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6 ways to clean your Karma
Sep 21, 2021

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Are you struggling with low self-esteem lately? Lack of productivity, overthink, or crippled by fears? Maybe it’s time for you to cleanse your karma.

But what is “karma” anyway?

Karma quite literally means ‘action’. Not only a physical one, your words and your thoughts are action too. We used to think that karma is a punishment or payback and indeed, our negative actions, thoughts and words come back to us over time in the form of problems, failures, illnesses and suffering.

But at the same time, it is often forgotten that the law of karma applies to all our actions, and not only to negative ones. Therefore, in the same way, all our good deeds, words and thoughts accumulate our good karma and return back to our life, bringing opportunities, success, health, harmonious relationships, joy, happiness, etc.

To put it simply - karma means that everything that you do has its consequences. So, in order to cleanse your karma all you have to do is change your negative way of thinking into a positive one and do more kind actions.

Here’s some tips for you that will help you to do that:

  • Let go of the past.

Be present. Be in the moment.

  • Learn to forgive yourself and others.

This is the most difficult yet the most important thing, but we are confident that you can and will do it.

  • Act with affection.

Towards everybody, regardless of what they do.

  • Be thankful

For everything that you've experienced, no matter how great or awful it was.

  • A negative attitude creates negative energy.

Keep an eye on that.

  • Meditate.

Whenever you can, however you want. Use guided meditations or just go with a

Remember that karma isn’t punishment. It is an energetic response to you, and to what you do. It is a mirror. It responds to your own actions and thoughts, flawlessly and without question because it is energetically bound to do just that. It swings with equal power into the negative or the positive polarity.

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