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A Brief Analysis of Divisions in The Brain.

Jun 29, 2021
Ian Hosein
Core Spirit member since May 17, 2021
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Two hemispheres of the brain see things differently. The left is there to manipulate. The right is there to relate and overall understanding. Do we need both? Why yes, but the left has been taking over Western Civilized Thought. People have begun minimalizing the right brain's functionality, simply lost in doing what it takes with takeover consumerism. The problem thusly is not external but within our self. As psychiatrists jump on this train, many are writing these thoughts off as Freudian, or Darwinian in nature. Fringe ideas that have no real base in reality. But how does your brain functionality affect your everyday routine? Do you feel you never take moments for yourself? Or try to understand others' points of view? Do you not feel the need to explain every racy joke you mindlessly regurgitate?

What impels people to study medicine is understanding why we do the things we do. Why do we get lost in dirty habits, why do feel we have to control everything?

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