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Analysis of Chopra's Omega Dialogue.

Jun 21, 2021
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When Deepak Chopra spoke at Omega, it cut me to the core.

His expertise in medical, holistic, and the biology of aging, just an on-point explanation of what it is to feel whole.

The fluctuations of sex hormone, how we increase our capacities physically, mentally every day. Such a bio-stat never has a specific quick fix.

One's reality is an interpretation of the intention. You can think oh I'm in my late thirties… my life is dull, I'm physically not 21 anymore.

Your mindset is in the negative, to begin with. As you have a physical age, you also have a psychological age expressed through personality and awareness.

Why do we remain in such a place where we always want what we can't have. Appreciation of all living things in a such way provides, almost naturally to all.

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