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Intro material and a little background.

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Nassau County, NY, USA

Currently, Mr. Hosein lives on the SOUTH SHORE — Long Island. Being thoroughly trained and guided in the values of inner thought, mindfulness, and an acute awareness brought by the practice of meditation.

On Core Spirit since May 2021

Ian Hosein
Nature, A Younger Generation's Cure For Expensive Sadness.

When you meet younger people. We call them rugrats. You probably see some that have this dismal outlook. This sort of inate sadness about the existince of it all. It's no surprise the claims of mental uneasiness and addiction because they cannot function it out.
We lose our true spirit and start turning towards easy answers, when they are really not easy whatsoever.
Studying older generations and civilizations and how they dealt with these problems. Is an aha moment and technique that help us all question our similar reality.
Admiring nature and simple moments, help us all understand ourselves. Why don't we take in the sights more than we exhale the loud and hatred towards everything.
Park places in regularity has been scientifically proven to be more effective than the western dependence on accupunture and massages. World Report, Park Reserves Review, All TRAILS App, and Patagonia studies.
Pilgrimages to Mother Earth sanctuaries gets us to step beyond our own mind. We are now the planet and the weight is off our shoulders.
We just do these things to remember who we are, not because we don't understand ourselves.

Ian Hosein
Grief 2022

The concept and belief of accepting is like a dream stage of your life. An ending to the what you perceived as a continous relationship with a person.

The breaking of these expectations brings fear, loss, sadness, and an aura of an incomplete void.
The identity of yourself changes. In part we know ourselves based on our relationships with others.
You may feel less protected. The mind has to make an attempt to deal with outright breakdown and intention. You have to counteract these emotions with facing what the situation is. React to people grieving by developing new relationships, although there is no specific model on how to grieve.

There is defintely a healing process and a natural way where all those raw ends fall off. You feel renewed, refreshed and everyone will say "You dealt with that the proper way, and it's good to see you back in the routine".
People have this inserted in their mind, if we stop grieving you are ultimately betraying that person's reputable nature.

Your respect for such is much more than the everday coming and going.

Ian Hosein
Consumer Behavior and Colorful Aesthetic: Selling The Christmas Spirit.

Gifts and Decor are about to push through its final session of 2022. Between gas prices and record inflation, businesses have to make worthwhile decisions in order for anyone to give them the time of day.

On a positive note we are back in full swing to in person interaction. That of course is much better when we are solidifying tradition. Often times targeting the emotional and style of the consumer is the best aspect of representation. According to American and World reports.

Nostalgia of those we lost during the pandemic. May reconnect current consumers to their buying patterns.
We simply don't want to trash the inner peace culture of people but more so focus on that reuse and repurpose aspect we all pocess.

Most marketing procedures use togetherness, something to bring us all together. Often colorful designs and aesthetics bring in the eyes. Bland and drab bring out sadness emotions in people. That is the last thing businesses need.
Tech and Trendy usually aim towards being timeless for the time. They are expected to sell regardless because it has become almost a necessity to this generation.

Ian Hosein
Strong Sleep is Magic Working.

We all know sleep is important. We need not only adequate but quality as well.

"Ugh. Why do I need to sleep. I'll sleep when I'm dead", people.

Has caught up with them in the worst ways. Mainly because sleep is the only opportunity given to your brain and body to recover.
Muscles, Cells, our very organs repair during this time. Kind of like how we don't hit the weight in the gym every day.

In the very same way this cycle helps makes our system stronger.

Sleep can come naturally. Without melatonin, similar supplementals, and the like. Ususally occuring in strong metabolic output individuals. The healthier the metabolism, the healthier the sleep pattern. Proven Science.

Think of sleep beyond these health promotions though. Think of it as important as hygiene. You need to brush your teeth, you need 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Mental and Physical HYGIENE.

There are determinants in sleep that are out of our control. Significantly the brain activity. Which is a phenomenom on it's own.

Sleep Deprivation targets diabetics Type 2 and the obese, the most. Something about the glucose levels beings out of whack that cause abberations in pattern and health of "shut-down" mode. This concept is backed by major health care journals like Umberalla Review and Mayo as per 2021.

People get it sleep is complex. So an article can't solve someone's issue. You have to consult a physician. Who will probably organize a sleep study and move you forward. Look at the discepancies nation to nation. Mexico views sleep very different than The United States or UK. Sleep itself is normal, because it's normal to you.

Something to keep in mind as we should all take this recovery time as seriously as we can.

Ian Hosein
Our Environmental Hills

Ok lets admit it to ourselves. We wore the facemask or maybe we still are for over 2 years. Even if we took breaks from having it on, our circulation just isn't the same. Many people and I've heard from trusted collelegues and from my own view working in public health through the years. You need to be outside as much as you can. Go run or walk outside everyday. Take on some nature trails, after preparation and know-how with an app like ALLTRAILS. Have the social aspect of playing sports with your friends and family. Just don't think you are a robot clog, that has to succumb to everything at the concern of your very well-being. A company probably wants to see you are smart enough to look after yourself anyway. Which still isn't their job.

