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Pitfalls of Social Media.

Sep 18, 2021
Ian Hosein
Core Spirit member since May 17, 2021
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You hear it all the time, "I need a mental-health break from social media", or "I'm disconnecting for a minute". The numbers of eating disorders, based on unrealistic Instagram messages continue to pour in. Social Media is a branch, a tool but it still isn't the individual's reality. You have to know when to produce content and when to step back and take it all in. One has to understand the implications of what they post, how they post, and the best way of communicating those inner thoughts.

Let us take this precious moment to realize we are all in discourse and agreements but its root has nothing to do with technology. You shouldn't formulate everything based on random data but more on the character and behavior of how a person lives.

Are we 1's and 0's? Absolutely not. The human touch is still being incorporated by major companies. But for how long? Technology seems very new at first, but it can be cold. Unwavering, error filled, and not pertaining to basic human emotions. Even outlets that are regulated like major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok are not completely perfect.

We need to realize even typed words can affect our perceptions and alter our frame of thought. We are bound by how we engage but we are also bound by our silence and how we choose to relate. Meditation instead of constant posting has real benefits. Try it for at least 5 minutes each day, instead of dread scroll and posting.

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