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You know that you’re capable of so much more. You know that you WANT so much more. And yet, you feel so bogged down by the fog of your own mind, and that low state of mental health is keeping you stuck.

I’m not saying you can’t break through those barriers on your own; but how freeing will it feel to receive the guidance you need to easily and efficiently break through your mindset blocks and effortlessly elevate your vibration, and level up your very being?

What does effortless elevation look like for you? Maybe it’s no longer feeling trapped by anxiety…maybe it’s increasing your wealth…maybe it’s making decisions based on love rather than fear. Whatever that looks like for you, I have exactly what you need.

The Elevate Breakthrough Experience is exactly what you need, and what you deserve, to quantum leap and truly break free from whatever mental chains have been holding you back.

This experience is the most intimate process you will ever experience; you get to have my full attention as your Master Coach & Practitioner (I am Master Certified in Hypnotherapy, NLP, TIME, and more) for an entire day. I will send you a beautiful custom package in the mail with hand-picked items to assist you in your breakthrough (crystals, journal, whatever we discuss as being most helpful for you specifically)

Through powerful conversation, we will dig deep into your juicy subconscious mind, and wring out anything and everything that has been keeping you stuck; whether that be in your career, your relationships, your finances - anything! You will have 1:1 access to my deep arsenal of tools, techniques, and resources to uproot whatever is no longer serving you, so you can finally let them go.

Every single one of your desires are available to you this very second. All you have to do to claim them is commit to claiming them. Schedule your 30 minute pre-breakthrough consultation.

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I am a Master Certified Life Coach & Hypnotherapist. I coach women to improve their mental health, be fully immersed in this human experience and all it has to offer (enjoyable or otherwise), and to continuously capitalize on opportunities for progress and expansion. I also host my podcast, The Elevate Empire Podcast. Looking forward to meeting you!

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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$7999 USD
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