Fame itself as a person giving meditation guidance or the team that surrounds myself, is well fleeting. It means next to nothing if the community is not sustained.

The will for any of us isn't an easy way. It never really is. It's the problems in the individual. I wish it could just be solved by a political party or even a thought of a day but it just can't. We have to face certain things in our life and we have to start going about getting those things solved. That is the only way an individual can start to see some success.

I'm not exactly negative about any of that, though. The people I've dealt with here on 1 on 1's. The people that have spoken to me privately. The people I've worked with have grown. You know why? We kept an ear out for each other. We just didn't break ties and wonder why people never grew.

Taking a step back from whatever you are used to, is a step of freedom. Its that kind of bravery that goes beyond someone just telling you to stop what you are doing.

I think that's brave in itself, the bravery to know you took that first step even if the problem itself hasn't been solved automatically.

Ian Hosein
Pitfalls of Social Media.

You hear it all the time, "I need a mental-health break from social media", or "I'm disconnecting for a minute". The numbers of eating disorders, based on unrealistic Instagram messages continue to pour in. Social Media is a branch, a tool but it still isn't the individual's reality. You have to know when to produce content and when to step back and take it all in. One has to understand the implications of what they post, how they post, and the best way of communicating those inner thoughts.

Let us take this precious moment to realize we are all in discourse and agreements but its root has nothing to do with technology. You shouldn't formulate everything based on random data but more on the character and behavior of how a person lives.

Are we 1's and 0's? Absolutely not. The human touch is still being incorporated by major companies. But for how long? Technology seems very new at first, but it can be cold. Unwavering, error filled, and not pertaining to basic human emotions. Even outlets that are regulated like major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok are not completely perfect.

We need to realize even typed words can affect our perceptions and alter our frame of thought. We are bound by how we engage but we are also bound by our silence and how we choose to relate. Meditation instead of constant posting has real benefits. Try it for at least 5 minutes each day, instead of dread scroll and posting.

Ian Hosein
Misconceptions of Health Concerns

Chemo is often being recommended but it has made people so sick, it has made people search out almost futuristic thinking - advancements in Cancer Theory for one.
In a world full of pollutants and chemicals in our food and water, CANCER has been setting ablaze with our vulnerable population.
Over 500,000 die from Cancer every year. I'm not here to straight out knock chemo/radiation it is a marvel that we can do such. At the same time, I'm here to promote natural methods as much as possible because there is no guarantee.
Practitioners like myself, promote natural functionality as much as possible. With our food intake, with our meditation practice, with how we address severe medical concerns.
It's still weird to me what we are being taught to believe and it could very well all be about perspective. One doctor might tell you, "Oh go to CVS, and pick up some iron pills". A vegan or vegetarian doctor I know will tell you to drink 3 glasses of beet and carrot juice and skip the pill-popping. Which advice is better? It is all about perspective. That's why people don't just shake their heads yes to one viewpoint..

Ian Hosein
A Brief Analysis of Divisions in The Brain.

Two hemispheres of the brain see things differently. The left is there to manipulate. The right is there to relate and overall understanding. Do we need both? Why yes, but the left has been taking over Western Civilized Thought. People have begun minimalizing the right brain's functionality, simply lost in doing what it takes with takeover consumerism. The problem thusly is not external but within our self. As psychiatrists jump on this train, many are writing these thoughts off as Freudian, or Darwinian in nature. Fringe ideas that have no real base in reality. But how does your brain functionality affect your everyday routine? Do you feel you never take moments for yourself? Or try to understand others' points of view? Do you not feel the need to explain every racy joke you mindlessly regurgitate?

What impels people to study medicine is understanding why we do the things we do. Why do we get lost in dirty habits, why do feel we have to control everything?

Ian Hosein
Ayurveda Application & Notes

Ayurveda is a science for life, based on ancient teachings from India. Documented with emphasis on wellness. The 5,000-year-old system meaning life and knowledge, it was meant to enlighten sages to help humanity. Through subtle messages and energies.

Meditation remains the base, helping people know who they are concerning the vast universe. We are the micro to the universe's macro. Our sensibility towards the basics elements is what makes up our core consciousness.

Ayurveda remains a mind-body medicine. Through applications the physical attributes become effective.

Being able to describe ourselves with The Doshas (VATA, KAPHA, PITTA), is describing our nature. Our abilities to organize routine, diet, life in general. Our understanding of the elements within us is the ability to describe our best pathway towards health.

The theory is as you come more into synchronicity, one can control their emotions. Being heard, understanding your duty in the world, the understanding of what ties us all together.

Ian Hosein
Zen Meditation in Relation to Corporate Sensibility.

