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Strong Sleep is Magic Working.

Nov 12, 2022
Ian Hosein
Core Spirit member since May 17, 2021
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We all know sleep is important. We need not only adequate but quality as well.

"Ugh. Why do I need to sleep. I'll sleep when I'm dead", people.

Has caught up with them in the worst ways. Mainly because sleep is the only opportunity given to your brain and body to recover.
Muscles, Cells, our very organs repair during this time. Kind of like how we don't hit the weight in the gym every day.

In the very same way this cycle helps makes our system stronger.

Sleep can come naturally. Without melatonin, similar supplementals, and the like. Ususally occuring in strong metabolic output individuals. The healthier the metabolism, the healthier the sleep pattern. Proven Science.

Think of sleep beyond these health promotions though. Think of it as important as hygiene. You need to brush your teeth, you need 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Mental and Physical HYGIENE.

There are determinants in sleep that are out of our control. Significantly the brain activity. Which is a phenomenom on it's own.

Sleep Deprivation targets diabetics Type 2 and the obese, the most. Something about the glucose levels beings out of whack that cause abberations in pattern and health of "shut-down" mode. This concept is backed by major health care journals like Umberalla Review and Mayo as per 2021.

People get it sleep is complex. So an article can't solve someone's issue. You have to consult a physician. Who will probably organize a sleep study and move you forward. Look at the discepancies nation to nation. Mexico views sleep very different than The United States or UK. Sleep itself is normal, because it's normal to you.

Something to keep in mind as we should all take this recovery time as seriously as we can.

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Afsheen Shah2y ago

I love the idea of sleep hygiene. I have an evening routine that helps me fall asleep.