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Jun 21, 2021

Hello beautiful souls, I channeled this in writing from the Arcturians and it will be in my book. Enjoy!

"For us, time doesn’t exist as it exists for you. We don’t have the concept of “past, present, future”.

Time for us represents a state of consciousness that is accessed through presence. When we access
this state of presence that you describe as “the now moment”, we are accessing every possibility that
is available in the universal creation from our consciousness perspective, in the 9th dimension.

From here we can explore and create anything that our current dimension of consciousness allows us
to. We, and you and all other beings in this universe, all have access to the same now moment.

You as humans there on Earth at this time, also have access to the same now moment, however,
your possibilities are limited to your current dimension of consciousness available, which is the 3rd,
4th, and the 5th.

There is no other now, and there is no separation between any event that was recorded in the
existence of our known universe.

This means that any memory, any experience that you had in the past or you might have in the future, is accessible and available to you through the now

You can access through the quantum field any memory of what you call “past” and change it, or any vision of what you call future, and integrate it as your reality, whenever you want. This is called timeline shifting/collapsing …"

The rest is longer and it goes more into depth, this is just an excerpt that I felt guided to share. Does it makes sense for you?

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