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Wisdom Within
Apr 26, 2024, 07:00
Freedom from fears, blocks and limiting beliefs

Want to be free to be you again? Want to get rid of annoying fears, phobias or unwanted thoughts?
Welcome to the right place where we reprogram our minds!

I have an extensive experience in using Neuro Linguistic Programming, the same set of techniques used on stage by Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler.

I ran my NLP clinic for years offline, clearing phobias, fears, addictions and enhancing confidence, and I worked with success on dozens of different conditions.

Now online I have worked with clients from many different backgrounds.
It doesn't matter if you want more success or u want to relax your nerves before a date, or more...with our great mind technology it's all possibile!

This session is very powerful, and can set you free to experience life again as you would love.
My approach is gentle but persuasive to guide you to the desired goal.
What to expect:

-More freedom in life
-Being liberated from what was holding you back
-More Ease

This method is time tested and can bring you to feel free to dare again in life!
We can create a custom session for you! Don't hesitate to contact me !

Please write to me for info & setting a time for our call.

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Jason Demant
Apr 26, 2024, 08:00
Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) for Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety hypnotherapy reduces anxiety, stress and related challenges such as social anxiety, phobias, unhelpful thoughts or low mood.

I treat anxiety by using clinical hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy for anxiety aims to target the causes of anxiety and bring more mental and emotional calmness and physical relaxation. Anxiety and confidence are connected and sessions provide skills to feel more confident and resilient in a true deeper way. Clients learn to utilise inner resources and increase real lasting self esteem.

I frequently use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help people reconsider or take on new and more productive thought patterns. I may also use Mindfulness based approaches to give clients, easy to learn, takeaway skills to manage and reduce stress or anxiety for life.

This session could be just what you need. Feel more calm and in control today.

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Eleonore Stephan
Apr 25, 2024, 23:30
Break Free from Phobias, Pain, Anxiety and Fears

You can overcome phobias, pain and negative thoughts that keep you stuck. With imagery, counselling, hypnotherapy and energy psychology techniques you can restore energy and enthusiam for life.
By clearing unconscious negative programming, it enables your conscious and unconscious mind to work together and you get to create and Live The Life you were mean to enjoy.

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Eleonore Stephan
Apr 25, 2024, 23:30
Trauma, Abuse, PTSD

This 6 hour program will clear all the unconscious triggers and programming that keep you stuck in fear and overwhelm.

With imagery, counselling, hypnotherapy and energy psychology techniques you can restore energy and enthusiam for life.

Delivered over 3 x 2hour sessions and based on the Richards Trauma process it delivers amazing results. Get your life back now.

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Jane Nash
Apr 26, 2024, 03:00

A series of 6 sessions which will help you set goals, overcome procrastination, learn how to make good decisions and find the motivation to live the life you want. No therapy-all strategies and learning.

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Megan Stoddard
Apr 25, 2024, 07:00
VIP Breakthrough Day

You know that you’re capable of so much more. You know that you WANT so much more. And yet, you feel so bogged down by the fog of your own mind, and that low state of mental health is keeping you stuck.

I’m not saying you can’t break through those barriers on your own; but how freeing will it feel to receive the guidance you need to easily and efficiently break through your mindset blocks and effortlessly elevate your vibration, and level up your very being?

What does effortless elevation look like for you? Maybe it’s no longer feeling trapped by anxiety…maybe it’s increasing your wealth…maybe it’s making decisions based on love rather than fear. Whatever that looks like for you, I have exactly what you need.

The Elevate Breakthrough Experience is exactly what you need, and what you deserve, to quantum leap and truly break free from whatever mental chains have been holding you back.

This experience is the most intimate process you will ever experience; you get to have my full attention as your Master Coach & Practitioner (I am Master Certified in Hypnotherapy, NLP, TIME, and more) for an entire day. I will send you a beautiful custom package in the mail with hand-picked items to assist you in your breakthrough (crystals, journal, whatever we discuss as being most helpful for you specifically)

Through powerful conversation, we will dig deep into your juicy subconscious mind, and wring out anything and everything that has been keeping you stuck; whether that be in your career, your relationships, your finances - anything! You will have 1:1 access to my deep arsenal of tools, techniques, and resources to uproot whatever is no longer serving you, so you can finally let them go.

Every single one of your desires are available to you this very second. All you have to do to claim them is commit to claiming them. Schedule your 30 minute pre-breakthrough consultation.

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John James Santangelo PhD
Apr 25, 2024, 16:00
Agoura Hills, CA, USA

As your ‘NLP results coach we’ll begin by simply helping you define exactly what “it” is, simply create a plan that works for YOU, and then support you in this new direction… most importantly; teach you strategies so you can motivate yourself on a more consistent basis so you can GET THERE!

If you’re NOT getting what you want on your own, consider working with me as your NLP results coach. I will become your biggest supporter in helping you define EXACTLY what you want and EMPOWER you to take action so you’ll begin to develop new habits of consistently. This is what you need, Yes? Clarity, Direction & Support!

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Lightworker Laura
Apr 26, 2024, 10:00
NLP hypnosis session for empaths and HSP's for 60 minutes

This session helps you, dear sensitive person, to heal your life from your problems and toxic energies. We will chat a bit first about your life and the difficult situations you are going through and after that, we will do a hypnosis session. You will receive a new way of thinking and start to heal your life.

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LaQuita Fergerson
Apr 26, 2024, 13:00
Time Line Therapy®

One-Hour Session

Are you tired of feeling controlled by negative emotions?

Negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt prevent people from clearly seeing their true potential and achieving the quality of life they desire.

Time Line Therapy®, developed by Dr. Tad James enables you to eliminate the issues that first introduced these negative emotions in your pathology.

Less invasive as some traditional forms of trauma therapy, Time Line Therapy® helps you resolve the negative emotions attached to certain events and help you gain clarity.

Where there is Clarity, then Empowerment follows.

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Sampada Kathuria
Apr 26, 2024, 03:30

Offering Psychotherapy to provide a safe place for expression of one’s narrative of experiences, feelings and thoughts.
Offering NLP Techniques for empowering the clients with ability to heal, and learn skills for efficient living.

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