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Contact for 1 on 1's Meditation / Mindfulness Advice.

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Currently, Mr. Hosein lives on the SOUTH SHORE — Long Island (NASSAU). Being thoroughly trained and guided in the values of inner thought, mindfulness, and an acute awareness brought by the practice of meditation.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Ian Hosein
Jun 8, 2021

Hi Michelle! Most of my knowledge of breath-work comes from live Yoga Practices in studio. If you feel you need advice on breathwork technique, I would love to share. As for its benefits- reduced stress, anxiety, and increased energy. Breath itself is one of a multitude techniques in the grand scheme of things. But yes can be highly effective when listening to any lead.

Michelle Collins
Jun 8, 2021

Hi! Does this practice include some kind of breathing excercises? Thx in advance!

Ian Hosein
Jun 8, 2021

Hi Joan! Sure you can check out my official site for more info. I have blog articles written that address certain mental health concerns. As far as 1 on 1's I can address your issue directly. It might just take one session, if you feel you want to continue it is totally up to you. I see mental health as health in general, having clients that were involved in the mental health system. They are usually re-directed to people in our sphere.

The practice of meditation/mindfulness promotes acceptance and peace of mind, this of course applies to people in any kind of fragile state.

Joan Wilson
Jun 8, 2021

Hello! I would like to know more about your practice. Does it help to improve mental health? If so, how many sessions are needed to start noticing the results? Thank you in advance!

$20 USD