Grief work

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$125 USD
$125 USD

What Grief is …
What Grief is not…

Grief and Grieving support for anyone wanting to integrate Grief into their lives.

Grief integration happens as we talk, press on points, listen and be with whatever you have.

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Lamia Gibson2021-09-10 19:53 UTC


this is a place for you to be heard and understood and for you to harmonize with you, and that might be your inner peace. here for any other questions,

Lamia Gibson2021-05-27 01:05 UTC

Hi Joan, Thanks for your message. These sessions are 50 min. we meet online and you share what you have about grief and I meet you with Empathy, Acupoints and stretches and breathwork that help to Integrate Grief. It is an opportunity for you to be understood and receive care from Traditional East Asian Medicine practices. Here for any other questions you have :).

with care, Lamia

Joan Wilson2021-05-25 14:07 UTC

Hi! This is really interesting. I would like to know exactly how the sessions goes. Thx in advance!

Loya Griff2021-04-12 11:04 UTC

I want to be heard, I want inner peace, because I have problems in my family, is this right for me?))

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