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Your Family and Society - Their Fault You Stay The Same

Jul 10, 2024
Luna Phoenix Camille
Core Spirit member since Oct 25, 2023
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I am practicing Abraham Hicks’ teachings and applying Joe Dispenza’s teachings to my everyday situations. I am learning so much. I am learning to change my thought patterns so that I can change my reality; your thoughts and feelings create your reality. But to change your reality, you must align yourself with the energy and frequency that allow you to shift into a new reality. This takes time and patience. It is so exhausting, and I have been doing this since I discovered the law of manifestation when I was twenty years old. I have been creating small spells to help shift since I was twelve years old as a pagan and a wiccan polytheist using Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist teachings. But as I grew up, I could only absorb and understand so much in my young mind. Since I had no other people around me to teach me, I had to learn these topics myself. I am now beginning to add these teachings to Alchemy, using sigils to help me shift my reality. Bob Proctor has been speaking about mentalism for decades, as have many others.

Society Structure

Society is set up in a particular design—dictatorship, capitalism—so that we are more easily manipulated to conform. When we conform, we accept a restrictive mentality, behavior, and negative patterns, and then seek escapism, which is not always healthy. Drugs, alcohol, and emotional eating are all ways to mask underlying trauma that our society perpetuates, creating a negative cycle and a sheep mentality.

We vote for local and worldwide politicians, giving them the responsibility to design society. But when we do this, we relinquish our power, causing obstruction to the universe’s plan of building a community of brothers and sisters through Marxism and true communism—autonomy from the state, financial freedom. Why does society use the term “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? Is it not better to be a wolf, for it is the wolf who shields himself/herself from the shackles of our toxic society? Throughout the centuries, society has been on a witch hunt for those who were different and hunted wolves because they were afraid of their power. This is the best analogy for those who can truly change the system. “Be the change you wish to see.” —Mahatma Gandhi

Family Structure

When our parents decide to have babies or, in a high percentage of cases, fall pregnant by accident, perhaps too early in life with an unplanned pregnancy, it is not uncommon for those parents to lack fully formed and developed mental capacities or emotional maturity. If they are unhealed from their own trauma, it is more likely that they will pass down their trauma to their children. So not only do we as children have to heal our own trauma, but we must also cleanse our mind, body, and spirit from the trauma we absorbed from our parents, as well as heal trauma from our ancestors. But I will share with you more: we have to take serious responsibility to heal ourselves from this trauma. Let me also assure you that I validate the emotions you feel during this process of healing.

Your family will more than likely stunt your growth and development. Why? Because in most cases, when parents or guardians have not resolved their own trauma or have not accomplished all of their dreams, they may become envious, bitter, resentful, and angry. From my own personal experience, through my research, and further observation, I have come to the conclusion that when parents and guardians stunt our growth and development, whether consciously or unconsciously, they are inhibiting us and stopping our true spiritual destiny. They are interfering with the grand design of what the universe/source wants for all of us, children of light.

I accept my responsibility in healing myself from my childhood trauma, but it is not without difficulty, challenges, and obstacles. If I have to accept responsibility, then those of a toxic nature must also accept responsibility, but this rarely happens. So what to do? Forgiveness is not for those who hurt and abuse us or toxically stunt us, whether by accident or on purpose. No, forgiveness is for us to move on in harmony and peacefulness. Being in gratitude puts us in alignment with a higher frequency and energy source, in the 5th and upward dimensions. This allows us to shift into a new, better version of ourselves, a new reality that we were destined to live since our birth on this planet. Remember, we are all a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. Don’t allow society to keep you in the Matrix. Awaken, brothers and sisters.

Don’t allow those around you who are not in alignment with your destiny to perpetuate the negative cycle you are in. They will only allow you to reach the heights they can reach, but the further you fly and rise above the ashes, the more you shed the false self created by society and trauma. This false self traps all of us and keeps us from our destiny, keeping us in an ego cycle that wishes us to fail so they can feel better about themselves and their life. When you are ready to shed the ego and dissolve it, it is only then that your soul and mine can be free. Phoenix Rising.


This is the teaching that Abraham Hicks and Joe Dispenza, among others, share. There are amazing motivational speeches on YouTube to listen to that will help you in your re-development to higher destinies. So keep flying and reaching new heights. If you stay true to your heart and soul, you will not fail; you can only win. Then you can guide others to new heights as well.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Luna Phoenix Camille
Growing Through Nature Association (GTNA)

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