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Light language is the most ancient language of the cosmos. It is the language of our soul. It is not words as such, but it a series of aural vibrations that affect our energy when we listen to them. The beauty of light language in healing is that we do not need to understand it in order for it to work. As the vibrations reach us, the sounds are translated into light by the pineal gland, and then gently break down the blockages in the body to bring healing. As a light language channel I can record a personal track for you to help you on your journey towards health and wholeness. You may have a particular intention that you would like me to work with, or perhaps you put your trust in the universe and just let them decide what you need.

Each track will be emailed to you for you to listen to as often as you feel directed. Many people say they find listening to light language much easier than meditation as there is no conscious effort required, you just lie back and relax.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to ask me. £15

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My name is Christina. I am here to help you step into your light, awaken the divine within you and to help you to recall your star heritage. I want your light to shine as brightly as possible so that you can illuminate the path for you and others. I use a mix of healing, oracle cards, guides, angels, and light language to help you to release the briliance of the light of your soul.

27 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Ok I’ll book again

Please refund me you we’re no show and doesn’t say am or pm and you never emailed or text me tracks? I checked both? Make new appointment?

Hi do you need my email to send light tracks offline ? Text me at 510-2969856 I would like one about spiritual realm kinda like coming out of darkened tunnel sort of speak. Also didn’t see link for offline just online?

Hi Brandon. I am sorry to hear about what you are experiencing. Light language can help you get back into a more positive stream of consciousness and then this leads to changes in our physical world. Just ask if you have any further questions. Light blessings, Christina

Brandon Green
May 19, 2021

I feel bad. My career is slowly falling apart. In my personal life, I am also unlucky. Can your service help me?

Hi Joan, A track can be recorded for any purpose. So one can be tailored for your stress. Do ask me if you have any questions. Light blessings, Christina

Joan Wilson
May 19, 2021

Hello! I am currently dealing with the problem of stress. Do you think your sessions will help? Thanks in advance!

$21 USD