective about life.

As we begin the last month of this not-so good year, we thought it would be a great idea to reflect upon a few things or lessons that 2020 has taught most of us!


With 2020 we know this for sure. Nothing we see, we hold, or we plan is permanent. Things are bound to change in the blink of an eye and change in a way none of us had expected. Thus, we must know the value of right things, do them when they need to be done and let go or be a little less obsessed with things that do not matter. As we say this, we must know this too- that the bad times too, are not permanent. So, let us not get all gloomy and sad over how bad this year has been, let us look forward to a new year and a new start with a positive mindset.


While the entire world went into a lockdown, we could barely move out of the house- we saw a lot of things that changed. The entire work-place scenario changed- millions of offices switched asked their employees to work from home and a lot of them continued to do so. A lot of business structures collapsed as they could not fit into this ‘new-normal’ and some businesses who could innovate or be flexible enough to change- survived. It just makes us learn one simple thing- accepting change, adapting to it, being flexible in our thoughts is the key to survive. If we are stuck over our old ideas and principles, we cannot expect to reach new paradigms in life.


This is an age old saying, but however it implies perfectly to the year 2020. Learn to take advantage or use any situation to your advantage. It must be challenging at first but gets better when you form a habit out of it. Instead of panicking, losing hope or feeling like it is the end of the world, find at least one thing even in the worst possible situation that you can use for your advantage.


No other year has taught us gratefulness than 2020 has! Be grateful for the air you breathe, be grateful for the house you live in, be grateful for the food you eat and be grateful for the job you have. We are blessed and incredibly lucky to belong to a privileged class who could manage to stay safely, indoors and have food on our tables everyday despite the entire pandemic crisis. Let us take a moment and be grateful for all that we have and let us also use our position of privilege to help those who do not have access to all these things.


Life is precious, and we know it more than ever in the year 2020. We have seen the world crumble into pieces for those who have lost their hale, hearty, and healthy loved ones to this pandemic- only making us realize how precious and fragile life is! So, value life, go check up on your neighbor or your parents, your friend or whoever it is that you have not heard from in a couple of days. Give yourself and encourage others to spend some quality time with their loved ones, create memories and cherish them forever.

Here is hoping that 2021 shall be a way better year than this, sending each one heaps of love, laughter, and good health!


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Everything you Need to Know about Winter Skincare

Winters are here, there is a nip in the air. Most of us love this weather as it makes us want to be in our favourite blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate and our favourite book.

However, winters can be a big issue for most of us. Winters bring dryness with them and can take away moisture from your skin.

Dry skin is sensitive and is prone to damage from the sun and all other external irritants. Dry skin can easily lead to sunburns, rashes and even acne!

So today, we are here to tell you everything that there is- to protect your skin this winter.

• Cut Down Shower Time and Temperature

Long, steamy showers may be tempting, but your skin will be much better with a 5- to 10-minute lukewarm shower (or bath).Also avoid using excessively hot water when washing your hands. Washing your hands in cooler water is less irritating to skin and if you’re using a restroom air hand-dryer, only continue till your hands are damp than perfectly dry.

• Choose for Gentle, Fragrance-Free Cleansers

Soaps can aggravate itchy, dry skin. Look for a wash that is fragrance-free, moisturizing cleanser or gel. You can also stay away from winter skin problems by using less soap overall, so limit soap use to necessary areas, such as your hands, armpits, genitals, and feet.

• Alter Your Facial Skin-Care Regimen for the Winter

Use cream-based cleansers, and stay away from toners and astringents. For your night routine, use a richer moisturizer on your face.And do not forget your lips. Applying a moisturizing balm (such as petroleum jelly or another ointment) can help heal dry, cracked lips, and keep them from getting chapped.

• Control Thermostat to Avoid Dryness

Don’t go all ballistic and just crank up the heat! But Heat can make the air in your house even drier. Set it at a cool yet comfortable setting to maintain the moisture in the skin

• Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

During winters adding foods or supplements that contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids, such as fish oil and flax seed oil help for the most part, however, it is also important to help the skin moisturize from the outside.”

• Apply Sunscreen — Yes Even During Winter Days

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, on bright winter days, snow reflects the sun’s rays up to 80 percent and it can increase your risk of exposure. So simply putting it you’re out, playing in the snow, or just walking for an errand run, it’s just as important to be applying sunscreen. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s harmful UV rays can permeate clouds and still cause damage.Apply a moisturizing, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to all exposed areas of your body two times a day.

