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Theta healing Basic DNA Online Course

$540 USD
$540 USD

Start The Journey To Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities With Theta Healing Basic DNA Course Online!
This Is For You If…
⇒ You Allow Positive Changes To Come Into Your Life
⇒ You Want To Create An Extraordinary Life For Yourself And People Around You
⇒ You Want To Heal Your Mind/Body/Soul
⇒ You Want To Change The Impossible Into Possible
⇒ You Feel Stuck In Life And You Need More Clarity
⇒ You Want To Attract The Most Compatible Soul Mate
⇒ You Want To Find Your True Life Purpose
⇒ You Are A Business Owner And Want To Expand Or You Want To Start A New Business

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Downsell Rd, London E15 2BS, UK

Mihaela is a mother of three wonderful boys(her motivation).
Her passion is to empower others to connect with their inner power and to awaken their potential by breaking through their comfort zone so they can live a wonderful life in divine abundance!
In addition to this, she is a *Spiritual Healer, Theta Healing® Instructor, Intuitive Relationship Coach and Manifesting Miracles mentor.

On Core Spirit since March 2021

Mihaela Gordan
Why Your Inner Circle Is Important and How to Keep It Positive

You are the five people you spend the most time with.
You are the books you read and the movies you watch.
You are what you eat and how often you move your body.
You are your thoughts and your emotions.
All of these things shape who you are, how you show up in the world, and what kind of an impact you have on those around you.

Your inner circle is important because it shapes everything about you. The people you spend your time with, the things you consume, and your thought patterns all influence the person that you become.
It's important to be intentional about who and what you allow into your inner circle because those things will have a direct impact on your life.

If you want to live a positive, happy, and fulfilling life, it's important to keep your inner circle positive, too. Here's how:

  1. Surround Yourself With People Who Believe In You
    It's so important to surround yourself with people who believe in you, even when (and especially when) you don't believe in yourself. When you're doubting yourself, your friends and family should be there to pick you up and remind you of how great you are—because they see greatness in you even when you don't see it in yourself. Seek out relationships with people who make you feel good about yourself, and who build you up instead of tearing you down.

  2. Spend Time With People Who Make You Laugh & Who Bring Joy Into Your Life
    Life is too short to spend time with people who don't make us happy. Spending time with family and friends should be a joyous occasion—something we look forward to instead of something that feels like a chore. If someone consistently brings negative energy into your life or doesn't make an effort to make spending time together enjoyable, they might not be worth keeping around. Instead, focus on filling your life with people who make spending time together fun and easy—people who make you laugh until your stomach hurts and bring joy into every interaction.

  3. Choose Quality Over Quantity
    It's not about having a lot of friends—it's about having a few really great ones. Just like anything else in life, we should aim for quality over quantity when it comes to our inner circle. Having fewer close friends allows us to have deeper relationships and encourages us to invest more time into those relationships. Those quality friendships are the ones that will last a lifetime because they're built on a foundation of trust, love, and respect.

  4. Remember That Your Inner Circle Is A Choice—Choose Wisely!
    You get to choose who is in your inner circle—so choose wisely! Fill your life with people who make you feel good about yourself, who bring joy into every interaction, and whom you can count on no matter what life throws your way. When we're intentional about the company we keep, we can create an inner circle that supports us, loves us unconditionally, and helps us reach our fullest potential!

If you want to have a deeper understanding of this come and join us for a wonderful course You And Your Inner Circle.

Mihaela Gordan
10 ways to make your relationship reliable to last through difficult times

It is very important to work on our relationship as a team. We need to be able to rely on one another and support each other through the good and bad times. When we have a strong, healthy relationship, we can accomplish anything together.

So here are a few tips to help you go more easily through the tough times:

• Feel good about yourself and the relationship you’re in.
Love is one of the most powerful emotions a person can feel. It can make people do amazing things, and it has the ability to change lives.
When you are in love, you often become the best version of yourself. You are kinder, more considerate, and happier. So take time and be grateful for yourself and your relationship.

• Make time for love, for each other, and don’t take each other for granted.
We love our careers, hobbies, and friends, but when we love someone romantically, they become an important part of our life. Put in the effort to make love a priority in your relationship. Before work, after work, on weekends — whenever you have time is better than never!

