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Do not let negative thoughts pull you down!

Jan 21, 2021
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Research shows that an average human being has around 70000 thoughts each day, many of which are repetitions. Well so much work by our brain hence no wonder it needs 20% of body’s oxygen and energy while weighing only 1500 grams.

Dwelling on negative thoughts is so common we often forget they are just thoughts; rather they appear like a dark monster that will eat us alive. Gradually they become toxic, but we hardly notice them till they start to affect our daily functioning.

It all starts with failures or setbacks in life, when these negative thoughts start to creep in our mind.

Now, what are the common negative thoughts we are likely to experience?

 I am a looser. I am to be blamed for all misery

 I am good for nothing, no one cares about me

 What if I cannot do it?

 I think I will always be remained doomed

 I am full of bad luck

 I am not worthy of anything, I am a disgrace to my family

 Something bad will happen

 I will do everything wrong……………………………..and the list goes on

Negative thoughts, if not stopped timely can push you deeper in black somber hole where depression, anxieties and other psychiatric disorders start to overwhelm you. We need to stop these negative thoughts fast and in effective manner. Let’s explore some experts’ tips for abolishing negative thoughts-

Train your mind to divert negative thoughts

Mind is very powerful, but it can be manipulated for inducing only positive thoughts for greater good with training.

• Make a habit to recognize your negative thoughts immediately and question them. Ask yourself what good will become on dwelling such thoughts?

• Will these thoughts solve my problems or will make my situation better?

• Live in the moment. Do not plan so much ahead in life that it over shadows your present.

• Be kind and caring to others. Try volunteering your time and skills with people less privileged than you.

• Be grateful for what you have.

• Plan your day ahead. Keep yourself busy with enough recreations. Experts believed that average time we can concentrate is 90 minutes after that our mind starts wandering. So, take frequent breaks. During breaks do not sit idle but look out of window. Focus on minuscule details on window view and you will not have time for negative thoughts!

Do not dwell on negative thoughts

 Whenever such thoughts come up, just make yourself focus on present, get busy with some hobby or talk to someone about happy things.

 Some people find even simple house hold chores or painting very calming. Try different things and find your rescue.

 Focus on sound, lights, shadows, smells, environment around you. Notice their minute details and your negative thoughts will be vanished!

 Avoid dwelling on past mistakes and focus on future

Practice meditation and breathing exercises

Focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out and focus on the air coming in and out. Meditation and yoga are known to be very peaceful for mind.

Bid toxic people or relationships good-bye

• Negativity can be an outcome of any people’s comment, who wants to bring you down. Whether it is people or social media; probe deep, if negativity is creeping into your life from them; it’s time to put it to an end.

• Stop paying attention to ‘what other people will say’. It might be difficult in beginning but gradually with little effort it will help.

• Keep positive people surrounding you both in real and virtual world& you will be overflowed with optimism.

Self- love

• One of the major reasons of negative thoughts is self-contempt. Thinking you are good for nothing generates self-hatred and negative thoughts.

• Do what makes you happy. Live the life the way you want to.

• Do not depend on other people for staying happy. Pamper yourself once a while. Read good motivational books.

• Care for your body and soul. Do regular exercise and take regular outdoor walks. Observing the nature helps us understand that ‘change is the rule of nature’. We must remember whatever bad situations we are in now, will also pass and time will change.

• Exhaustion and hunger make your will power weak, hence eat healthy and rest well.

Seek help

Sharing your feelings with loved ones help a great deal. Your brain feels less clouded with thoughts and you have a clear vision and perspective. Sometimes talking about your thoughts helps you understand where these thoughts are generating from and what can you do about it.

If this does not help, never hesitate to take professional help.

So, now re-boot your life with new ray of positivity.

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