Soul Retrieval Journey

healing session
$30 USD
$30 USD

Multidimensional Soul Retrieval - a healing method to return lost soul fragments from the past, present and future. The practitioner directs and moves energy to restore harmony within the individual due to trauma, shock, illness and abuse. It also seeks to bring harmony between the individual and other people, places and objects, through resolving all relationship ties in the physical realm and the spiritual realms, both in this life and past lives, across all timelines.

A Traditional Shaman works in a voluntary, ecstatic trance state, altering their consciousness to transverse the other dimensions of reality or to act as a receptive vehicle for spirit, with an ablity to tap into streams of consciousness, memories, information, inspiration, creativity and sound. They are said to walk between worlds, briding the gap between ordinary and non-ordinary reality.

Shamanic Healing serves to remove energies that are inappropriately present, or by returning energies that have been lost. This includes soul retrieval to assist embodiment of your whole-self by returning lost soul parts, or integrating aspect of yourself that may have left the physical body, or be hidden within the emotional body or the psyche. In this sense, shamanism is a relationship-based practice of making changes in non-ordinary reality to positively affect our every-day-lives. Integration of Energy can occur when an individual wishes to be supported by such work; where there is space held, with time and intention, for the integration and processing that an individual must do to complete the healing process.

This session is a one-to-one healing conducted from my healing studio, connecting to you energetically in dreamtime and returning lost soul parts through a shamanic journey. You will receive a verbal journey of thesoul parts returned to you and any other energy work that is taking place during the session, to the best of my abilty.

1 soul parts will be returned to you for $15. This represents excellent value for money for a face-to-face video call.

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Andrew is a shaman and authentic channel for spirit with 30 years involvement of spirit and mediumship.

One-to-one sessions, sound journeys and energy work within and outside the body’s energy field utilsing channeled shamanic song and mantra. Restore balance on every level — physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

13 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2021


Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Sound Activation
Nearest available time:
Sep 30, 2023, 12:00
$20 USD
healing session

Vocal Transmissions with Andrew, utilising Vocal Sound Channeling, Light Language, Spirit Drum, Shruti and Tibetan Singing Bowls; to align or attune all levels of our Being, bringing them into vibrational harmony, allowing you space to connect and embody your true divine self.

The Channeled Sacred Sound will be a transmission of intuitive throat singing, overtones, polyphonic sounding and ancestral song to guide you through a very dynamic and active Journey within, to help you root into your body and to help dissolve issues and traumas past and present. Align, balance and activate the chakras and energy centres. Conscious shamanic connection and embodiment of Spirit to channel divine healing energy through voice, hands and instrument to bring about shifts and activations.

Powerful energy work to help you embody all-that-you-are, offering a grounded and expansive experience, relating to you as you are in the present moment, and offering sessions that can be powerful or gentle depending on your needs.

  • Guided Meditation
  • Sacred Sound Transmissions
  • Light Codes & Activation
  • Throat Singing
  • Ancestral Song
  • Overtoning
Andrew Clare
Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Space Clearing
Nearest available time:
Sep 30, 2023, 12:00
$30 USD
healing session

How it works: I use Shamanic Journeying tools to connect with the space and with my guide and helpers. I then remote view the house clairvoyantly and intuitively so that I can remove and transmute energies from my clients’ living or work spaces to restore energy, harmony, peace, flow, and promote growth in their home and their lives.

Once this work is completed, clients often report feeling more grounded, relaxed, energised, and that they feel more harmonious energies in the home.

Working with clients remotely, I open sacred space and commune with the House, the Land Energy, and with Spirit to intuit what is needed. I ask for information and guidance for you in relation to your space. Then I rattle and sage the home, office, or building within sacred space remotely holding the vision of the space in my mind while I shamanically journey - meaning, I go into a mild trance state - to the Spirit world or ‘non-physical reality.’

I will conduct healing and clearing of the space, for removal of that which is not serving the highest good. I usually visualise each energy that is removed, enabling me to write a report about the experience.

This is a remote healing for any location. You receive a written report.

Andrew Clare
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