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Depression - How Strengthening Our Mind Can Battle It.
Jun 3, 2021

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Depressive diagnoses vary from person to person. It doesn’t categorize a person as being mentally slow, or unintelligent but rather a mood an individual can’t break out of. Like many medical professionals, more than I can name in a blog post, have categorized levels of depression and unnatural thoughts as being a physiological imbalance. We have made incredible strides toward awareness, regardless. Seeing people as fragile, and when these thoughts attack a person, they are liable to unnatural behavior. The solutions are out there, but they require a change in a person. A person has to be willing to change. Not indulging in downers like alcohol, being in nature more, getting more exercise. Making healthy choices according to diet restrictions. Venting. Establishing faith, a power greater than one's self, while maintaining the self-importance of you as an individual.
Depression isn't directly linked to suicidal thoughts. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, only 30% of people experiencing depression also have thoughts of suicide.
Behavioral interventions have become all too common in our society. Control and active treatment will bring out solutions such as meditation and mindful decisions. Reading self-help and not thinking you're on your own is critical as one develops this situation. Being knowledgeable in such can make all the difference in how one approaches life's challenges. Rather than embracing straight sorrow, sleeping to solve problems, or placing the responsibility of blame on everyone and anyone.

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Yes. Very insightful. All great minds have experienced a great pain is what I try to reiterate.

I also had such a period in my youth, when nothing worked out in my life. Once I heard one such wise phrase, with which I immediately agreed, for after so many years of difficult life I myself came to this. The essence of the phrase was as follows: "all the problems are in our head!"
I understood this before, but because of the chaos inside I could not form this thought on my own. People who think about suicide, they reason with their mind, which is tired of internal chaos, decline. This is the reason for our depression: we succumb to self-destructive thoughts that destroy our consciousness. This is what needs to be treated first!

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