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Reflections of a Sinner

May 31, 2023
Reading time 2 min.

Through my time under God's stewardship, I have come face to face with unsettling patterns of thought, attitude, and conduct. The realization dawns upon me—I am a sinner, and my every duty falls short, weak and imperfect. In God's presence, my acts struggle to find a place.
Reflecting on the chronicle of my life, I witness a tapestry woven with struggles, a ceaseless battle against inner conflicts, fears, immaturity, and self-righteousness. Each phase marked by its own trials. Yet, the recent struggles have intensified, leaving me raw and vulnerable.
Yet, even in the midst of my flaws, God's grace shines upon my soul. I stand as a monument of divine mercy and goodness, humbled to the dust. My sins, countless in number, weigh upon me heavily. I confess my negligence in the Lord's work, failing to advance His cause, seeking His glory and honor with inadequate fervor.
Bound by guilt, I turn to Christ, the bearer of my iniquities, the one who sanctifies my feeble offerings. He gathers and absolves my transgressions, making them acceptable to my Maker. In His presence, He intercedes, adding incense to my prayers, lending them a holy fragrance.
Despite my shame, God has spared me until this moment, allowing me to persist in His work. And as I tread this mortal realm, I trust that when my days are complete, I shall be embraced by the divine favor of His love, welcomed into eternal grace.
In this introspective journey, I embrace humility, recognizing the enormity of my flaws. I find solace in the redemptive power of God's mercy, seeking forgiveness and redemption through Christ. It is through Him that my prayers gain resonance and my sins find absolution. And as I continue to walk this path, I hold on to the hope of eternal acceptance in the divine embrace of love.

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