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Nature, A Younger Generation's Cure For Expensive Sadness.
Dec 4, 2022

Reading time 5 min.

When you meet younger people. We call them rugrats. You probably see some that have this dismal outlook. This sort of inate sadness about the existince of it all. It's no surprise the claims of mental uneasiness and addiction because they cannot function it out.
We lose our true spirit and start turning towards easy answers, when they are really not easy whatsoever.
Studying older generations and civilizations and how they dealt with these problems. Is an aha moment and technique that help us all question our similar reality.
Admiring nature and simple moments, help us all understand ourselves. Why don't we take in the sights more than we exhale the loud and hatred towards everything.
Park places in regularity has been scientifically proven to be more effective than the western dependence on accupunture and massages. World Report, Park Reserves Review, All TRAILS App, and Patagonia studies.
Pilgrimages to Mother Earth sanctuaries gets us to step beyond our own mind. We are now the planet and the weight is off our shoulders.
We just do these things to remember who we are, not because we don't understand ourselves.

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Afsheen Shah
Dec 20, 2022

Yes, I recently read a study that as humans we spend 93% of our life indoors (homes, work, vehicles, transportation). That is so sad to think about. Getting outside in nature is so grounding and can really help you come back to yourself.

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