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There are many divine beings who are here help us in our daily lives. These include angels, ascended masters, goddesses and star masters. They all long to help us with any problem, huge or tiny. They wish to help us move into a state of pure bliss and connect with the deepest part of ourselves in peace.

These divine beings have infinite patience with us and will never run out of energy to help us. They know what you need better than anyone in your life, and that is because they have been with you literally every moment since birth and can see your inner desires. They desire to help everyone - you don't need to be anyone special to be deserving of help.

Their mission in your life is the same as yours; to find peace, love, comfort, abundance and purpose. An oracle reading is a way to receive messages from your guides, helpers, soul family and your higher self, simply channeled through another person.

Oracle card readings can help you decide where you wish to go in life and how to get there. If they recommend changes they will always do so in an empowering way so you will always feel capable of improving your situation.

There are no negative nor frightening messages in an oracle card reading. A reading gives you guidance on what you can do in life, not what you can't.

If a loved one, who has passed over comes through during the reading the messages are always given with kindness and gentleness.

I use a mix of angel cards, goddess cards, starseed cards ,Unicorn cards and some very special spiritual cards from Peru (The cards of AN) in order to bring through as much guidance as possible. During the reading you may also be taught some healing techniques to help you on a daily basis.

If you need general guidance or guidance for a particular question, or you wish to make deeper contact with your soul or star family, then an oracle reading is for you.

I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®.

Readings are available in person or by telephone or internet.

All readings one hour.

All readings are for entertainment purpose only.

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My name is Christina. I am here to help you step into your light, awaken the divine within you and to help you to recall your star heritage. I want your light to shine as brightly as possible so that you can illuminate the path for you and others. I use a mix of healing, oracle cards, guides, angels, and light language to help you to release the briliance of the light of your soul.

27 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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$95 USD