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Formal Realities of Truth.
Jun 22, 2021

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As The Bible gets explored we see remnants of Psychedelics and Meditation. Could the spiritual revival have anything to do with spiritual openness? Are we bound to only sing songs to spirits that have no seeds, no bloom whatsoever? The Formal Reality is our brains have specific receptors that are never truly separate from our surrounding nature. Such builds our cultural norms and neurological advancement. The base of religious experience is to feel enlightenment. To break out of the illusion of separation and into a certain wholeness. Everyday reality has brought us war, terrorism, great environmental struggles, and this is seen as normalized, it's insane.

Some will put the value on life's experience more than material ownership. Your mind knows the answers to what will truly make you happy. As Albert Einstein famously said, "You can't fix a problem with the same consciousness or thinking that got you into the situation".

Our collective consciousness needs to change, as slow as it may seem. That is the only real change we know.

A person stays grounded in the mortal, giving value to life should never cease in any circumstance. But convictions of spirituality keep the faith alive that there is something way bigger going on.

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