• Wear Comfortable,Clothing

A lot of cold-weather fabrics can aggravate dry winter skin. Stay away from rough woollen and synthetic winter clothing. Protect your hands from cold winter air with gloves or mittens, keeping in mind to choose a pair that will not irritate your skin. If you prefer wool gloves, you can choose to put on cotton or silk glove liners first.

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Why Should You Choose Homoeopathy for Your Family?

Homoeopathy– the first word it comes to your mind is for treating chronic problems. Or problems that will take a long time to heal.

Well we are here to bust this myth today, Homoeopathy Is the most gentle, most natural and the best way to give all your problems a log term solution. Shocked to know why?

Homoeopathy gives best relief if acute aches and aces crams, stiffness, injuries, joint related problems and what not. Homoeopathy is also suitable for migraines, gallstone pains, loose motions and everything that requires immediate attention.

So why is there a myth that Homeopathy is slow?

When you are treating a long-standing disease like Diabetes or High blood Pressure, which has lasted in the body for all more 30 years, you cannot expect similar changes in almost a month or 10 days. A disease that is this deep rooted will take at least a period of 6 months or one year. It does’ make a disease slow it just some time to clear it off the system.

Homeoapthy medicine for your family.

Homeopathy has solution for all your long term illnesses.


Pregnancy is a journey of its own. A woman has to go through a series of changes in her body as well as mind. Most of the women have anxiety during pregnancy and slight discomfort during pregnancy is normal. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in every woman’s life and maximum women these days have opted for Homoeopathy in case they face any issue during pregnancy. This is due to the reason that all the other’s want to carry out a smooth pregnancy and abstain themselves from using harmful medications that can be injurious for them as well as their baby. Such precautions related to medications are taken care of especially during first trimester.

As far as Homoeopathy is concerned, it offers least or no aggravations and you can easily rely on Homoeopathic medicines for healthy and stress free pregnancy. Homoeopathic medicines are well known to stimulate your immune system & heal it. If you have decided to go for Homoeopathic treatment then you must consult your Homoeopath at the very early stage of pregnancy as your doctor will be able to treat you the right way from the very beginning and the chance of error will be least. At the same time you can avoid the toxic effect of other harmful medications that can harm you as well as your developing baby in the womb. In this blog, you will acknowledge yourself with the main pregnancy related issues that a woman may face since conceiving up to the delivery.


There are different modes of treatment among which Homeopathy is one of the most frequently used complementary & alternative treatments across the whole world. Homeopathy can be very useful for the elderly as it fulfills all the criteria required for being an ideal system of medicine for geriatric or old age care. We know very well that Homeopathy treats patients holistically and is specific to the every individual. It is worthwhile to say that Homeopathy is a safe, effective & a scientific system of medicine.

Homeopathy has least chances of adverse effects as compared to the conventional treatment. Although few homeopathic medicines tend to produce an energetic reaction after the first dose of indicated remedy which may cause worsening of symptoms in hypersensitive individuals but conventional medicines cause much more severe side effects in the form of allergic reactions, gastric disturbances & dizziness.

Homeopathy enhances the immunity and resistance power of the body. Our immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues and organs that destroy the disease-causing agents such as bacteria, virus etc. and protect our body from various infections. Slowly and gradually, as the body ages, our immune system deteriorates and tends to catch common infectious disease very easily. Therefore, especially for elderly, homeopathy offers an incredible benefit of increasing body’s resistance power as an ideal & permanent cure.


Our children are fragile and need some help to boost your immunity in a natural way. Homeopathic medicines ensure to do the same by enhancing your baby’s immune system

Besides Homoeopathy comes greatly handy when it comes to common troubles of your baby like feeding difficulties, aches and pains, teething troubles and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Have you tried Homoeopathy for your family?

Do nor not miss out on good health.

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World Pneumonia Day &Management of Pneumonia

World Pneumonia Day is observed on November 12 to create awareness about pneumonia. This is a preventable& treatable disease but may cause death mostly in children below 5 yrs of age. Firstly, let us gain some information about Pneumonia.

Our lungs are composed of plenty of elastic air sacs. Pneumonia is an infectious disease in which air sacs get inflamed resulting in lower functionality of your lungs. Pneumonia can be caused by:

• Bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infection. Due to this, air sacs are filled with fluid resulting in cough, dyspnoea or may be fever with shivering.

• This infection can easily occur on contact with an infected person through droplets with sneezing or coughing.

What are the symptoms of Pneumonia?

Most cases of Pneumonia are preceded by an upper respiratory tract infection or flu like symptoms i.e. throat pain, sneezing, nose running, slight cough and fever.

In individuals with weak immunity or those who do not receive proper treatment for the upper respiratory tract infection, this can develop further and lead to infection travelling down to the lungs leading to Pneumonia.

