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Forgiveness in Grieving

Aug 17, 2021
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The loss of a loved one is felt across the community.

It's a loss primarily to the family but it is felt my friends nieghbors, work colleages, church family, distance relatives, business relations, all struggle to some degree with grief.

With good intentions they want to express their feelings of respect of sorrow and affection.

Sadly those expressions can sometimes say something that hits a family with negative impact without intention.

I recall years ago, attending a service in which i heard a neighbor say "I know how you feel".

The family member responded immediatly with "You CANNOT know how I feel!"

The neighbor tried to explain that she was referring to her own many losses, which fell on deaf ears.

She left the gathering quickly with tears in her eyes, she had meant no harm.

After all the business and grieving functions come to a close.

You may think back on those recieved cracks and upon reflection realize that grief is hard for all of us.

No one had set out to hurt feelings and it's time to let go of the percieved insults and thoughtless comments.

Forgivenss can ease your stress and calm frazzled nerves.

We all grieve together loveing the one that is now gone and realize that no one meant fo hurt you.

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