• Be positive and upbeat, even when things are tough in your relationship
Relationships are the most common and complicated love story we all have. They’re a collection of love stories, each one with its own set of difficulties and nuances that only deepens the more you get to know one another. It’s like when you look at an old photo album: The more time passes, the more memories come back. But sometimes when your relationship is going through tough times — it can be hard to remember what made you love each other in the first place and how good things could be again.
So take some time to do something by yourself that makes you happy (even if it’s just sitting outside), and as you get in this vibration allow yourself to remember all the good and the best times together with your partner.

• Show your love and appreciation for each other often.
If you feel love starting to fade, rekindle it together.
Keep the passion alive by sharing intimate experiences. It gets harder as time goes on to keep a relationship “hot,” but a sense of adventure can go a long way in making sure that doesn’t happen.
Say positive things about your Significant other often. The words you use have an influence on their emotions and mental well being! If they look at themselves negatively, try to get them to change their ways of thinking by appreciating them.

• Try to see things from your Significant Other’s perspective.
This will help you get along more often. If you have different opinions, try to compromise with each other. Compromise is great in love and relationships! If you can’t, then just appreciate that they are trying their best to include your views as well.

• Communicate openly and honestly with each other.
Love is a powerful word and love is what everyone needs. Love is the foundation of any relationship, without love it will crumble to pieces, but with love, dedication and commitment even the toughest times are worth enduring. When you love someone deeply it’s easy to let your guard down because you know and feel that they love you back just as much if not more and this makes you feel comfortable to always share your thoughts and feelings freely without the fear of being judged.

• Learn the language of love.
It’s love of course. Boring sometimes, but is love! You can learn the language of love by reading books on love, attend courses or events.
When I work with my clients from the Relationship Program I am giving them the book: The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman.It’s a wonderful and easy way for them to understand what love language their partner have.
Which one is yours?

  1. words of affirmation
  2. acts of service
  3. receiving gifts
  4. quality time
  5. physical touch

• Love is not always perfect
Everyone has problems in his relationship . It is important to know how to handle these situations , because if you are not brave enough , it will be difficult for you to keep love long. So if you have a problem with your partner , show him / her what he means to you and say that you love them even though there were difficulties between both of you .
Of course, do not let negative thoughts take over! Send forgiveness to whatever is disturbing the peace in your relationship.

• Thanks for everything.
Thank your love for everything he / she is doing for you. Also, tell them that you love them unconditionally. Don’t forget to say it with love in your eyes and actions!
Give love every day. Love is unconditional, so love yourself and your loved one unconditionally with all the intensity of love.

• Date often.
This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to let relationship problems get in the way when they’re only texting their significant other or fighting with them on Facebook about what they are doing bad. These things add up over time creating stress in the relationship, so make sure to date your partner as much as possible; go out together, have fun, live in joy together.

The love that you have with your significant other is one of a kind — truly special, strong and everlasting even through rough patches in your relationship. If you nurture your relationship, when times are difficult, this love will help pull you both through it all stronger than ever before!

***** Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any difficulties in your relationship. You can send me a message, an email, or even better book a free call with me!

Mihaela Gordan
The One Best Thing Which Changed "Impossible" Into "I'm Possible"

How the hardest months become the biggest blessings in my life, guiding me towards my Divine Timing?

This is my baby’s story, but because he is too small to talk, I have to write for him, for now. So, I will start with 13th February 2018, which actually turned my life into a life based only on gratitude.

Maybe between you guys, who are reading this, are still some who believe in unlucky numbers like 13!

This is how the 13th of February starts for us. I was pregnant, 19 weeks and 2 days, and we were waiting for the scan to reveal our baby’s gender. We were very excited to find out because we already have 2 beautiful boys.

Unfortunately for us, the baby didn’t have the right position to see his gender, but it did have a good position to find out that something wasn’t normal with his right kidney. We were told maybe it is a cyst and get a next day appointment with the consultant. I am a therapist since 2006, and I knew a cyst is not necessarily something dangerous, but still, as a mother, I was worried.

So the next day, after the scan was done, the consultant gave us even worse news. It wasn’t a cyst; it was more.

The consultant talked about some conditions that I never believed would happen to a baby in the womb and definitely not to my baby.

"There is a large bladder that is in all probability due to a lower urinary tract obstruction. The amniotic fluid volume is normal. The whole of the fetal urethra was visualized as such I believe the obstruction is a result of an anterior syringocoele, which is causing an intermittent obstruction. There is mild left-sided hydronephrosis and a right-sided perinephric urinoma…Rescan in 2 days."