Zen itself was created by The Japanese Buddhists. For they saw the rush-rush life and all the imbalances it caused in people.
As leaders lead with any kind of Zen ability, they bask in the simplicity. Whether minimalism or stregnth of silence.
The rules of Zen as a boss are pretty simple as well. If a leader is afraid they attract more fear. The whole team senses it. It attracts more to be afraid of.
As stillness is emphasized in this practice, probably more so than I can recollect, it creates an atmosphere to let the light in, rather than strictly being the light.
Cultivating Attention in all it's nuances is an art form.
Our posture.
Our behavior.
The foods we pay attention to.
The whole deal.
Sutras is an old Sanskrit term, that refers to the teaching of Buddha that was put into writing. Passed down orally from generation to generation. This is how Zen has remained relevant. Not because a monk is selling you some karma beads near Times Square. Or you lit a candle at a Buddhist shrine once. Zen Meditation is the emphasis on how you live and see life every moment.

Ian Hosein
Formal Realities of Truth.

As The Bible gets explored we see remnants of Psychedelics and Meditation. Could the spiritual revival have anything to do with spiritual openness? Are we bound to only sing songs to spirits that have no seeds, no bloom whatsoever? The Formal Reality is our brains have specific receptors that are never truly separate from our surrounding nature. Such builds our cultural norms and neurological advancement. The base of religious experience is to feel enlightenment. To break out of the illusion of separation and into a certain wholeness. Everyday reality has brought us war, terrorism, great environmental struggles, and this is seen as normalized, it's insane.

Some will put the value on life's experience more than material ownership. Your mind knows the answers to what will truly make you happy. As Albert Einstein famously said, "You can't fix a problem with the same consciousness or thinking that got you into the situation".

Our collective consciousness needs to change, as slow as it may seem. That is the only real change we know.

A person stays grounded in the mortal, giving value to life should never cease in any circumstance. But convictions of spirituality keep the faith alive that there is something way bigger going on.

Ian Hosein
Defining Normal: The Breaks in Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia as an issue is very cultural.
As North America writes it off as insane. If we took the entire "healthy" community everyone could be prescribed medication. Something could be wrong with everyone, with these protocols.
But you take specific villages in Africa and India, such schizo behavior is seen as gifted. You are given the room to act out, as weird it sounds…it is seen as a deep spiritual connection.
The connection is not broken. There is meaningness is such an unexplainable.
If a person loses community, the person begins to suffer. Because the brain itself is a social entity.

Ian Hosein
Analysis of Chopra's Omega Dialogue.

When Deepak Chopra spoke at Omega, it cut me to the core.

His expertise in medical, holistic, and the biology of aging, just an on-point explanation of what it is to feel whole.

The fluctuations of sex hormone, how we increase our capacities physically, mentally every day. Such a bio-stat never has a specific quick fix.

One's reality is an interpretation of the intention. You can think oh I'm in my late thirties… my life is dull, I'm physically not 21 anymore.

Your mindset is in the negative, to begin with. As you have a physical age, you also have a psychological age expressed through personality and awareness.

Why do we remain in such a place where we always want what we can't have. Appreciation of all living things in a such way provides, almost naturally to all.

Ian Hosein
Praising Emotions, from a Qualitative Perspective.

We indulge in our feelings so that they could be defined as satisfactory and positive. But do such objectives meet our intrinsic needs? Positive energy in health-related fields has been categorized as a high motivator for sure, but sometimes we simply can't force ourselves to stay in that mindset.

Helping people makes one feel fulfilled, if you are next to them in very serious and critical situations and showing you care, it solves one's worth. The ability to solve problems shows a person they are not powerless and have control over their emotional intelligence.

Doing the right thing for example isn't always positive. But it echoes the emotions within us, very situational.

It can go from one extreme to the other, but high satisfaction to doubts of yourself are not unusual.

At the end of the day, you remain the decision-maker. So that power within never truly leaves a person.

Besides critical emergencies, you have the opportunity to always flourish and grow. Day in and day out.

Ian Hosein
Depression - How Strengthening Our Mind Can Battle It.

Depressive diagnoses vary from person to person. It doesn’t categorize a person as being mentally slow, or unintelligent but rather a mood an individual can’t break out of. Like many medical professionals, more than I can name in a blog post, have categorized levels of depression and unnatural thoughts as being a physiological imbalance. We have made incredible strides toward awareness, regardless. Seeing people as fragile, and when these thoughts attack a person, they are liable to unnatural behavior. The solutions are out there, but they require a change in a person. A person has to be willing to change. Not indulging in downers like alcohol, being in nature more, getting more exercise. Making healthy choices according to diet restrictions. Venting. Establishing faith, a power greater than one's self, while maintaining the self-importance of you as an individual.
Depression isn't directly linked to suicidal thoughts. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, only 30% of people experiencing depression also have thoughts of suicide.
Behavioral interventions have become all too common in our society. Control and active treatment will bring out solutions such as meditation and mindful decisions. Reading self-help and not thinking you're on your own is critical as one develops this situation. Being knowledgeable in such can make all the difference in how one approaches life's challenges. Rather than embracing straight sorrow, sleeping to solve problems, or placing the responsibility of blame on everyone and anyone.

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