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$25 USD
$25 USD

Hi im Astar Elisa
im high preistess since i
was teenager and in buisness
for over 10 years in various online
websites and here i want to send
a full length video for your contrabution the
1st video is for free consider this as a
donation God Bless you with loving
healing Alien energy from Lord and Lady of the
Universe unto you no matter christian catholic or pagan
i will help send energies to you as im light worker and
do card readings in name of hes son lord and messiah.
Thank you ~Amen

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Psychic Elisa Boyer as Astar
Ive been a practictionor for 10 years selling magic psychic and Angel medium readings now light healer from few websites but this website im looking for more perfessional light Angelic healings and readings as I believe in Jesus Christ and hopeing to attract more believers as I do believe in miracels refured by Kate . I inspire to be love and light worker. Thanks!

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