The medical intervention that he explained to us was a risk for my baby, and I didn’t accept it. I was very worried, but I still tried telling him that anything can change until the baby is born, but I respond to a big impossible. He told us that this condition is very rare, and from when he practices medicine, he never saw a recovery. He also explained that the next step of this would be less amniotic fluid which will cause suffocation to the baby, and if this doesn’t happen, then, at birth, he will have kidney failure.

So sad, he didn’t even allow him to be born and was already talking about him dying.

We went home, and my heart was broken. I felt his first kick at 12 weeks. He was so active every day. I couldn’t believe this is happening. I refused to believe it.

Because I work with supplements straight away, I start taking the ones I knew will help with kidney conditions, and I start praying and doing meditation, hoping for a better result in 2 days.

On the 16th of February, we see the consultant again, and the news was even worse than before. Due to the obstruction, his bladder enlarged even more, and both kidneys had urinomas. He told us even if we choose the medical intervention. He can’t do it anymore because it is very difficult. At this point, I ask to be referred to someone more specialized in this matter.

It happened on Friday. I remember like it was yesterday. I was left with 0% chances for my baby, and I refused to believe what the doctor said, but he even draws for me on a paper to make me understand there is no chance. I knew they would tell me to stop the pregnancy at some point, but I couldn’t even see an ending like this for my baby.

We found out that he is a boy during the scan, so in the evening, we decided on his name. Emad, meaning trust and faith. It was the perfect name, I decided to trust him and my intuition and have faith in God.

At that time, I was a Theta Healer practitioner, a technique based on a focus prayer/meditation to train mind, body, and soul to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. I always had happy clients, and I witnessed miraculous healings, so I start being my own client. Few times, I also worked together with other healers, and we send many instant healings to the baby and also change many beliefs/paradigms; Because we all know the baby has the same energy and feelings as the mother, we work on baby and me together, but still, I was feeling like something is missing.

At one of the courses I had, when I was practicing, we had to manifest how something impossible become possible. The word ”impossible” ring in my head, and I knew this was the piece missing from the healing.

So I knew the baby's condition start because of some obstruction, and I decided to witness the healing of that, to change the impossible into possible.

As I was witnessing the healing, I felt so relax and calm. It was so amazing. It was like a light going to the womb. Wash the baby and, taking the obstruction, send it up into the infinite sky, in the light. I felt that healing in every cell of my body. I knew it happened. Now, I was really waiting for the next appointment with the professor to confirm that something changed for the better.

On 20 of February, we finally see professor Kypros Nicolaides at Harris Birthright Research center for Fetal Medicine.

During the scan, there were 5 doctors with us, explaining what is happening. So at that point, they see a normal size bladder and the ureters were not visible anymore, meaning they are not swollen and still urinomas on both kidneys.

For me, that was the best news. I confirmed that the obstruction really disappeared (it was healed), and urine was going out normally.

But it didn’t mean the same for professor Nicolaides. He told us that the ureters broke because of too much pressure, and that’s how the bladder shows empty.

I completely deny his theory and told him mine, but again I heard IMPOSSIBLE! He also said the best advice he can give us is to stop the pregnancy. His words were like swords in my heart. I was feeling like living in a world where a baby's life doesn’t matter. I knew he has a very good reputation but still, I stand up for my baby and for what I believe. I told him I want a next scan to show him I’m right, and my feelings as a mother are right as well. He gave us an appointment after 1 week, and he was sure it would get worse. So sure that he said if the baby is stable until next time, he will come to take his words back. He also told us that it is better to decide asap because later is more difficult. (An abortion)

"In the scan today, there is bilateral urinoma, and this is a very poor prognostic sign. Parents wish to observe the evolution in the hope that this will resolve." – Profesor Kypros Nicolaides.

Because I see he doesn’t give us any hope, I asked him to measure the urinomas to show him the improvement at the next appointment.

For me, as I said, this appointment just confirmed the healing start. For the next week, every morning and evening, I was meditating, sending light and unconditional love to my baby’s kidneys, I was manifesting and praying for the impossible to become possible, and no matter what was going on in my life, I was always positive. It was very hard in this situation, but I knew what I’m doing for my baby because he wants to be born. I knew he chose life.

On the 27th of February, we go again to repeat the scan. I am so happy and grateful to tell you that I was right. Because they measure the urinomas, I could see they are getting smaller. It wasn’t a huge difference but for me was enough. Plus, I was waiting for the professor to show because he said it is impossible to remain stable a week ago. After all, he never saw that in his life. I didn’t tell you, but he almost laughed in my face when I said my baby would get better.

Even after this scan, they didn’t give me any hope.

