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Mar 25, 2021

About 60% of human body is made up of water. Our blood is 90% water. Water is life and it is true in every sense. Water helps in maintaining body temperature, drains out toxins and also helps in proper organ functioning.

We get our water from consuming simple water, flavored water drinks, beverages like tea, coffee, milk, and also from food (in small quantities). Babies less than six months get their water from breast milk and do not need additional water. We adults need about 6-8 cups of water a day, out of which around 20% comes from food. However, required amount also depends from person to person with their physical activity, environment and temperature they live in and health conditions. In certain diseases, person is advised to drink less water.

1. Drink enough water and be more physically active :

It is not any hidden fact that staying hydrated is very optimal for daily functioning of human beings. Since blood is 90% water, water is also indirectly helping in oxygenation of full body. We need water for proper cell functioning and temperature regulation by sweating. Sweating keeps body cool and prevents overheating. At the same time, sweating excessively causes water loss and should be replenished with adequate water intake. Water increases our strength, stamina and tolerance for physical and mental activities.

2. Prevents dehydration :

Dehydration can be a serious consequence of losing only 2% of total body water. Dehydration can lead to:

 Kidney malfunctioning and failure

 Hypotension (low blood pressure)

 Brain damage: Poor cognitive skills, mood changes, memory loss, brain swelling (oedema), seizures

 Fatigue

 Hormonal imbalance

 Electrolyte imbalance

3. Water forms crucial part of body fluids:

Water is main composition of many body fluids like saliva, urine. Saliva keeps mouth germ free and helps in chewing food. We lose water through every bodily activity like perspiration, breathing, exercise, urine, defecation and need to replace that with adequate water consumption.

4. Water removes toxins out:

Through sweating, urine, stools water flushes out all the toxins from body and maintains health.

5. Water is your partner for exercise schedule:

Optimum water intake prevents dehydration due to lose of water from fierce workouts. Enough water levels enhance your physical performance as well.

6. Water for joints:

Water also helps in preventing joint complications and diseases by adequately lubricating joints.

7. Water for brain health:

Enough water consumption may prevent brain functions disturbances. Many studies have showed that even minor dehydration is capable to alter brain functioning and cause brain damage. If, you are not adequately hydrated, you may fall prey to headaches, mood disturbances, anxiety , migraines etc. Being adequately hydrated prevents fatigue, memory loss and mood changes and improve cognitive skills.

8. Water for smooth gut functioning and nutrients absorption and distribution:

We all are aware how; low water intake can cause stools to dry up leading to constipation. Low water consumption is frequent reason, seen in all age groups behind decreased bowel movements and hard stools. Not only for constipation but water is very vital for digestion and absorption of all essential nutrients from the food we consume and their transportation to various body parts. Water prevents reflux disorders and ulceration of stomach mucosa.

9. Water for healthy kidneys:

Drinking less water may cause concentrated urine which is associated with increased risk of kidney stone formation. There is mineral crystallization due to concentrated urine. Low water intake is also associated with increased risk of recurrence of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

10. Water for healthy skin

Water helps to keep skin hydrated, toned and healthy. It promotes skin repairing and reduces damages. Also adequate water delays premature ageing of skin and wrinkling.

11. Water to combat hangover:

Since alcohol is a known diuretic, it can result in quick water loss; it may cause dehydration. Dehydration may result in headaches and hangovers. Make sure to stay well hydrated to prevent hangover after having a drink party.

12. Water for healthy weight:

Water helps improving metabolism. If, you are on weight loss spree drink enough water to boost your metabolism. Also if, you have a glass of water before meals, it can give you a sense of fullness and you are less likely to fill yourself with too much food. This results in weight loss with time.

With a hectic lifestyle and highly busy schedule we often forget to drink enough water. Certain tips may help you:

 Always understand your body cues and never ignore them. If, you feel thirsty, pause your work and drink water first. Never overlook your body needs and prioritize work over health.

 Carry water with you. If, you have a handy water bottle, it is less likely that you will ignore your thirst.

 In extreme hot weather over summers keep trail of your urine color and output. If, you feel urine is darker or less, just drink some water.

 If still not able to keep track of water intake, take help of digital era. There are many apps which reminds you to drink water regularly and keep track of water intake.

 You get daily water requirement not only from plain water but also from juices, soups, beverages, salads, fruits, vegetables etc. However, avoid soda, sweetened carbonated drinks which give no nutrition but only empty calories.

 Avoid alcohol and too much of caffeine which are diuretics.

In nutshell, adequate water intake is vital for life functioning and prevention of many health complications. Water is the best option to prevent dehydration and maintain health.

Water is the cheapest, easily available and humble health tonic. Every drop of water ensures health!

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