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Jun 21, 2021

I was writing this today in my book and I felt to share it with you because I personally felt so much with it:

"Your civilization has never been more ready for the next step in evolution.
You carry a unique blueprint in your DNA because of your Starseed-Earthlings mixing history, which makes you be one with all beings, not only on an awareness level but on a physical level as well.

For this reason Earth and your civilization teach us all in the Galaxy and beyond something extremely valuable that was never experienced before in this way. We hope you can see the vastness, beauty, and importance of this, and what it actually means to be human.

You are not just rising as a species in a way that no other civilization did before, but with your rising, you are closing separation timeliness not only on your planet, but in this Galaxy and beyond.

This will have a ripple effect throughout the entire universe.

This is monumental and now you can see even clearer why we are fascinated by you, why we are interested in your evolution so closely over the years and why we volunteered to add to your human journey and support your ascension whenever you are open to receive.

As you learn from us, we are learning from you as well!"

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