Certified Reiki Level 1 Course

$200 USD
$200 USD
Upcoming Event

Courses are available for both adults and children

5 Hour courses class.

Certified Reiki Level I Course

Next date for Reiki level 1 class Sunday June 6th- 3pm -8pm UK Time

First level you learn techniques to assist in helping your body to heal itself ,you can practice these techniques on family, friends, animals and plants as well.

• Learn about history and principles of reiki
• Receive Reiki Level 1 Attunement
• Learn reiki hand positions for self and others
• Learn about chakras and energy body- your aura
• Learn reiki meditations

Reiki is wonderful for releasing stress and anxiety in both adults and children. Many people have found that by experiencing reiki sessions, their symptoms of anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia, chronic stress were greatly reduced and some relieved after a few sessions of reiki. Some clients commented how calm and balanced they felt. Reiki is a very gentle loving energy that open you up and connects you more deeply to your spiritual and authentic self. It can assist you in opening up to your intuition and listen to your inner guidance and knowing.

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Hi I am passionate about adult and children on their journey to health and wellbeing.
I have over 20 years experience
I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher teaching since 1999.
I am a certified Bodytalk Practioner since 2004 and certified Bodytalk access
Trainer in 2008.
My specialty is dealing with stress issues for both adults and child and children on the
autism spectrum using mindfullness

On Core Spirit since May 2020

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Cress Spicer2021-06-01 13:07 UTC

Good Morning Michelle
thank you for the question
Reiki is Japanese form of energy healing that uses reiki attunements to attune you to the reiki energy each level you receive reiki symbols you receive a certificate for each level and become a certified reiki practioner you can use reiki on yourself and others and children animals
yoga is more of a physical stretching and is a Indian form of physical system

Michelle Collins2021-05-31 10:42 UTC

Hello! This is very exciting. Can you please tell me what’s the major difference between yoga and reiki? Thanks in advance!

Cress Spicer2021-04-04 01:34 UTC

Hi Mei
Thank you so much for your question i appreciate it
It seems that way i have been practicing reiki for 27 years and teaching 22 years and im still mastering it
I learn something new everyday about energy chakras
When i first learnt Reiki in 1994 it took me 2 years to take my next level and in 1999 became a Reiki Master and Reiki Maser Teacher
There is a lot of other subtleties you can learn with reiki learning the symbols
incorporating it with crystals
Please feel free to contact me with any other questions
Much gratitude

Mei Ly2021-04-03 20:19 UTC

Hello, please tell me why we can master the Reiki method so quickly? After all, it takes years to master other methods.

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