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Mother Gaia

Dec 18, 2021
Andrew Clare
Core Spirit member since Dec 18, 2021
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Mother Gaia

Since the beginning of time there have been many chords that join us to spirit, our ancestors and the great mystery. The avenues of light, pathways of knowledge and the thread of understanding that teach to grow in consciousness. When we divert as we have done in our culture and time it takes a painful awakening process to release what we have been taught, that our culture and traditions are fundamentally leading us astray from our ingrained sense of oneness with mother earth and our spiritual inheritance.

When we take time to bath in the light of understanding, which is there for us through all time, always accessible, despite our wanderings and disbelief, we can fathom out quickly, very quickly that our birthright and ancestry is to be one with mother earth, in guardianship and harmony with the land, fostering a symbiotic relationship with the cycles of the seasons and the forces of the earth. I implore you to reach inside yourself and ask one question and that is: Am I in harmony with this great mother of mine, do I wish to nourish, care and love her as she loves me?

Kiata - channeled via Andrew David Clare

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