Pneumonia is generally accompanied with:

- High grade fever – temperature 101 deg.f. and above

- Cough- which could be dry initially and then turns productive later (with phlegm)

- Expectoration with cough (phlegm) that can be white, yellowish, or red in colour

- It is accompanied by a general sense of unwell being, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite

- In severe cases it can also lead to difficulty in breathing and drop in the blood oxygen levels requiring additional oxygen support.

Most people who have a good immunity can recover from Pneumonia within a week. In people who have an underlying disease or are immuno-compromised Pneumonia can lead to life-threatening complications. As a rule, Pneumonia in children below the age of 1 and in adults over 60 must be taken seriously and treated promptly.

World Pneumonia day focuses on the following points:

• Pneumonia can belief-threatening infection in children within 5 yrs of age. Hence, the objective is to spread its awareness & prevention.

• Promote awareness among the donors to assist in the fight against the disease.

• Collect the additional support required for Pneumonia.

• Spreading the information to common people, healthcare workers etc.

World Pneumonia Day has the following approach:

• Protection: The protection against pneumonia should be initiated since birth along with breastfeeding for at least 1st 6 months of age. The child must be fed with healthy nutrition to promote strong immunity that can protect from the disease.

• Prevention: Vaccines may prevent the severe forms of pneumonia. Along with this, healthy habits like handwashing, availability of fresh water& air can help in prevention of pneumonia.

• Treatment: Early diagnosis with proper intervention may improve the prognosis & speed up the recovery. In case of late diagnosis, the prognosis can be poor.The aim of this organisation is to stop death of children from pneumonia.

Homoeopathy for COVID-19 Pneumonia:

Homeopathy has a great scope in dealing with cases such as Pneumonia. During this threatening COVID-19 pandemic,demand for Homeopaths from all over the world has increased a lot. Homeopathy is the most natural, safe, economical &effective way of treating Pneumonia. It can very efficiently speed up the recovery time without any side effects or aggravation to the patient.

According to few researches, the mortality under conventional treatment was about 50%. Homeopathic remedies have been used on a large scale for flu-like symptoms globally. Homoeopathy when started at the early stages of Pneumonia, makes sure to cut short the disease process, reduces the recovery time and reduces the rates of complications associated with Pneumonia.

Homeopathy is one of the best alternative treatments that you can opt for Pneumonia etc. during COVID pandemic. This treatment should always be carried out along with other managements as suggested by your Homeopath. It is important to be aware of the symptoms and early diagnosis & treatment with Homeopathy will not only treat the disease but also strengthen your immune system.

At the end it is important to understand that Pneumonia is a condition that should only be treated with the guidance of qualified medical professional and not just with the help of Home remedies as it increases the chances of complications.

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Tips for Coping Stress and Depression during the Holiday Season

Have you been struggling with stress or depression? These have become so common nowadays and may ruin your holidays or affect your health. You can easily overcome this situation by adopting few techniques discussed below that will shed off all your stress & depression.

You always find yourself engaged during holiday season. It is often crowded with unwanted guests and you get busy serving their demands like cooking food, cleaning the mess, entertaining them, gossiping, shopping and many more. In case COVID-19 has affected your city majorly, then it may bring you an additional stress. These stress are usually connected to your & your closed ones health. All your trip plans have cancelled due to the pandemic. And this makes you feel sad and anxious. Now in order to cope up with such situation you need to follow certain tips that will make you enjoy your holidays more than you have ever thought of.

1. Understand your feelings: If anyhow your family member or loved one has died then in such case you must console yourself with the feeling that it is obvious to be sad & absolutely fine to give yourself some time in order to come out of the situation. Just don’t pretend to be happy with inner grief to enjoy the holiday season.

2. Connect with people: In case you go through loneliness, just go out and join some social events or communities. Most of them provide you with online support groups & companionship. You can also relieve your stress during holidays by talking to your friends, family members via phone calls or video chats. You can utilize your time by helping others voluntarily which will boost your spirit and confidence.

3. Accept the real: You can’t expect your holidays to be the same as it used to be the previous year. You must evolve according to the situation. Stop holding on to the old ones and create new. If your relatives visit your home, you can explore new ways to celebrate with them like taking family photos together, sharing them or creating some memorable videos.

4. Set your differences aside: Remove all the negative feelings and accept your surroundings as they are. It’s not necessary for everyone to live up to your expectations. Keep your differences aside, discuss your matters and try to solve them. Try to understand others point of view and be ready for different opinions. As it may be obvious for them too to go through the holiday stress & depression.