I maintain my mind and heart positive, no matter what they said. Every day I was doing theta healing sessions. The first thing when I wake up was being grateful for everything and being grateful for my healthy baby. Every night I was thanking for the day I had and getting 1 day closer to meet Emad. While doing this every day, I build a very strong connection with my baby. I knew him before he was born. I knew how he will look like and how he will be like. I felt him so strong, so wise; he might be a baby, but I felt his soul so big and pure!

It lasts 7 weeks until both kidneys show in the scans completely healed. If you wish to see the scan pictures during this time, doctors were still negative about what will happen at birth.

"However, the natural history of obstruction is usually progressive deterioration, and particularly with urinomas, the chances of abnormal renal function at birth is as high as 70%."

At some point, the professor discharged me from his hospital, as he saw the baby is getting better, but he never comes to see us. Why? He was ashamed of his advice, or my baby’s life was too insignificant to matter? Since then, I wondered how many parents are getting too scared because of some diagnosis and choose to terminate the pregnancy? How many lives get wasted just because it is impossible for doctors to have faith and believe in miracles as well?

27.04.2018 scan — Finally, both kidneys healed miraculously!

"The previously noted urinoma on the right side has resolved, and the renal volume is now within normal limits. The same now applies to the urinoma on the left side."

After all this, on 4th July I became a mother for the 3rd time. At 2:31 am it was born the strongest and cutest baby and obviously the healthiest one!

You will think maybe wow, but don’t hurry yet. This didn’t end here.

Obviously, 3 hospitals got involved in this after his miraculous birth, trying to research why it heals, but I did not allow that. I’m sorry, but in our case, doctors weren’t right even 1%, so I kept my position defending my baby, which wasn’t easy, as even social care was involved, but this is a story for another time.

"Some people will make you go through hell, But with faith, you will feel like walking in Heavens!" — Mihaela Gordan

In all this story, I don’t want you to think that I’m blaming doctors. No, many good doctors are trying their best. I did meet one of them, the only one who stayed and listen to me and didn’t try to force me to do any unnecessary tests. I say science is not everything, and miracles do happen when you have faith. Doctors are humans also and should believe in miracles, or at least allow the parents to believe, do not scare them, give them hope. And when miracles happen, just let it be. Experiments won’t give you the answer because science will never understand the power of faith.

For many, maybe this will be a nightmare, but for me, it was, and it is a blessing. Every second of my life since his birth is gratitude. Even if he is little, he has his purpose in this life and already taught me how to have faith 100%. He taught me that it is possible to have a positive mind and a peaceful heart in this stressful world. You need to decide to live this way.

He has shown me how unconditional love together with faith can move mountains. But the most important is he shows to all of us that the impossible exists only because we limit our minds and refuse to see further, maybe because of fear or to less faith. For us, Emad made the impossible very possible. He is a very strong, calm, and happy baby, the happiest one I ever see. Since his birth, I am gifted with millions of smiles. His energy is so pure and calm. Through his eyes, I can see only unconditional love, and anywhere I am, if I am next to him, I am in the most peaceful place on Earth. When I look at him, I realized how blessed I am. I learned to appreciate every second of life and try to live it in unconditional love!

For many mothers, the first months or even years are full of crying, stress, depression, tiredness because of so many nights being awake. That was me also, with my other 2 kids. But this time, his birth gave me strength, made me happier than ever before, and complete.

He came to show me my real purpose in life, to be a spiritual healer, so I can help as many parents as possible, who go through similar situations, so I hope this message can reach them!

I also realized that life is so perfect, and everything happens for a reason. I was introduced to the Theta Healing technique after I suffered 2 miscarriages. It never goes through my mind that this technique will help save my baby's life later on. But again, faith was, and it is everything. Theta healing is nothing else than a focused prayer in a relaxed state of mind, theta brain waves.

Because I was asked so many times how I did this, how this is possible, how to change illness into health, I create a powerful Sacred Health Meditation for everyone to use, free of charge. This is what I use to pray, visualize, and believe in every morning and night! This is how, together with my baby, we changed the impossible into possible!

Everyone interested about can contact me and i will send it to you!

I am sending you all, unconditional love and don’t forget before giving up, decide to have 100% faith, and things will turn around!

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Hello! You can read here all the information about the course : quality4life.org/thetahealing-basic-dnacourse-l….
Theta Healing can help in any area of your life: love, health, relationships, money, etc..
Here is an article about how my baby in the womb healed miraculously : www.brainzmagazine.com/post/the-one-best-thing-which-…

Hello! You can read here all the information about the course : quality4life.org/thetahealing-basic-dnacourse-l…

Michelle Collins3y

Hi! I would like exactly how this course goes. Thanks!

