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Work towards improving emotional intelligence and stress management with a Certified Life Coach.

Learn to take back control of your emotions to achieve your potential. Don't let your emotions control you.

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Since graduating in psychology, I have delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy based programmes to a diverse clientele in groups and one to one. These programmes involve, but are not limited to, improving thinking skills, building better relationships, dealing with trauma, identity, alcohol and drug education, making informed choices and improving emotional wellbeing.

2 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021


Mindfulness meditation
Nov 19 2021
The Differences Between Deep Breathing, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Does anxiety interfere with your ability to perform? Do you suffer from stress? How does this affect your performance, both professionally and personally?

Although there are many crossovers in the implementation and benefits of mindfulness, meditation, a…

Chloe Mepham
Oct 12 2021
The Benefits of Mindfulness

How do you manage your emotions? What techniques do you use? How effective are these techniques?

We can all suffer from problematic emotions. It is a fundamental component of being human. They serve a purpose. Whether this purpose is to warn us of potent…

Chloe Mepham
Emotional Stress Release
Sep 10 2021
What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is the point of Emotional Intelligence (EI)? Why bother with how you are feeling? Why concern yourself with the emotions of others? Well, it can make life personally and professionally much easier for all involved.

EI is a skill that can be develope…

Chloe Mepham
Time Manipulation
Sep 2 2021
Time Management and Stress

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Have you ever succumbed to stress because of your work/life balance? Does your daily to do list provoke anxiety at times?

This can be a common occurrence, especially with new ways of working merging home and work in a seemin…

Chloe Mepham
Emotional Stress Release
Aug 19 2021
Self Esteem Versus Self Confidence

Self esteem is something I have struggled with my entire life. Up until recently, I have only begun to value myself more than before.

Self confidence is what others’ see. I believe I have always come across as self-confident, but this does not mean it tr…

Chloe Mepham
Life Coaching
Aug 12 2021
Identifying Self Care Strategies

Everyone is different; I can support you to identify self care strategies, emotional and stress management techniques that will enable you to achieve beyond your dreams.

Do you often find that you feel tense? Does your list of priorities sometimes seem o…

Chloe Mepham
Leadership Coaching
Jul 5 2021
Inspiration and Meaning

What inspires you? What does it mean to you when you achieve something?

The way in which we view the world is paramount to what we gain from it. If we are constantly viewing obstacles or problems, this can provoke a negative mindset. That can be demotiva…

Chloe Mepham
Leadership Coaching
Jun 21 2021
Mindset and Motivation

I have tended in the past to procrastinate. This is a passive followed by an aggressive approach to achieving goals. Much like with the different styles in which we communicate we can also approach problems and goals in the same way; either passively, agg…

Chloe Mepham
Personal Development Coaching
Jun 16 2021
Emotion and Communication

I used to be a people pleaser. I would say yes to everyone and everything for what I thought would be a quieter life. This is known as passive communication. There are four different types of communication styles, and these are known as passive, passive a…

Chloe Mepham
Emotional Stress Release
May 26 2021
Stress Management

I have suffered with stress in the past. To such an extent I have found it debilitating. However, I have managed to take back control of my emotions so that stress does not rule my life. It is a vicious cycle and if we don’t address it, it can become unma…

Chloe Mepham
Personal Development Coaching
May 21 2021
Emotion and Performance

When do you perform at your best? When you wake up? Before you go to sleep?

There is a peak performance level. It is within us all. It is where we perform at our best. It is the in between. You can either perform poorly when you’re tired or when your emo…

Chloe Mepham
Career Coaching
May 21 2021
Unconscious Bias and Emotion

When things go wrong, I tend to blame myself, but when things work out for the best, I tend to credit others. This has in the past caused me intense emotions of guilt. However, this is because I was unaware of my biased thinking patterns. We all have them…

Chloe Mepham
Career Coaching
May 19 2021
Building Resilience

Building Resilience

I suffer with anxiety. If I don’t monitor and address it, it can build to unmanageable stress. This leaves me with an inability to cope.

Stress is a natural response. It indicates we need to take action to address our stressors. As s…

Chloe Mepham

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