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Grief 2022

Nov 30, 2022
Ian Hosein
Core Spirit member since May 17, 2021
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The concept and belief of accepting is like a dream stage of your life. An ending to the what you perceived as a continous relationship with a person.

The breaking of these expectations brings fear, loss, sadness, and an aura of an incomplete void.
The identity of yourself changes. In part we know ourselves based on our relationships with others.
You may feel less protected. The mind has to make an attempt to deal with outright breakdown and intention. You have to counteract these emotions with facing what the situation is. React to people grieving by developing new relationships, although there is no specific model on how to grieve.

There is defintely a healing process and a natural way where all those raw ends fall off. You feel renewed, refreshed and everyone will say "You dealt with that the proper way, and it's good to see you back in the routine".
People have this inserted in their mind, if we stop grieving you are ultimately betraying that person's reputable nature.

Your respect for such is much more than the everday coming and going.

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