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Currently, Mr. Hosein lives on the SOUTH SHORE — Long Island. Being thoroughly trained and guided in the values of inner thought, mindfulness, and an acute awareness brought by the practice of meditation.

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Life Coaching
Nature, A Younger Generation's Cure For Expensive Sadness.
Dec 4 2022

When you meet younger people. We call them rugrats. You probably see some that have this dismal outlook. This sort of inate sadness about the existince of it all. It’s no surprise the claims of mental uneasiness and addiction because they cannot function …

Ian Hosein
Emotional Freedom Technique
Grief 2022
Nov 30 2022

The concept and belief of accepting is like a dream stage of your life. An ending to the what you perceived as a continous relationship with a person.

The breaking of these expectations brings fear, loss, sadness, and an aura of an incomplete void.
The i…

Ian Hosein
Business Coaching
Consumer Behavior and Colorful Aesthetic: Selling The Christmas Spirit.
Nov 25 2022

Gifts and Decor are about to push through its final session of 2022. Between gas prices and record inflation, businesses have to make worthwhile decisions in order for anyone to give them the time of day.

On a positive note we are back in full swing to i…

Ian Hosein
Emotional Stress Release
Strong Sleep is Magic Working.
Nov 12 2022

We all know sleep is important. We need not only adequate but quality as well.

“Ugh. Why do I need to sleep. I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, people.

Has caught up with them in the worst ways. Mainly because sleep is the only opportunity given to your brain a…

Ian Hosein
Wellness Coaching
Our Environmental Hills
Aug 23 2022

Ok lets admit it to ourselves. We wore the facemask or maybe we still are for over 2 years. Even if we took breaks from having it on, our circulation just isn’t the same. Many people and I’ve heard from trusted collelegues and from my own view working in …

Ian Hosein
Emotional Freedom Technique
Pitfalls of Social Media.
Sep 18 2021

You hear it all the time, “I need a mental-health break from social media”, or “I’m disconnecting for a minute”. The numbers of eating disorders, based on unrealistic Instagram messages continue to pour in. Social Media is a branch, a tool but it still is…

Ian Hosein
Medical intuition
Misconceptions of Health Concerns
Jun 30 2021

Chemo is often being recommended but it has made people so sick, it has made people search out almost futuristic thinking - advancements in Cancer Theory for one.
In a world full of pollutants and chemicals in our food and water, CANCER has been setting a…

Ian Hosein
Brain Hacking
A Brief Analysis of Divisions in The Brain.
Jun 29 2021

Two hemispheres of the brain see things differently. The left is there to manipulate. The right is there to relate and overall understanding. Do we need both? Why yes, but the left has been taking over Western Civilized Thought. People have begun minimali…

Ian Hosein
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Ayurveda Application & Notes
Jun 27 2021

Ayurveda is a science for life, based on ancient teachings from India. Documented with emphasis on wellness. The 5,000-year-old system meaning life and knowledge, it was meant to enlighten sages to help humanity. Through subtle messages and energies.


Ian Hosein
Career Coaching
Zen Meditation in Relation to Corporate Sensibility.
Jun 24 2021

Zen itself was created by The Japanese Buddhists. For they saw the rush-rush life and all the imbalances it caused in people.
As leaders lead with any kind of Zen ability, they bask in the simplicity. Whether minimalism or stregnth of silence.
The rules o…

Ian Hosein
Formal Realities of Truth.
Jun 22 2021

As The Bible gets explored we see remnants of Psychedelics and Meditation. Could the spiritual revival have anything to do with spiritual openness? Are we bound to only sing songs to spirits that have no seeds, no bloom whatsoever? The Formal Reality is o…

Ian Hosein
Social Psychology
Defining Normal: The Breaks in Schizophrenia
Jun 21 2021

Schizophrenia as an issue is very cultural.
As North America writes it off as insane. If we took the entire “healthy” community everyone could be prescribed medication. Something could be wrong with everyone, with these protocols.
But you take specific vi…

Ian Hosein
Analysis of Chopra's Omega Dialogue.
Jun 21 2021

When Deepak Chopra spoke at Omega, it cut me to the core.

His expertise in medical, holistic, and the biology of aging, just an on-point explanation of what it is to feel whole.

The fluctuations of sex hormone, how we increase our capacities physically,…

Ian Hosein
Life Coaching
Praising Emotions, from a Qualitative Perspective.
Jun 14 2021

We indulge in our feelings so that they could be defined as satisfactory and positive. But do such objectives meet our intrinsic needs? Positive energy in health-related fields has been categorized as a high motivator for sure, but sometimes we simply can…

Ian Hosein
Leadership Coaching
Depression - How Strengthening Our Mind Can Battle It.
Jun 3 2021

Depressive diagnoses vary from person to person. It doesn’t categorize a person as being mentally slow, or unintelligent but rather a mood an individual can’t break out of. Like many medical professionals, more than I can name in a blog post, have categor…

Ian Hosein
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