Mihaela Gordan
Theta healing Basic DNA Online Course
Personal Development Coaching
Mihaela Gordan
Apr 16, 2024, 10:00
Theta Healing Session
Joan Wilson3y

Hello! This is very exciting. I want to know more. Does this course help to improve mental health? Thx in advance :)

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Egyptian Sekhmet Healing REIKI Session


Welcome to my Vegan Oasis 🪷
I'm a Holistic Health Coach, a Raw Food Nutritionist, a Vegan Nutrition Coach, and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. I'm coaching people to go vegan or raw vegan. My holistic approach healed people even from serious diseases. I create meal plans for people from all over the world. I'm working with health professionals as well such as coaches, doctors nutritionists, detox retreats, and wellness hotels.
I'm obsessed with holistic healing, I did my studies in the US, UK, and Mexico. I learned Sekhmet Reiki in Egypt from one

This form of Reiki is based in Egypt and is considered the extension of healing and well-being from the **Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. **

The main principle of this form of Reiki is to promote positivity and build** a stronger sense of spirituality **through the opening of chakras and delivering a strong light or **healing power. **

The effects are powerful, and many people report the effects of just one session lasting for more than several days.

The treatment focuses on** healing, emotionally **and mentally, from situations that cause grieving or other stressful scenarios, including marital breakdown, loss of employment, and other difficult experiences in life.


  • Fast physical, spiritual, and emotional healing
  • Assists in the manifestation of goals
  • A stronger sense of inner peace and acceptance.
  • Increases your self-awareness and your relationships with your relationships, love, family, friends, or coworkers.
  • Increases your feeling of being alive
  • It helps accelerate your spiritual growth and communication with your Higher Self


The duration of the Reiki healing session is 30 minutes and an additional 15 minute Chakra alignment


Bring some music that you find relaxing to you.
Go to the bathroom before the session so that you can lie down
comfortably without the distraction of feeling the need to go to the toilet.
You can place gemstones and crystals on your body or around you. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need at that moment.
Use your favorite essential oil. Essential oils can raise our vibration and open the chakras for further healing.
You can clear your space with sage.

Other comments

About Sekhmet
Sekhem (or Sekhmet) is an ancient Egyptian word that means “Universal Energy or Power”, roughly translated as “Power of Powers”. Sekhem in Egyptian hieroglyphs is symbolized by the scepter, and it represents the connection between Heaven and Earth.

...There are no other known energy systems that can compare with the high vibrational energy of Sekhem, nor does any other energy work at a deeper soul level. It also allows you to heal, and it helps your personality and spirituality, so you can find your soul’s purpose and unlock your full potential.

SEKHMET” was regarded as the Goddess of Healing, Protection, and Destruction of Illness.
For the Egyptians, magic was a normal part of everyday life. It was used in very formal religious rituals and was considered an integral part of medicine at all levels.

The traditional number of sessions is four. This tends to give you enough time to evaluate the benefits, if any, you are receiving.
When you are facing a serious illness, most people would suggest a series of four sessions completed in less than one week.

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Emotional Stress Release
Chloe Mepham
Apr 16, 2024, 09:00
Mindset Meeting

Work towards improving emotional intelligence and stress management with a Certified Life Coach.

Learn to take back control of your emotions to achieve your potential. Don't let your emotions control you.

Achieve beyond your expectations!

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Life Coaching
Liz Clifton
Apr 16, 2024, 08:00
15 minute 1:1 Calm Life Coaching or Holistic Leadership Mentoring Session


Relax, release and rebalance as you get heard and start to create your own clear, calm, connected confidence and communication with yourself and others. Through a bespoke combination of life and leadership coaching, intuitive mentoring, hypnosis, Reiki and Timeline Therapy® you can release any old emotional blocks and barriers empowering and motivating you to set your goals and start achieving and enjoying them.

Target audience

If you're feeling lost, stressed or frustrated this is for you. Especially popular with midlife mums (with children of any species) and also retirees as they start to look at the next stage of their life.


Clarity, calm and deep relaxation along with increased confidence and connection with yourself and everyone else around you (of any species).


You get to be heard and release any old stresses as you allow your emotions to start flowing so that you can process and release them. Each session is unique to you and your requirements to give you the most enjoyable and successful session and service possible.

Other comments

When you're ready to get supported I'm here to help guide you to calm with the very best of my ability.

