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Burning Ancestral Blockages

Aug 5, 2021
Keeva Dagg
Core Spirit member since Aug 4, 2021
Reading time 3 min.

How relaxed would you feel if I told you that your behavioural patterns are not your fault? When I soaked that realisation in, I literally felt this deep tension within my physical body melt. I was carrying heavy judgement for my actions. Thinking they were wrong and harmful because they were not supporting me in creating the life of my dreams. This hindered the process of me expanding into all I wished to create because I was not in a receptive state.

Judgement and guilt are emotions that shut us off from the supply of abundance that the universe wishes to share with us. We are worthy of physical, energetic, and spiritual abundance in life for no other reason than we are living. It is a birth right. We can stop that flow by being hard on ourselves and sitting in those negative energies. Becoming aware of these aspects of my life, I was drawn down the path of understanding what ancestral ties were.

My first experience of ancestral ties came from giving birth. Within my womb space I experienced energies that did not feel like mine. The whole birthing experience felt like it was connected to something larger than just my lifetime. From this I felt called to explore and I asked the universe to show me the way. It led me to my grandmother. Three weeks of solo time with my maternal grandmother manifested and the stories began to flow.

I heard about the womb traumas and patterns that had been going on for generations. The dots were connecting more and more with each story that she told. I could see it in my choice of partner, my relationship with my womb, and my fears in life. There were so many similarities and crossovers with these people who I had never met. Taking it back to anatomy and physiology supported me in breathing into this topic and coming to a level of understanding.

We are all born through women and each women’s body has experiences which are essentially energy. The DNA from the mother and father are packed with life experiences. What happens in life changes us and we pass that on to the next generation which is evolution at its essence. So, there I was with the reverberation of all of these people’s experiences. That awareness gave me perspective which led to a melting of self-judgement.

I could see from that standpoint that I was gifted an array of things and now in my life, I got to decide what I wanted to keep. Hearing the stories built my awareness, as well as creating a deep connection with my physical body. I started to train myself to question my relationship to things in life. Looking at how I handled money, what kind of men I attracted, and how I envisaged my life playing out.

It felt like I was discovering two distinct parts of myself. One was the human version that had these ties to ancestors and the other was my soul that was in this body for the life journey. My soul wants independence, self-sufficiency, and freedom to express myself. My body tells me that I need to rely on a man for stability, expressing myself is dangerous, and being a woman means I am vulnerable. A perfect contrast to manifest growth and evolution in my lifetime.

I use fire to burn the stories that I no longer wish to continue in my life. Through a burning ceremony, I get clear in writing out the pattern that I have become aware of in myself that I no longer desire to carry with me. I then read out the pattern and my wish to release it while looking at myself in the mirror. Followed by setting it alite and watching it burn to ashes in a bowl in front of me. To complete the ceremony, I place the ashes in the earth.

You are not what you have been gifted. Allow yourself to relax knowing that you are not the sole creator of the life you see around you. There are many patterns feeding into those manifestations. Where your power lies is in your level of awareness of what is manifesting in your life. The more aware you are, the more choices your can make. Deciding what ancestral gifts you want to keep and which you would like to burn way.

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