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Just Accessing My Chances Here
Jan 17, 2024

Wow!, almost the end of the first month in the new year. It sure flies. Time. Writing here had been fun but a little confusing. By that I mean I found it hard to market my writing here for that us what I regard as my practice.

I don't really have the expertise I see some market here in a way I see them do it. And my expertise is what I have been writing here. Do these my postings pass as one? I think the practice here refers to those with the special skills I see them market not writing skills...

The attitude I have been experiencing here has something to do with the site belonging to specific kind is skill people. Not writers like me. The issue here with me is that I don't possess such skill. I don't know how else to market my writings and instructions and advice that comes with them at times outside what people know already and possess too. A writer doing what I do must have the skills I have, right?

The Idea of writers, those with just writing skills competing with those with special skills of healing of every kind is disturbing to me. Doctors and specialists of every kind is disarming to say the least. The most critical point of being member of here is to sell, market your expertise and attract those that needs your services. Meaning that those seeking for the type of help you renders knows sites to go looking for them.

Not as if I have been beaten to coma, or given technical knock out by these competitors here or something, but for sure, the exhibition, the colorful spreads can be scary at times. The presentations of what they can do or can not do can be intimidating. Do they truly possess those skills?

Not doubting them, suspecting them or something. I am from a society where titles go before the persons bearing them to open doors. They don't market themselves, their titles market them. Rather, they compliment themselves. I am guessing that the conglomeration of them in one space confuses me at times.

I am guessing I need to equip myself more to stand a chance of being pick out here one day by magic or miracles that is not short from the arrays of professionals I encount here each day.

To be a millionaire, think like one. Am I patching myself up psychologically? Something like that. I guess that about twenty or more professionals are qualified here to analyze this my writing and come out with what will cure this my rambling.

I don't lose hope easily or cower in the same rate, I like to stand my ground and fight. And that is what I intend to do this year.

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