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Inspiration and Meaning

Jul 5, 2021
Chloe Mepham
Core Spirit member since May 18, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

What inspires you? What does it mean to you when you achieve something?

The way in which we view the world is paramount to what we gain from it. If we are constantly viewing obstacles or problems, this can provoke a negative mindset. That can be demotivating. However, if we turn these obstacles into challenges, and problems into goals to achieve, it can affect the way in which we view our tasks. It can in turn be more motivational.

In addition, breaking down overwhelming goals into smaller tasks can make them seem more achievable. It is important that we set ourselves achievable goals. Once the first smaller task has been achieved, this can again provide that motivational mindset to continue to achieve.

But what about when we are feeling uninspired? Sometimes we can all get stuck in a rut. It is important at times like this to remind ourselves why we are doing something. Focusing on the why can remind us of the things that we are working for and towards. Focusing on a goal or reward we might be working towards can be beneficial. It can also help to focus on others who may benefit from whatever it is you might be doing, be they loved ones benefitting from your wage or clients benefitting from your services.

Alternative ways to make the most of your job may be to ask for a change in duties or make simple changes to your own routine. It could be taking a walk in a different area. It could be starting a new hobby. It could be a change to your working pattern.

Whatever your role there will always be an element of change. Allow that change to challenge you and praise yourself for your achievements. Remind yourself how worthy you are of that praise. Make a note of whatever boosts you physically and mentally throughout the day. Express gratitude for it. Use these notes to incorporate more of whatever it is that provides you with that boost.

As ever, if you or anyone you know require any support in any of these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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