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May 21

Emotion and Performance

When do you perform at your best? When you wake up? Before you go to sleep?

There is a peak performance level. It is within us all. It is where we perform at our best. It is the in between. You can either perform poorly when you’re tired or when your emotions are intense. Be it through anger, upset, embarrassment or any emotion. It is your choice. Would you react instantaneously off emotion or respond with considered thought?

There are numerous ways in which we can increase or decrease our emotional intensity. Everyone will have different methods that work for them. Some of the methods that I have found people generally benefit from over the years include music. This works on both levels. Elevating music can increase your performance, whilst more mellow sounds can serve to decrease your emotional intensity levels. Exercise can boost energy levels but also burn off excess negative energy. We can also use our thoughts to challenge any negative thought patterns we may get caught up in, likewise we can challenge excitable thoughts that may cause us to do something we may regret later.

The most effective methods of managing your emotions will be personal to you. I believe it is important for us to discover as many methods that work for us as possible. This way we will have tools at our disposal should the need arise.

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Sherry Turnbull
May 25, 2021

Thanks for your article, it's interesting. Indeed, now I understand that music helps me cope with various life difficulties. Previously, I did not notice this connection. You mentioned that various exercises can increase our energy levels. What are these exercises? How quickly will I see the results?