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Jun 21, 2021

To function more in the 5D unity consciousness, we have to purify and harmonize the main 5 multidimensional aspects of the body.

Remember, our soul is already ascended, our soul functions already in the 5D and above, so most of the journey here on Earth is about fine tuning the body to be able to embody more the frequency of the soul and the new ascension frequencies that are constantly being integrated into Earth's grid (4D, 5D).

As I mentioned, our body contains 5 layers. These layers are completely activated, integrated and harmonized, in the 5D. These layers (bodies) are:
- the physical body
- the magnetic body (feminine)
- the electric body (masculine)
- the light body (soul)
- the subconscious body (DNA programming)

Within these 5 bodies there are other layers as well. All of them are being upgraded in the 5D with new frequencies and codes of functioning that are new for us because we never walked the Earth in 5D on a grand scale.

We had glimpses throughout our long forgotten Lemuria, Atlantis, a little bit in the Oldest Kingdom of ancient Egypt, and in other incarnations on other constellations thoughout our galaxy. Now we remember more and more, as our planet ascends.

However, the process is real. The transition is real and without the proper guidance it can take way longer than it has too. It took me 8 years at least to purify all my bodies to a degree that I feel mostly integrated and stabilized in 5D.

Times are different now as we are processing even faster. My mission here is to help the advanced souls and Starseeds who are ready for this journey. Who are ready to integrate and embody more their 5D consciousness. On a practical level, not just in theory. Reach out to me directly if you feel this calling!

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