5. Spend money carefully: Once you have decided to shop for food & gifts, just make a list and check whether the expenses are in your budget. Don’t spend your money when your pocket doesn’t allow. Remember that you can’t buy happiness with money. You can also opt for following alternatives:

A) Try to give some creative and homemade gift.

B) Give charity if possible.

6. Prepare your plans: Plan your time for shopping, spending time with friends, cooking etc. Prepare a list of things that you want to purchase. This will assist you in smooth shopping and there will be no item left behind. Also fix time for cooking meals & cleaning.

7. It’s ok to say no: Always affirming to things you want to say no ca brings a feeling of anger or resentful. Your friends & co-workers can very well understand whether you are comfortable in a situation or not. As you can’t be always perfect or available for each and every project. Consider situations where you can’t say no, then you can just replace that work with some other.

8. Stick to your healthy habits: Give some time to your healthy diet and exercise from your daily routine. Overwork only adds extra stress to your life.

You can try out following healthy habits:

Have healthy snacks before your meals to avoid excess of sweets or junk food.

Consume healthy meals.

Get enough sleep.

Include regular physical exercise.

Go for meditation or yoga.

Avoid excess use of stimulants.

9. Take a break: Take out some time to indulge in your favorite hobby. This will not only reduce your stress but also restore your inner calmness. You can take small walks at night, listen to music, or read books.

Don’t let this holiday season go worthless and stressful. Include the above tips to your lifestyle & prevent your stress & depression. Recognize your stress factors and combat them before they overrule you. With such small steps and well planned routine, you can easily enjoy your holidays.

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PMS Simplified and Explained!

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is a common condition affecting most of the menstruating women nowadays. Usually PMS manifest itself in the form of abdominal cramps, bloating, headache, migraine & mood swings. In case you find one or more of these symptoms then you might be going through PMS. Globally, about half of the females of reproductive age are facing PMS. It may vary from mild symptoms to severe pains that may affect their daily life which is a subject of concern.

Generally, PMS is common among menstruating women but it is acceptable only to a point where the symptoms are bearable and don’t affect their routine life. You need to know everything about your body, its functions and especially your menstrual cycles. You can manage your PMS much better if you are aware of the triggering factors that aggravate your symptoms and the appropriate management to get rid of them.

Let us first throw some light on what PMS exactly is. Basically, it shows group of symptoms that often initiate a week before your menses. And these usually get over after few days of menstrual discharge, as this is the time when your hormonal levels begin to rise again.PMS being so common that 3 in 4 women experience 1 or more symptoms related to it.

There can be several triggering factors for PMS such as stressful life, age, family history, depression, lifestyle etc.

PMS can vary from one woman to other as few of them experience only physical symptoms; few manifest it as emotional symptoms, while some experience the both. You may also find that few of them experience none of the physical or emotional symptoms. Severity of symptoms also depend on the life situation of the women as at some point of time they experience PMS while at the other point of time they go on with their periods without any symptom.

Most common physical symptoms during PMS can be:

1. Breast tenderness/ swelling

2. Muscular/ Joint pains

3. Cramps

4. Constipation/ Diarrhoea

5. Bloating

6. Headache

7. Pimples

8. Certain food cravings

9. Awkwardness

Most common mental/emotional PMS symptoms that you can find are:

a) Irritation

b) Mood swings

c) Anxiety

d) Stress

e) Depression

f) Weeping

g) Insomnia

h) Loss of libido

How can you self diagnose that you are going through PMS? If you notice the following symptoms then for sure you are dealing with PMS:

1) Symptoms starting somewhere 5 days prior to your periods for 3 consecutive menstrual cycles.

2) Symptoms get over within 4 days after your menses have started.

3) Symptoms preventing you to perform you daily activities.

Managements and lifestyle changes that you can adapt to ease your PMS symptoms are:

1. Cardiac exercises like jogging, dancing etc. will remove your depression, fatigue&enhance your focus.

2. Restricting diet like intake of sugar, salt, caffeine, dairy products etc.

3. Include healthy carbs like oats in your diet which may improve your mood swings.

4. Enough sleep of 6 to 8 hours per day.

5. Stress management:You can go for yoga or meditation to ease your emotional upsets.

6. Quit smoking as it worsens your PMS symptoms

If you are still experiencing severe PMS symptoms after trying all the above managements, you can seek for professional help.Your doctor will suggest you the best advice and medications that you need, just be sure that you share every minute symptom with your doctor.

We hope now you are completely aware about the basic facts of PMS and dealing with them to lead a normal and productive life.

For your health queries, health treatment options, expert doctor guidance or visit our treatment portal, Welcome Cure.

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