With so much love, light and gratitude for you exactly as you are now and always, Liz

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Personal Development Coaching
Pauline Dougald
Apr 15, 2024, 12:00
Flow State at work consulation

60 minute strategy session to help you identify where you are in relationship to your Flow State in your career or business and what you need to do next in order to have more Flow in your life.
Flow State is identified through 4 stage cycle, 22 triggers and 10 blockers. What your unique make-up of those componemts will determine how fulfilled and satisfied you are in yuur life or business.

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Spiritual Healing
Johann Strerath
Apr 20, 2024, 00:00
Spiritual Life Coaching

There is no coincidence that you have travelled so far in your journey to get to this point in which your soul wishes to get supported to facilitate your spiritual development.

Walking a spiritual path without any dogmatic conditions, yet an unknown ocean of higher and more purified energies, where you want to move forward from the ordinary to the extraordinary, might be overwhelming and confusing.

The good news is that You do not have to walk that path alone! My job as a Spiritual Life Coach is to help you walk the path with ease. I am here to support your personal evolution without any judgment or comparisons, as I understand that you are a unique soul.

If you are looking to reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding of your inner world with regards to your purpose and meaning in life, most definitely you have found the right hands and guide to serve you.

Spirituality is nothing else than gaining the awareness of your inner and outer energies, your relationship with yourself, others, and your external world.

As a coach, I assist you with:

  • Finding, your inner truth, re-inventing yourself and building a higher version of yourself.
  • Helping you to create or re-invent your spiritual experience in your own way, and in your own terms.
  • Supporting you while on your own transformational inner journey.

I help you obtaining results on:

  1. Overcoming mental self-judgements.
  2. Gaining self-respect.
  3. Eliminating negative self-talk.
  4. Healing what needs to be healed.
  5. Manifesting what you want to achieve.
  6. Experiencing higher estates of happiness, joy, and inner peace.
  7. Developing and practicing your own daily healthy rituals/habits.
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Relationship Coaching
Lyn Smith - The Queen of HEARTS
Apr 16, 2024, 08:00
Discovery Call

Stop feeling lonely, confused, stuck & unfulfilled and instead attract / create a healthy soulmate relationship filled with passion, intimacy & peace, in a way that's natural, nurturing & fun!

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Gareth Strangemore-Jones
Apr 16, 2024, 08:00
Alchemy Life Channelling

We will connect to Source and align with the vibration of your Desires.

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Shamanic Healing
Olga Aydınoğlu
Apr 16, 2024, 06:00
Writer's Block Shamanic Healing Session

Before the Session

I do my pre-meditation to find out the main reasons for your writer's block. (This happens psychically, where I generally just need your name, but a picture can help, too.)

It may be as simple as a deep rooted belief that once you write from your heart and really put your honest thoughts and fantacies out there, you will be harshly judged, not understood, criticised, unappreciated, ridiculed, laughed at, so on and so forth. It may have its origin in a trauma you have experienced in this life time or more than one lifetime. It could be a karmic cycle you're going through and maybe it's not the first life, where you struggle to be your true self and to express yourself freely.

Perhaps, it could be a belief that no matter how hard you try, you can never create a really good piece of writing. Perhaps, it's an issue of completing something. Perhaps, concerns over money and writing what sells (and not what is close to heart) that's the problem.

The above are just examples. I would need to meditate to see what your unique situation is.

Reading Part of the Session

In this part, I will let you know what I saw in my visions when I pre-meditated on your writer's block.

Healing Part of the Session

We will discuss the reading part of the session and wil find what traumas / reasons / habits / beliefs / etc. are available for healing. We may find the specific events, decisions or promises you made in the past that need to be revisited and changes made. With your permission, I will perform shamanic healing for those particular birth places of the limiting beliefs, fears and hurts that lie at the heart of why you are experiencing your writer's block.

This kind of healing is not only good for critical instances, where help is needed. If you are not experiencing writer's block at this time, this kind of healing can reveal issues you would benefit from healing and clearing to become even better at what you do, do release any fears, judgements, beliefs, limitation that may be hindering your writing at this time.

The goal of this healing session is to get you to feel safe and comfortable being your true authentic self, making your authentic decisions and taking bold steps in the persuit of freely and openly expressing your true self in a unique way, and doing it with pleasure, joy and peace.

Please write your questions, concerns and anything else you would like to know about this session in the comments below.

  • Please book your session a few days in advance because I need some time to meditate on your particular situation and understand for myself, what action steps can be taken for healing.

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