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Hatha Yoga Class

$10 USD

Hatha yoga offers a good contrast to our busy lives as it provides the opportunity to unwind, stretch, and ease away the tension of your day. Hatha Yoga has been shown to have many calming and well-being benefits.

My classes last 30 minutes and will start with a gentle warm-up then advance to more physical asanas (poses). The class ends with Savasana (the pose of total relaxation). Casses are suitable for beginners. My classes are currently held via Zoom.

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I am a qualified yoga teacher & nutritionist. I teach Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga and advise on nutrition, diets, and leading a healthy holistic lifestyle

I provide nutritional advice and individually tailored weight loss & exercise plans.
Qualifications include Nutrition & Lifestyle in Pregnancy Course; ‘Understanding Obesity’, Yoga & Physiology

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

Yoga Therapy
$84 USD
Yoga Therapy

The aim of yoga therapy is to work together with an individual or sometimes groups of clients to find the most appropriate techniques to help improve health and wellbeing. Supporting any ongoing issues that might be causing stress or some of the other neg…

Sharon Twidale
Mindful Eating
$14 USD
21 Day Healthy Eating Plan

If you’re fed up with yo-yo dieting, join my 21-day healthy eating plan and get over 60 breakfast, lunch, evening meal, and snack recipes sent to you daily. The plan gives you daily recipes for breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. All recipes are calorie…

Sharon Twidale
Mindful Eating
$85 USD
Nutritional Consultatiom

Eating well is vital for good health and feeling revitalized. What you eat can influence how you feel, your ability to concentrate, your ability to enjoy life and your resistance to infections.
I am a qualified nutritionist & weight consultant. I can…

Sharon Twidale
Hatha yoga
$58 USD
10 x 30 minute Private Yoga Lessons

Get fit, tone & strengthen your body and lose weight with my private yoga lessons.

Suitable for beginners

Tailored for your own level of fitness

Get Fit

Tone & Strengthen your body

Lose Weight

Improve Flexibility and Balance

Relieve Anxiet…

Sharon Twidale
Career Coaching
$168 USD
therapy session
The 6 week menopause programme

The six week course includes a nutritional consultation, dietary and lifestyle advice, how to manage the symptoms, how to avoid weight gains, how to protect your heart and bones, how to protect your mental health and wellbeing. We will have weekly private…

Sharon Twidale
Plant-based Diet
$174 USD
12 Week Vegan Diet Plan

I have devised the 12-week vegan diet plan to support people who would like help and advice as they transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle or want to improve their vegan health. It is also suitable for partners and families who would like to understand …

Sharon Twidale
Weight Watchers Diet
$56 USD
28 Day Individual Diet Plan

Everyone has different weight loss requirements, that’s why my 28 day individual diet plan will make losing weight easier for you.

In our busy lives, it can be difficult to find the motivation to undertake a diet and exercise plan when we want to lose we…

Sharon Twidale
Nutritional Therapy
$49 USD
Nutritional Therapy

The aim of Nutritional Therapy is to improve wellbeing through diet and lifestyle. Based on nutritional science, Nutritional Therapy focuses on the therapeutic aspects of certain foods to achieve optimal health and peak performance. It takes into conside…

Sharon Twidale

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