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Consumer Behavior and Colorful Aesthetic: Selling The Christmas Spirit.

Nov 25, 2022
Ian Hosein
Core Spirit member since May 17, 2021
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Gifts and Decor are about to push through its final session of 2022. Between gas prices and record inflation, businesses have to make worthwhile decisions in order for anyone to give them the time of day.

On a positive note we are back in full swing to in person interaction. That of course is much better when we are solidifying tradition. Often times targeting the emotional and style of the consumer is the best aspect of representation. According to American and World reports.

Nostalgia of those we lost during the pandemic. May reconnect current consumers to their buying patterns.
We simply don't want to trash the inner peace culture of people but more so focus on that reuse and repurpose aspect we all pocess.

Most marketing procedures use togetherness, something to bring us all together. Often colorful designs and aesthetics bring in the eyes. Bland and drab bring out sadness emotions in people. That is the last thing businesses need.
Tech and Trendy usually aim towards being timeless for the time. They are expected to sell regardless because it has become almost a necessity to this generation.

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