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5 Things That the Year 2020 Has Taught Us
Dec 3, 2020

The year 2020, sigh! What a year has it been? Did anyone of us, even in our wildest dream even think about it? We are sure no! Well the year 2020 has literally changed everything! There is not a single person who can say that he or he has not been affected by it in some way or the other.

For some this year has been mundane, slow and boring while for some it has been life-changing- we are talking about those who have witnessed a severe and life-threatening form of COVID-19 or those who have lost a loved one to this monstrous pandemic.

The lockdown itself has changed our perspective over ‘n’ number of things in life and has been a teacher of basic survival instincts of millions of us. And for the little more privileged class, the lockdown still has been a change from their modern, luxurious, and lavish lifestyle- giving (some of them at least) a whole new perspective about life.

As we begin the last month of this not-so good year, we thought it would be a great idea to reflect upon a few things or lessons that 2020 has taught most of us!


With 2020 we know this for sure. Nothing we see, we hold, or we plan is permanent. Things are bound to change in the blink of an eye and change in a way none of us had expected. Thus, we must know the value of right things, do them when they need to be done and let go or be a little less obsessed with things that do not matter. As we say this, we must know this too- that the bad times too, are not permanent. So, let us not get all gloomy and sad over how bad this year has been, let us look forward to a new year and a new start with a positive mindset.


While the entire world went into a lockdown, we could barely move out of the house- we saw a lot of things that changed. The entire work-place scenario changed- millions of offices switched asked their employees to work from home and a lot of them continued to do so. A lot of business structures collapsed as they could not fit into this ‘new-normal’ and some businesses who could innovate or be flexible enough to change- survived. It just makes us learn one simple thing- accepting change, adapting to it, being flexible in our thoughts is the key to survive. If we are stuck over our old ideas and principles, we cannot expect to reach new paradigms in life.


This is an age old saying, but however it implies perfectly to the year 2020. Learn to take advantage or use any situation to your advantage. It must be challenging at first but gets better when you form a habit out of it. Instead of panicking, losing hope or feeling like it is the end of the world, find at least one thing even in the worst possible situation that you can use for your advantage.


No other year has taught us gratefulness than 2020 has! Be grateful for the air you breathe, be grateful for the house you live in, be grateful for the food you eat and be grateful for the job you have. We are blessed and incredibly lucky to belong to a privileged class who could manage to stay safely, indoors and have food on our tables everyday despite the entire pandemic crisis. Let us take a moment and be grateful for all that we have and let us also use our position of privilege to help those who do not have access to all these things.


Life is precious, and we know it more than ever in the year 2020. We have seen the world crumble into pieces for those who have lost their hale, hearty, and healthy loved ones to this pandemic- only making us realize how precious and fragile life is! So, value life, go check up on your neighbor or your parents, your friend or whoever it is that you have not heard from in a couple of days. Give yourself and encourage others to spend some quality time with their loved ones, create memories and cherish them forever.

Here is hoping that 2021 shall be a way better year than this, sending each one heaps of love, laughter, and good health!


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