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Our Environmental Hills

Aug 23, 2022
Ian Hosein
Core Spirit member since May 17, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

Ok lets admit it to ourselves. We wore the facemask or maybe we still are for over 2 years. Even if we took breaks from having it on, our circulation just isn't the same. Many people and I've heard from trusted collelegues and from my own view working in public health through the years. You need to be outside as much as you can. Go run or walk outside everyday. Take on some nature trails, after preparation and know-how with an app like ALLTRAILS. Have the social aspect of playing sports with your friends and family. Just don't think you are a robot clog, that has to succumb to everything at the concern of your very well-being. A company probably wants to see you are smart enough to look after yourself anyway. Which still isn't their job.

Fame itself as a person giving meditation guidance or the team that surrounds myself, is well fleeting. It means next to nothing if the community is not sustained.

The will for any of us isn't an easy way. It never really is. It's the problems in the individual. I wish it could just be solved by a political party or even a thought of a day but it just can't. We have to face certain things in our life and we have to start going about getting those things solved. That is the only way an individual can start to see some success.

I'm not exactly negative about any of that, though. The people I've dealt with here on 1 on 1's. The people that have spoken to me privately. The people I've worked with have grown. You know why? We kept an ear out for each other. We just didn't break ties and wonder why people never grew.

Taking a step back from whatever you are used to, is a step of freedom. Its that kind of bravery that goes beyond someone just telling you to stop what you are doing.

I think that's brave in itself, the bravery to know you took that first step even if the problem itself hasn't been solved automatically.

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